The History of Europeans in America | DW Documentary

The History of Europeans in America | DW Documentary

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  1. I'm a black person, chilling here in Nigeria. I don't know what to make of this history. Assuming I was present during the time, 1700, would anyone have been nice to me?

  2. America is a whole continent, the title should read: The History of Europeans in United States of America

  3. I 🤔 who is more open and civilized. Muslims who ruled from Spain to Indonesia – never wiped any native population but living together. Whereas those who call themselves white and proud wiped almost all native population of America + Australia and talk about freedom of speech / expression.. etc.. isn't it hypocritical? Overall it was very good documentary.

  4. So the Nuremberg trials. Thousands charged for being Nazis and facilitate the camps and the gas and the ovens. They're convicted, and 6 months later they're admitted to USA as citizens. 😨

  5. Aggressive organisations/corporations generating mass profits from slave labour and lobbying against governance that seeks to mitigate its excesses and cruelties.. what a broken record of Human history, and issue that has never been fully resolved.

  6. I've always dreamed to make it there, and now at my quarter century year.. I'm still unable to due to the hard restrictions and the huge amount of money required.. And I'm still dreaming even to spend one day there before I pass away..
    But if at this age I'm still unable.. Then when will I ever be !!?
    Hamadache Bahi from Algeria.

  7. I thought the video was about the whole continent. It is only about United States of America. We in southamerica received the same number of Europeans than North America in the 1850-1950 period, aprox. 250 millions. Many of them Germans.

  8. 0:44 ' Freedom stands above everything, even Justice' '

    FALSE. In America, as a male, you are guilty until proven innocent. When in jail, WAITING for Justice, you are anything but Free. The U.S. is the world leader in domestic Prisons. Fact.

  9. Thomas Jefferson was a president born in England. Nowadays English natives are prohibited from participating in campaigns to run for president. They must be born in this domestic country.

  10. I didn't hear anything about Asians. They must've immigrated to CA before the Chinese Exclusion Act was endorsed.

  11. Spaniards love immigrating to the US of A for freedom. Majour percentage in FL (Miami), minour percentage in NYC.

  12. "The Caribbean quickly became a region for murders and thieves". Couldn't have described the "invaders" any better .

  13. @DW Documentary Please correct the erection of Lady Liberty in America, It was for the Freedom of Black American Slaves! It was never meant to be a Beacon for "All" people. Please do a Documentary on the Statue of Liberty.

  14. "captured" slaves, don't you mean purchased or are you trying to imply that the settles were the ones who enslaved Africans?

  15. This look more like copy right free footage + narration. Please don't call it documentary.waste of time!!

  16. Full of informative historical, geographical and interesting information in under one hours documentary, keep up the good work DW.

  17. Excellent work DW Documentary you tried your best summarizing U.S history(The irony at 35:58)

  18. DW has squeeze 500 years of American History in 42 minutes , bravo DW bravo & bravo Script Writer & vocalist

  19. They conveniently skipped over the part about American financiers funding Hitler's Reich trying to take over the world. US is not all puppy dogs, lollypops and rainbows as you might think.

  20. WOW !!! imran kamal – 1 day ago – already said it: "DW has squeezed 500 (me: last) years of (me: North) American history in (me: only) 42 minutes, bravo DW & bravo script writer & vocalist". This tells you a lot about the world force the USA is today and although I knew the different facts already, this is a must see nutshell, if you are interested in today's world history and politics, including an only third generation emigration person from Germany called mr D. Trumpf.

  21. DW some of the information you provided in this video is not accurate.. Diego Cao reached Africa/ Angola in 1442, 50 years before Cristovao Columbus reached America …Cristovao Cloumbus reached America in October 14th 1492 in the Island of Bahamas near Haiti, and not Florida as you said..and the first street, public market and library in North America is in Sao Domingo, Dominican Republic, just behind Haiti….they were coming from Spain in the port of Sevilla and they were sent by Queen Isabella of Spain…..and New York is actually Netherlands name. 20:51 the language the slaves developed in America other slaves from the Caribbean islands developed calls Creole…34:31 this photo is making me cry DW….36:10 Donald Trump should watch this Documentary….that guy is so arrogant…he thinks that he is a native American…he forget that immigration brings civilization…Trump is very arrogant.. 41:49 if I cannot make it there, I will make it in CANADA

  22. Funny how the narrator calls the Spanish "invaders and plunderers" but there is no mention of that for the British. And no mention for Spain's support for the revolutionaries, 10% of the army was supported by Spain.

