‘The Five’ reacts to the media’s criticism of AG Barr’s new DOJ decision

‘The Five’ reacts to the media’s criticism of AG Barr’s new DOJ decision

100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to the media’s criticism of AG Barr’s new DOJ decision

  1. There are no growing tensions between those two, this was theater. This was Trump and Barr setting up plausible deniability after the fact, so they can claim that Trump had no influence in the events took place. This is them setting up the "purely coincidence" defense.

  2. Hey juan trumps people are Americans do you think there not because there not on your side you and your lot will reap what you sow.

  3. A.G. Barr has been in charge for one year and what is his record? Now we the people have seen crickets, Clinton and the uranium one deal, and all the other corruption is still crickets, Comey FBI spying on the Trump campaign again crickets, Peter Strass again crickets. How long do we have to weight for Bill Barr to get off his duff and show some progress? Is Bill Barr another Deep State operative?????
    Looks like another do nothing AG Barr all talk no action. Free ticket for all corrupt.
    It is simple to do your JOB show results if you can't you know where the door is getting the hell out of the weigh and let somebody who can move on the corruption.
    We the people are not blind we see you and you do nothing plans.

  4. Could someone explain to me how when a regular citizen makes threats of ending someone else’s life, they don’t go to prison?

  5. I think these Democrats need to be arrested for sedition there is a two tiered justice system in American one for Democrats and one for Republicans!

  6. Y'all, this does make me a little nervous. I mean, the impeachment was garbage, obvi, but I wish Trump would stop tweeting. He's making it harder for him to get his stuff done.

  7. Remember the George Zimmerman case when he was found not guilty….and Obama told the DOJ to re=open the case…so the Republicans should should re=open the case on Obama

  8. At the dog park, it's funny to see poodles, who've convinced themselves they are bulldogs. Barr is just angry that he saw poodle on his breed sheet.

  9. Who's that nobody that talks nonsense about Trump every opportunity he gets…I wish they would fire Mr Nobody. Nobody wants him on Fox.

  10. Juan is so oblivious to facts that I suspect they pay him to be so contrary to known facts because otherwise it can only be he is dumber than a bucket of hair, SERIOUSLY! He is extremely tiresome to listen to!

  11. Barr is right. Rule of Law must be maintained. Trump 2020. As for the Clintons bring forth the evidence or lets be done with it. Barr has always been a great REP. We should be listening to him.

  12. AG Barr is good right where he is! NO RESIGNATION and he has the right to step in where the DOJ is concerned. Especially when new information on cases comes to light. 9 years is ridiculously when given to Roger Stone. The whole case should be thrown out, cause there was nothing to do with Russia! For pity sakes! Democrats needs to change their name to the Looney Toons Party! You have too many Socialist if not Communist and that should scare the crap out of ANY Democrat! McCabe, Comey and YES Hillary Clinton should be behind bars! Your take about guilty? They are! The DOJ is a joke! I would fire every single one of them if left from Obama's administration! Midline Democrats are BETTER than this! Bloomberg, go jump off a cliff! Leave our 2nd Amendment and our guns (((((( ALONE! ))))))

  13. Did God die and make Greg in charge of the truth. Greg is a cartoon. An actor for the right. He is contrived. He does it for the money. He doesn't believe everything he says. He lies. But that is the set up of THE FIVE.

  14. Jaun, the Democrat members of the HOUSE of Representatives is
    out of control … They are trying to run the country like they are above the law … Just remember, your children will be the victims of the calculated and executed destruction of the Constitution of the United States of America 🇺🇸
    This country's intelligence agencies have created a negative Karma and division amongst the American population that has become a CHASM TOO wide to bridge the GAP it has formed !!!
    This congressional behavior of the DEMOCRAT PARTY is not going to CHANGE UNTIL they are FORCED TO STOP LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and HELD ACCOUNTABLE four THEIR CRIMES !!!!!!

  15. Only a partisan fool would criticize Barr now after having two of the most corrupt and most inimical AGs under the Obama Administration. How can any American believe anything the MSM reports when they have proven themselves to be liars?

  16. The Kahooters suggesting others of kahooting. Lol. Media lapdogs all repeat the identical talking verbiage. Propagandists all.


  18. Now the dems are concerned..???..lol where were they all during the Obama administration.. this is what we get after Impeachment "FAILED"..!!!

  19. The mainstream media mob blows everything out of proportion for ratings and sensationalism they want to stay in business

  20. Nobody on that staff has ever eaten a saltine ketchup sandwich…. I've been poor. Very very poor. Inwould never eat a saltine ketchup sandwhich

  21. Good Ole Faux News , pushing A FALSE NARRATIVE from Venal Bureaucrats who support this 🐎💩 from dishonest Republicans . 🤦‍♀️😠
              "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."
                                          Mark Twain

  22. Juan, you sound worse than Adam Schiff. You made so many assumptions lol. If that's where the typical Democrat is at…thank God explaining this one to the American People.

  23. Barr, Schaffer’s,Pelosi,trump and all these corrupt politicians need to resign this country has sunken to a new low

  24. ok so here is what must happen. vote trump in with a majority in both congress and senate so he can arrest all the treasonous losers and cheaters without having to deal with liars trying to impeach him. he can also deal with the media like so many others did in the past but which he has not done at all. then the whole thing will be cleaned up and the country will stay great.

  25. What an infuriating display when a subject matter of this important, then you subject your audience to listen a political liberal hack like Juan just attack and attack the President, this does not raise to the level of journalism even if is opinion based. Get your act together Five team and substitute Juan for a democrat that have some real brains, to achieve your balancing act, so we can enjoy your show without the bios and bluntly stupid takes from Juan representing his political cabal, perhaps aspiring to get an anchor job with CNN, MSNBC, CBS or any other Fake News outfit… Please listen to your audience!

  26. Hey Juan interference like what Biden did with Ukraine and getting the prosecutor fired which of course You totally ignore and never mention. Oh Yeah he’s a democrat!

  27. When will any of the democrats ever be held accountable? It’s Really become ridiculous that none of them are ever bought to justice! Starting with Hillary and then comey, mueller, schiff and illhan Omar to name a few!!!

  28. Whatever happens or goes wrong in this World Juan immediately ties it to President Trump. Every Day it’s the same old routine with Juan even If it’s about someone else committing a crime Juan immediately says well you could say the same thing about President Trump. It’s sickening! Enough!

  29. Release illegal murderers back onto our streets & lock up Americans for lying to Congress. This is why I absolutely abhore democraps.

  30. Hey democraps, my boss lied to me, so lock him up for 10 years! The American Citizens are your bosses, democraps. Roger Stone is an American Citizen. You are trying to lock up your boss. The qusetion is, do WE, the People, allow you to continue to treat us like cattle. You think it's your way or the highway. I say, HIT THE ROAD, JACKASSES!

  31. Juan, when they ask you a question just say "The supreme leader is correct, all who oppose are wrong" your life will be much easier.

  32. Juan, have you forgotten about Obama and Holder? But to the point, Barr work's for the President. Also, Trump's tweet's have done more to make the left, media, dems expose themselves and self-implode. So, keep the tweets coming, Mr. President!

  33. Not only is Barr not going to step down, but he’s going to (I believe) start handing out indictments. The Dems are scared and they want him out.

  34. Don't ya just LOVE Trump? He's doing a great job at turning our democracy into a totalitarian or fascist nation just like Russia.


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