The Equalizer: Denzel Washington reveals his fear and gives us life advice

The Equalizer: Denzel Washington reveals his fear and gives us life advice

Denzel Washington. That name still holds so
much weight. Wow. When you tell anyone you’re coming to speak
to you, they’re always like wow. Really? Yeah, and did you ever think? I hope you don’t
mind me saying age, but did you ever think approaching 60 that you would still be playing
the action man? Well, you know I trained… I did a movie
Book of Eli and one of the guys who I learned a lot from was a gentleman named Danny Inosanto.
Danny Inosanto was one of the master martial artists in the world. He’s a contemporary
to Bruce Lee. In fact, they grew up together. He was mid-70s, and there was nobody in the
gym or in the dojo that could touch him. So you know, I stay pretty fit. I box five times
a week, and so, you know, it’s just a number. Did you ever find that this film was a bit
like Home Alone for grown-ups? Somebody has asked that. I’ve heard that a
couple times. Because that’s what I thought. Why Home Alone though? Because when you’re in the Home Mart, and you’re
using all the equipment. Oh, is that what he did in Home Alone? Yeah, he used what was around the house to
try and catch the bad guys. So… Oh, he used what was around. He didn’t go
to Home Mart. Well, he didn’t go to Home Mart, but you work
in… I’ve heard that before. I’ve got to go back
and look at that movie now. But there were certain bits where even I couldn’t
look. I was a bit squeamish at some parts. Is there anything that kind of makes you squirm? In the movie? -No, in general.
-In life. Don’t care for rats. I can do without rats.
You know, when i was younger, I remember turning the corner to my apartment in New York, and
there must have been 200, maybe it was only six, but it looked like 200 rats. They were
so powerful, they jumped on this garbage can and knocked the top of the can off, and I
went across the street, and I don’t like rats. And obviously acting alongside Chloë Grace
Moretz in this. What was she like, and did you give her any advice? Not that I remember. I mean, I don’t remember
giving her advice. She’s a very good actress, very professional at such a young age. I think
she was only 15 then, so we could only work together for like eight hours a day. She had
to go home early all the time. So we’d get halfway through a scene, and then have to
finish it a week later. But no, she’s very good, very talented, very professional. And obviously, you worked with her. Is there
anyone else in kind of young Hollywood who you would like to act alongside? I’m sure
everyone wants to act alongside you. Well you know, there’s a lot of really good
young actors out there. I mean, if they’re the right part and they’re right for the part,
I’m game. Cool. Home Alone. Put posters up. Cross out Equalizer and Home
Alone. How many have they done? Home Alone 4 now? 3? Home Alone 3, I think they’ve done. Considering you’ve been in the industry for
so long, I would love to hear some wise words from Denzel. Keep it simple. Remember that dreams without
goals remain just dreams, and they ultimately just fuel disappointment. So give yourself
goals. You know, remember that between your goals and achieving your goals, you must apply
discipline and consistency. And put your slippers way under your bed at
night, so that when you get up in the morning, you’ve got to get on your knees in order to
reach them. And when you’re down there, say thank you for all that you’ve been given.
Like the breath of life, family, friends, job. I like that. Royal blue dresses. Royal blue dresses. I definitely give thanks
for royal blue dresses. Yeah, I’m sure you do. Why? Are you a shopaholic? Uh… Tell the truth. Not too much, not too much. Not too much. Alright. Well, thank you very much, Denzel. Pleasure
to meet you. My pleasure.

20 thoughts on “The Equalizer: Denzel Washington reveals his fear and gives us life advice

  1. Wow, nearly 60 and looks early 40's, incredible! Just like Tom Cruise I suppose except minus 10's years. Amazes me of how people in their 50's and 60's can still easily play these actions movies :p

  2. Love Denzel. I also repsect him the most in Hollywood cause he stays true to his faith while most are ashamed to & rather say God don't exist because they are in an evil industry. God looks over Denzel.

  3. Denzel thinking to himself, "hold it together, you're a christian man, and you got a wife. You're a christian man, and you got a wife" lol.

  4. You can tell that Denzel would be just as nice and grounded in real life as he is in his interviews. He's one of my favorite actors.

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