‘The Five’ reacts to media’s ‘bombshell’ analysis of impeachment hearing

‘The Five’ reacts to media’s ‘bombshell’ analysis of impeachment hearing

100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to media’s ‘bombshell’ analysis of impeachment hearing

  1. AOC said it must not come next year. AOC doesn't want President Donald J Trump next year.
    And the squad speaks about their hatred against President and bring down the President, and still they continue sitting in Congress.

  2. I see the media is just reading and speaking their given talking points.. nothing like just reading the scripts.. I am not left and not right.. even though I am somewhat conservative.. and I personally think all those in DC should be pretty much hanged by their necks till dead.. and then kick the federal reserve to the curb and let them know the American people are no longer their slaves.. and if they think we owe them even so much as one penny.. we would love to have them come and put in a personal claim so we can grab them and try them for slavery.. then put the government back on the republic kicking the foreign bankers to the curb along with their corpse oration.. and then put back in place the organic constitution with the 13th amendment in place.. booting all the lawyers out of government.. and changing the idea that corporations are persons.. they are not.. my only question is.. are the people ready for a true America and freedom as Kings and Queens on the land without subjects.. and public servants serving the public instead of beating those whom they are suppose to serve? And put this country back on the common law.. and start to reeducate the populous as they have been totally brainwashed, and do not even know they have been enslaved for the last 150 years..

  3. Geez juan, you're so far in denial, you might as well be in Egypt.
    Quit grasping at those paper straws while you attempt to justify this sham. The facts stand that in 3 years and millions of dollars, Democrats haven't been able to make a legitimate argument for impeachment so they resorted to closed door meetings and refused to allow for due process which is guaranteed by the constitution. Democrats have been spitting on the constitution for far too long. Time to make them pay for their treasonous crimes.

  4. Democrat's party is run by a mentally deranged psychological problems member's who are involved in serious crime against USA and it's Constitution and it's Homeland Security.

  5. I, for one, am getting tired of the endless lies of the Democrats and the useless whining of the Republicans. The only good thing about this is that Congress is too preoccupied to do their job and do real damage to America

  6. DEMOCRATS your making asses out of YOURSELF we didn't like Obama we had to except what we didn't want.. He try to stop us from worshiping our lord God. Notice we had more riots under Obama he was racist and more.

  7. First day impeachment Fallout. Second days Fallout. Third days Fallout … and then the ending President Trump win! Hahaha 😂 🤣 😂

  8. Y'all are a bunch of schmucks. Go live with your annointed golden shyster in one of the countries he loves to praise. Remember ? ..Erdogan in Turkey.
    .. Jong Un in N.Korea.
    ..Putin in Russia.
    ..The kings & princes in Saudi Arabia.
    .. The murderers in the Philippines.
    Yeah – Y'all are fools. Morons. Idiots.

    Total ..SCHMUCKS.

  9. Juan, its hearsay. I saw it. Its the REO Speedwagon  inquiry…heard it from a friend who…..heard from a friend who….heard it from another……etc. Juan you are a mental midget. How do you get a smoking gun from hearsay?????? TDS!!!!

  10. Big bomb shell with the big bomb . You dummies get a life beyond this fantastic notion you can prosecute a innocent man and no one will notice. I can say with certainty you are sick if you believe impeachment is a viable option.

  11. This “fail to deliver” ….. what?? This is our country suffering. At least you have one serious person…I just realised very type cast. And showboats x 4.

  12. Get your “We Impeached Trump 2020!” hoodies right here folks. Originally $39.99, now only 1 dollar! Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaa

  13. I believe that Adam Schiff is a psychopath. Literally, medically and psychologically an ACTUAL PSYCHOTIC! Law enforcement should watch this freak very carefully. He is a very dangerous person.

  14. 8:36– That remark about the Senate being unable to speak about the case as a jury is b*llsh*t. Any impeachment trial would be public and it is NOT a criminal proceeding, nor is it bound by the laws and protections that govern criminal proceedings.

