The Crew 2: E3 2017 Cinematic Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

The Crew 2: E3 2017 Cinematic Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[SIREN] Hey. Here’s your chance. [MUSIC PLAYING] [ENGINE REVVING] SINGER: Won’t do you no good. NEWSCASTER: Can our new hot shot
driver with a promising career dominate off road racing
on his way to the top? SINGER: And I said,
kiss your baby goodbye. Come on, love, it’s all right! Heaven knows they
wanna break you apart. Yeah! Kiss your baby goodbye. Come on, love, it’s all right! You never know unless
you give it a try. Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Come on, baby. Yeah! ANNOUNCER: Oh, there’s a skid. Oh, and there’s a wreck. The cars are piling up. Our champion [INAUDIBLE]. Now, that’s the skill
that wins no matter what the engine, no
matter what the track. SINGER: I said yeah! One day, yeah, baby! ANNOUNCER: He is this season’s
undisputed motor sports champion, coming out of
nowhere to rise to the top. [SIRENS] SINGER: I said, yeah! All night, yeah, baby! Yeah!

100 thoughts on “The Crew 2: E3 2017 Cinematic Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. There was police in trailer, but there is no police in actual game. I feel, like we will have police DLC in future, that will cost, like the whole game. Just like “Calling All Units”

  2. They showing as police in the trailer but in the final game the cops are not available!!! i hate Ubisoft for that!!!

  3. you guys have to fix the bug where you cant see your friends they are invisible and the constant disconnection of the crews

  4. great game, could been some better head lights and audio when window down, and able to invite a chart reader to the car. goes abit fast to look at map 🙂

  5. I need help please: i finished the event "ultimate italians" and i went to claim the rewards, but the game didn't give me the lamborghini huracan performante.
    What can i do to resolve this problem?

  6. why you need a stable connection to play the game I want to play offline Not with people really disappointed I wanted to play but I have no wifi

  7. Best trailer for the best racing game even though they could have added cops or done things better this is basically all racing games for the price of one.

  8. It's sad how this game promised to be the greatest racing game EVER MADE , and compared to the game that was released…

    Ubisoft. It was really sad.

  9. I am from Denmark and have a good suggestion for a Danish supercar car brand, the brand name is ZENVO and make some fast and cool cars, 100 percent recommended🔥🤟🏼🖤

  10. watched this again cuz of a friend, told me to pay attention to the police and I noticed them, sad you guys false advertised police bad in this trailer, oh and totaling vehicles as well like the ones in pro circuit racing, you know if you guys want to advertise a game, make sure your trailer is a trailer of the game nothing fake in it to sell it, it only shows how bad your game really is, and just being a Forza Horizon copy its super sad, only thing this game has for it is the weight of the vehicles. also the game is super boring after getting the vehicles you want, even the races get boring the simple run down AI's in this game are sad as well, you got the npc's that ram you and will mess you up hella bad but if they then collide with you while your turning or something they don't move and just drag to a straight line, oh and most of your npc's having unlimited Nos which is sad. and if you bring a police dlc please don't copy Need for speed rivals in the dlc this time, racers don't need abilities too get away, and I say max a police department should have which you know is going off logical realistic police equipment is, Rolling roadblocks, Roadblocks, Roadblocks with Spikes, Spike strips deployed by a stopped Ai ahead, Police backup, Helicopter support. and since players would cry saying being a illegal street racer is not fair you could actually give them a few abilities as well like Run flats, Airplane that trails smoke behind it to make the cops crash, Police Scanner [so you know what they are doing] but this might not ever be seen by Ubisoft and if it does they wont care they made tons of money off of it… Well actually they might if they can make some money off of it since you know Breakpoint didn't do as good as they wanted, so we got other games that we can't wait to play pushed back.

  11. Wait the trailer looks like a reference on doctor strange cause in the movie the city goes half way down while the main ground doesnt that like a reference to me

  12. Why the f**k have I been able to drive the vanquish for a year but now all of a sudden I need a season pass. Sit the f**k down Ubisoft and let the real men and woman of gaming make a game. Because you sure as hell don’t know how to smh

  13. I bet when your character watches the out of sink trailer on the tv in your house he thinks "why is it never this epic for me"

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