100 thoughts on “The Genius Way This Reporter Uncovered Airbnb Scammers

  1. I read this article and and looked into my January 2020 Airbnb reservation in Asia a little more closer and as I saw a couple cancellations reviews I asked question to my Airbnb host four days later they canceled my reservation!!!
    •most reviews were Made by locals
    • photos were looked to good to be true.
    • three reviews that had honesty reviews about how dirty and how difficult it was entering the building!
    • they canceled my reservation!!!! Looking for more affordable hotels or hostels.

  2. Cancelling my Airbnb fir Nashville now. I’d rather know I really have a place to stay than fly across the Country just to get scammed at the last minute.

  3. Air bnb need to get sued period. And they need to refund her money back. It is there fault for not screen ing there hosts like uber driver

  4. I use airbnb a lot and this type of thing only happened once. I usually book super-hosts and choose people who show their faces on their profile pictures. It was in Italy. The hostess said that the room was unavailable and essentially had us stay in her friends flat, while she was away. We stayed for one night and immediately called airbnb the next morning. They answered, gave us a refund, and re-booked us in another listing. We immediately left and although we had to wait a few hours to enter the next listing, it was worth it. The whole point is that this happens, but airbnb customer service is at least getting better.

  5. Dang that’s crazy. Same thing happened to me. I booked a nice place from Airbnb, guy called me and said it was flooded and upgraded me, the crazy thing was it was all true and it was bigger and nicer place lol. Trippy lol

  6. I had a problem with Airbnb in Vietnam! I got a full refund and Airbnb got scammed! They basically lost there money! The place was under construction with no way in! It basically didn’t exist and I explained that to Airbnb but they didn’t care! The fake place got my money and I got Airbnb money end of story!

  7. I’m using Airbnb right now month to month in Manila and I’m very pleased with their service! No contract needed , no lease! Airbnb is the best way to rent for short stays without a lease! The best temporary housing available!

  8. She didn't think to oil her "lips" before this interview.. watching this is cringe looking at her dry lips.. maybe she just left the airb&b

  9. I’ve yet to be scammed but I had a dude ruin my profile. First he tried to blame us for some blue stain that was supposedly left which for sure wasn’t us because there was a mat in that area when we got there. Then he complained that we ruined his grill because we didn’t use wood chips (because they were wet) and got mad that there was some leftover patty inside. Which granted the last one was our fault but when you charge $150 for cleaning then it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

  10. Um, but why would you actually accept an offer to move to another home. Especially since you dont know what It looks like. Its easier to just say no thanks I want my money back.

  11. Same thing sorta happened to me
    I went up to the condo at check I'm time, knocked no one answered, decided to open the door only saw the entrance but it looked like someone was currently living there and not very clean about it. When I tried calling my host he said the room had experienced a small fire and will no longer be able to accommodate me, told me I had to cancel and while I was in the middle of doing so I was informed i would be charged. I called CS someone answered told me that he had cancelled but it still said active online. Took a call to the bank and customer service again for them to finally cancel it on their end.

  12. my old land lord/lady [married couple]
    turn their home into an air b&b. Started racking in$$$$$…then decided to try trafficking and pimping. They're to old to deal with prison. So there's the upside!

  13. My first airbnb was for 2.5 day for 470$ the guy took really good photos of the place, but was way smaller in person than he made it seem, they sharpened up the photos so it catches the our eye and didn’t take photos of the small Hallway where the bedrooms were in front of each other 😑 and that was it, the kitchen and living room were connected plus the small always. He told me to leave a 5 star and I’ll get a 5 star back

  14. It's nice to have a house or apartment with a full kitchen and more of a private feeling. There's nothing wrong with it. Some people like making there own breakfast/lunch/dinner with a stove or a full fridge with an actual freezer. It's not bad to want a more private feeling. Wanting an AirBnB is justified.

  15. How can a business this large not verify each person. Have then provide ID or real personal information that can be looked up like a checking account

  16. Airbnb has so much loopholes in the rules. Most Airbnb people ask more for more people and don’t even provide food and don’t clean the place. I went to an Airbnb that said it had 12 bed but just had 5 so everyone had to share a bed

  17. this looks sooooo bad. whoever edited this video please do not edit againnnnn and the reporter sounds as if she’s speaking from a styrofoam cup.

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