  15. It would be a good idea for the president to make the distinction that he would fight corruption anywhere when a US citizen is involved, regardless of whether it is Biden or a normal civilian… Also important to mention that he has an obligation to do so… Also, that he was in no way in jeopardy of losing the 2020 election, it is pretty much in the bag…

  16. It looks like this isn't working out very well for the Dems. I can't imagine what they will think up next. Trump should have someone leak to the Dems that leaks from Ukraine are hidden in the White House fire sprinkler system…maybe they will get lucky and find a leak.

  17. 2020 will be awesome. Trump will be re-elected, AOC will be back to bartending, and the Republicans will take back the House from the do nothing Demonrats.

  18. from sea to shining blowhole where the whale just follows their instinct without these false signals from these lunatics. the target is 2020 to get to red sea destination

  19. Trump will win again in 2020. Impeachment hearings or no.. Because people that have $ and influence, benefit from the American dollar being strong.. he has gotten it done.. don't be on the wrong side of history, claiming that something happened, that didn't happen.. come on now.. Obama didn't even turn in his birth certificate, apparently, before he got the job.. didn't you have to? Just as I did? It's a bunch of bull. They all want our eyes off of what they are Really doing.

  20. No right wing commentators are saying ignore, it. Juan they are saying pay attention, the bullshite from the hearing is palpable, the taste will not be forgotten. We do not need talking heads to translate for us to see this traversy, unbloody believable.

  21. How come no one talks about what Trump was doing exactly as Shift was tarting the show. He was taking care of business.

  22. Does anyone one else wonder how one of the guys aide got close enough to Trump to over hear a call from Our President to another President when they themselves have never even met Trump or talk to him on phone 🤔 Bit yet their aide was in the same room with him close enough to “Over Hear “ The President . I call BS Trump2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🍓

  23. Let everyone involved testify. Blocking witnesses will not allow the truth to come out. If he has nothing to hide, let the documents flow. I believe there has to be a better republican representative than Trump. Blind obedience to him is what is putting our country in danger.

  24. When are people going to realize conservatives and liberals NEED to stand together now vs any n all progressives, socialists n comminists ..in all means

  25. juan William's is the dumbest mofo in America, in particular when the declassification, fisa and ig report hit. this entire hoax leads right back to obama and hillary. america knows this.

  26. I heard from the friend that lives in Bangkok that told a Friend who lives in China that their Friend in Sweden told me that the President talk to a Dog who asked the President of Ukraine about a Quid Pro Quo.

    Polls can be manipulated depending on what questions are asked. Polls are used to try and sway voters.

  28. Juan says: "conservative Trump media" What's he talking about? Fox and radio shows? Like, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, TWP, NYT, ABC, CBS and the rest of the liberal propaganda are the minority, is this stupid or just me? What a joke.

  29. As a Brit I cannot understand why aren’t you guys going after killery for the uranium selling to Russia e mails etc ? Biden on threats to Ukraine obumma giving money to Iran ! Yet day after day they fabricate evidence !!! Against the best president you’ve had for decades ?

  30. They're trying to use the shaming of the Mother kind. This is all surface psychology. [Shame the children] as the leadership technique. It's all feminist control tact trash. Garbage reality… dead ahead. Wake up and throw out the Feminism. Tyrant whores of Babble-on. History warned us. They convinced us not to listen. Here we are, 2 generations later…. Wow that was fast.

  31. Get rid of every Democratic Leader… Vote them out… they have to be held accountable for all their clown show hearings….

  32. Someone misheard.
    " It bombed… HELL ! " ….
    turned into
    My whistleblower was telling me, just last night.

  33. George Kent: As I mentioned in my testimony, you can't promote principled anti-corruption action without pissing-off corrupt people.

    Boy, are the Republicans pissed.

  34. So…. if the hearing is boring to Fox Hosts and Trump gang then Trump is innocent?  Not everyone is as shallow and dumb as Fox Hosts, etc. These people are trying to make you think nothing is happening, all is a massive fake with everyone in on it. And that anyone open to listening to the inquiry, not believing that Trump is absolutely innocent, is evil and eats your babies.

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