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  1. Stay true to yourself is a good advice indeed,.sometimes looking at trends and awesome stuff done by other artist makes me want to do this and that, but at the end of the day gotta remember what set out to do in the first place. trying new things aint bad tho

  2. The peer pressure part is definitely true, is even an understatement the way she talks about it but definitely is spot on. I always liked the resources you find in art communities more so than the kind of group mentality it generates. I remember well how art forums just turned into straight up bullying sometimes ( and in retrospective i even regret falling for that mindset also and being part of negative stuff as a fan when i was younger). If you don`t feel empowered and that you are being motivated and lifted up but rather you are just building insecurities and prejudices then maybe that art community is not doing you a favor and is better to change outlets and open your horizons to new influences and feedback.

  3. I loved the part where Loish talks aboutthe style and joining together other styles highlights to her own personal style ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hey bobby, mother theresa is a bad example she did a lot of questionable things in her lifetime, I know itโ€™s not common knowledge but definitely worth reading up on! love the show as always

  5. Awesome interview! I think chasing trends in art can be exhausting unless you already personally identify and like that style. Also art and style is so subjective so I personally feel it's better to establish a good foundation first before getting caught up in the frills of 'style'. I don't think artists need to get too stressed out about style because everyone has different experiences and things they like – so the stories and points of view they bring will always be unique to them.

  6. Bobby thanks for such a fantastic interview. I learnt a lot from the interview. I have been struggling with finding my artistic voice and the ideas shared by Loish helped me to rethink my situation and find a solution to the problem. Thanks once again!

  7. Bobby, today I had to give a speech at my art class what i would recommend them to grow in art. Damn i promoted the hell out of schoolism that class :p. You are amazing Bobby. Keep it up!

  8. again, so glad to see her on the stream again! I love her insights. Hopefully she can come back again! truly inspiring person for me.

  9. I also own so much to DeviantArt. I am 29 years old and back in the day (11 years ago) we had no social media or a place to share and learn from other artists. I learned how to use photoshop through free deviant art tutorials that people would post. I decided I wanted to become a 2D animator and even though the industry changed drastically through the years, even though my peers advised me to pursue 3D just to get a job, I pulled a Loish and just kept doing what I loved. Now I am an 2D FX animator with credits on Rick and Morty, Harmon Quest and upcoming Nickelodeon shows. This interview spoke to my heart. Keep doing you, people!

  10. But she's not very active on social Media ๐Ÿค” maybe there's another platform where she's that active and I'm not seeing It at all? She's awesome anyway, just wondering

  11. I could be wrong, but I feel that the biggest issue with art today is the uncertainty of platforms and communities. If you want to be an illustrator there doesn't seem to be a direct line to work anymore. Deviant art is a place that drew a lot of talent and a lot of great artists came out of the site, but many people complain about it now. And apparently according to many sources I have heard people don't take it seriously anymore. I have seen numerous people say that if you want to be a serious artist then avoid this site. Then you have sites like Upwork and Freelancer.com that claim to be good places to grow and get work. But they prove to be horrible because people want everything for nothing. where is the site for artists to not only find work, but also a good community with like minded peers? I have seen a lot of interviews and talks, but no one directly answers the question on how to get out there in a way that relates to artists today. Artists that were not able to be active online before say 2015, or 16

  12. she's such a sweet person! Her art is so solid. I remember the first time seeing her work I had already seen various others that seemed to imitate her style and passed her off as another internet cliche, but her process and progress over the years have really come to prove that she's a unique artist with a solid foundation. Keep drawing Loish never stop <3

  13. It is so freaking refreshing to hear an accomplished artist advocate the perks of the comfort zone. I get that it can potentially be a pitfall, but so can the guilt from always feeling incorrect and inept. I know damn well what kind of things inspire me and what kind of things I want to create, but the impending sense of inadequacy and dread that blooms in place of awe and wonder is such a serious and silent career killer.

  14. Hi Mr.Bobby! Thank you for heeding about the paypal subscription for people who doesnt have credit card. I am confused though about this yearly paypal subscription. Does this yearly paypal subscription only free access to the course you enrolled in or all lessons that you have on your website? Can you please reply in this comment? Thanks alot! I always listen to your video while I am drawing digitally ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. For a really long time I'm confused by people clicking dislike button and why? WHY is this a proper way to appreciate somebody makes free videos by using their own time. JUST WHY?

  16. For a really long time (still)I'm confused by people clicking dislike button and why? WHY is this a proper way to appreciate somebody makes free videos by using their own time. JUST WHY?

  17. Oh my god how smart she is. About approaching social media. She is so grounded and street smart. Love this interview. โค๏ธ

  18. I am sorry Deviant art is a porn site and worse its a underage porn site now.. even with so many reports they still allow those sort of photographs. Most of these photos aren't even artistic at all.. dark dingy bad lighting but plenty of light of the parts that bring viewers.

  19. Great Interview Bobby (as usual :))… She is a damn fine artist, and pretty all round savvy. I just saw her books on Amazon so I'll be ordering them ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I wonder if any of these interviews have ever gone wrong.
    She sure is a very ideologic woman, not that thatโ€™s something bad.

  21. I believe that popular artists are invincible to the toxicity and hate from social media. It's not that they built a "thick skin", but rather they have their position and other luxuries of being famous to brush off all the negativity that comes from other people. An example is like "you say that my art is such and such? well I'm famous and you're not so your point is invalid." Another is "you don't like my art? well you're garbage and do the world a favor by jump into a dumpster so that trash collection carries you off."

    Having fame to me is like the end goal for career artists because it allows them to sustain a living and have an endless amount of validation. To have extreme notoriety is the icing on the cake because it allows them to bank on their fans and use them as a safety net if anything goes wrong.

  22. Remember , people tend to think 70% negative compared to 30% postive , so its easy to criticize negatively and folks pay more attention to negative reviews sinc its more interesting overall. You see that in all kinds of medien, movies, games, talent shows etc etc. So take everything with a grain of salt , haters gonna hate , only listen to constructive criticism , to do things better and utilise your strong points

  23. One of my main struggles is to fight again my envy instinct when i see the huge success some artist have. I have to make a conscious effort to stay positive and keep improving and creating rather then get frustrated and be destructive with other people's success. Great video btw! cheers.

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