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  1. Thanks for making such an incredible show Kelsey! You started coming out with videos right as I took my first upper level math class, and I think these videos are part of what keeps me motivated to pursue a PhD. Thank you so much for all the incredible work and time you've put into this and good luck with your dissertation! We're all rooting for you here regardless of where you end up!

  2. All the best with your dissertation Kelsey! You will definitely be missed. We look forward to calling you "doctor" some time in the near future 🙂

    Welcome back, Gabe! Long time no see. And a warm welcome to Tai Danae as well! (Hope I'm spelling your name right.) Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us. (Runs off to check out Mathema.)

  3. wow, fairs. im studying the heat equation in PDEs and to solve it in 1D takes like 15 min xD cant even imagine how long it would take in 2D. also, you are very good at explaining things, so i assume you have great knowledge. good luck with your research.

  4. I gave "don't like" JUST BECAUSE YOU LEFT. I have to say I really liked to watch series not because of math them but mostly because of choice of topics. Really thank you to be host and wish you best luck.

  5. Ok, you are, in my opinion, the best host in all of the PBS channels. The whole video, I was sad and remembering how I was sad when the same thing happened at PBS SpaceTime. Then you introduced Gabe. 🙂
    I'm still very sad that I can't see you anymore, but at least I can watch other video's hosted by Gabe.
    I'm gonna go cry now.

  6. Man, I'm not always one to comment much, but I've greatly enjoyed the series so far. Thank you Kelsey for the great episodes, and for leaving it in great hands!

  7. I really loved this channel, it gave me a lot and, though I love maths, this made me love it even more, I never knew math was that beautiful, I never knew what maths exactly was!

    You opened all the possibilities, and ofcourse including many confusions… But that's the cool part of it! Infact it is that moment when it gets interesting..

    Thank you so much for spending your time in spreading the beauty of Mathematics!
    it is Infinitely appreciated ❤❤❤

    Good bye Kelsey!💗
    You will be missed 😢

  8. Yes, Gabe! I'm not a fan of the long haired Aussie guy who took over Spacetime. Haven't really watched it since Gabe left.

  9. Happy to see Gabe is back, loved his fast talking videos.Makes you always wonder how many lines he just had before the show.

  10. What great episode! You really helped describe these equations in a very meaningful way (and I have a math degree)! Thanks and good luck

  11. man i was stuck studying for finals and missed this

    good luck with the research, you will be missed!

    also this is exactly a year since your first video damn haha

  12. Noooooooooooo!!!!  Please come back.  How selfish of me but you were so awesome.  Best wishes on your dissertation (I hope you are working on a quantum heat equation and QDD).

  13. Noooooo just when I was starting to enjoy it. I guess I'll go back to Numberphile now. RIP PBS Infinite Series.I hope you go into a science/maths communication & media career and don't waste your speaking talents on blackboards in classrooms.

  14. Thank you… Your life, and time in creating this series have surely inspired many, and have in some way, bring something in the life of many.

  15. You people always make us like you and then leave…. Fine go, serves me right for getting all up in the maths.

  16. I had a feeling I'd eventually watch this. YouTube isn't showing me things in the right order. But you are missed. I didn't think you'd disappear without saying, "bye."

  17. It is naive to think over chess board plane as real plane. Chaos creates order in foam. Foam physics that is. That shape just scale out and in, like fractal. But for research maybe corrections are small. It would be useful to pass already heated plate near engine in buses without chemical that cool, Maybe magnetic force… MAgnetism or sound or heat… Look Robert Langlands too. https://www.facebook.com/cshlnews/videos/1698039323549826 Reminds me on EKG line diagram. Or Alcubierre warp drive, Negative spaces. Imaginary 1 or i. Can i be watched as prime block. I mean whole real thing is base upon imaginary i. Be rational or get real?! i over π.
    eiπ + 1 = 0 ( e^i pi+ 1 = 0 )
    (x2 + 1 = 0)
    82+1= 83

  18. "Hello, this is your dissertation calling." Good luck! It's a real challenge to work through those.

    Heat equations show up all over the place… my favorite was as a data smoothing method.

  19. *sigh* Kelsey we miss you… Gabe and Tai were good and produced a number of great videos, but you are still loved and missed. And now that the channel is going dormant, it is a sad day for us all. :'(

  20. I'm a highschooler who was looking for this video for a project requiring that an object stay at a constant temperature. Sometimes doing research on your own is so much more fun than learning from others!

  21. Question: doesn't the exponential solution imply that the heat travels unbounded distances instantaneously? Immediately after applying the match, all points in the plan have nonzero amounts of heat regardless of their distance.

  22. When you know how to do calculus in high school and you get irritated that she doesn’t use calculus terms.

  23. Now what would it be if you put the heat equation on some material that had a continuously changing insulatory factor, according to some function of space? Would that be like applying the heat equation to some curved space, similar to that which gravitational curvature effects velocities?

  24. Thanks for the video and good luck with your research. Just a comment about the graphic around 7:10 meant to illustrate the slope of a line (e.g., to show what dy/dt < 0 means). The graphic seems to show 3 different (unlabelled) functions, one with positive slope, one with slope=0 and one with negative slope. The audio says the slope at x=1/4 is positive, at x=1/2 is zero and 3/4 is negative. e.g., there is a disconnect between the audio, which describes a changing function, and the video, which shows 3 different functions (e.g., when the audio is talking about the point x=1/2, the video highlights the point x=1/2 on all 3 graphs, which makes no sense). Anyhow, just pointing this out as someone could go back and fix the graphic to make this video more coherent. Thanks.

  25. Respected Ma'am, in terms of types of PDEs, will you please give me an explanation of what is the type of Heat equation ? Parabolic, hyperbolic or elliptic ? Please explain .
    Dr. N Das

  26. So I looking to see if like magnitizem and reliogon mostly the exact same if you knew what reliogon really was but temperature maybe it to . Guess I look at refrigeration this more then I need to know to know the all

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