  23. Another great documentary, DW is the best . You don't over dramatise history but tell as it was. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  24. england traded guyana(called dutch guyana now called suriname )for new york after the dutch war and wall straat trading was dutch trading now called wall street

  25. Well summarised, one could write a 10000 word thesis easily, the information though brief is golden.

  26. Notice how they didn't mention the Democrat KKK, who fought against abolishing slavery, which is a big part of European history. The Republicans are the ones who freed the slaves. There was never a party switch. According to factual history, only two racist KKK Democrats changed their ways and switched to the Republican party.

  27. ….The slaves from Africa were bought from Africans with European goods , The were not captured by Europeans .

  28. White European people who are born and lived 50 years in USA
    Americans :- Ah A Fellow American
    Brown Dude Who is also born and lived 50 years in USA
    Americans :- Get Out You Job Stealing Illegal Alien , Go back to DeSSerT !! OR MEXICO !

  29. I missed home so much when I landed on the US that I had to go back ignoring that goddamn american dream. Cannot imagine the plight of the poor people from Africa who were beaten to keep them away from home. This is indeed a heavy price to be paid for by the land owners. Their ghosts are still guarding their plantations.

  30. This is probably the best newer version of any documentary about America. I like how it calls the newcomers from Europe, 'Invaders,' seeking gold, land, and power for greed is what she was about and is still about today. I guess the 20th century era I came from was the American Dream era of high idealism where I was taught and shown America is completely different than it turns out to be in reality. The culture was one of exceptionalism and pretending America is to empire of liberty as the beacon of democracy setting the shining example for the world to follow and unite around representing the great dream of humanity. As much as I wish it were the case, the history all adds up explaining why things are the way they are. However there is an incredible amount of history and facts that can't be covered in a 42 minute documentary with much of the truth being too insane for DW, BBC, and the mainstream media to ever broadcast.

  31. Yeah, Europeans come in the 1900's telling African Americans who been there 200 years before them to go back to Africa. What ignorant arrogance?

  32. Its funny how the white Americans now say to other ethnic people to go back to your own country. How hypocritical the whites really are. Thumps up if you agree…also the British were a truly barbaric peoples…thank you france for helping to fight the English and creating the American nation.

  33. I don't ever remember hearing about slavery in the trades that's because it didn't happen . the treatment built this country . Not slave.
    Slaves worked in the fields

  34. 17:57 clearly only meant Europeans, hypocrisy at his finest. Great documentary DW your content never disappoints.

  35. The US was built robbery, slavery, and discrimination, no human rights. Nice job, DW for creating this long and complicated history in 42:25 minutes.

  36. What about the destruction of the natives .. We hearing only the nice things about the slave + colonial Masters

  37. How was the ship at 3:30 moving with it's sails up? And why view an opinion of today's world when describing the history of the past. Of course the slaves didn't have the same rights of citizens of today; it was a different time.

  38. I would've thought we stopped propagating this historical fairytale years ago. Stories like these engender racism at best or mass sociopathy at worst. None of which advances the human story.

  39. President Trump’s grandma was a natural beauty! Wow! 💐💐💐 Eric looks the most like her.

  40. in America or the United States?
    you are allow to use:
    The States. Yankeeland. The Union. Gringoland
    Yankees. Estadounidenses. Gringos

    America is a continent

  41. since you can only farm a few months out if the year what did slaves do the other 7 or 8 months a year?

  42. 36:05 Trump campaigned for restricted immigration policies in the wake of decade long immigration security tragedies. But what was your point tho?.

  43. This has absolutely nothing to do with us! Our fore fathers came to America in chains! Piss on your dream and comforts with this great white lie!!!!

  44. Also White Slaves had it worst then Negroes Whites whom the English captured and sent them overseas to America they were subject to the worst kind of abuses and inhumanity.

  45. This documentary just shows that all immigration has to be legal and processed by the proper authorities. No illegal queue jumping

  46. Still they call the Natives as Indians knowing fully well there is only one country in the world with an ocean named after it

  47. The Puritans were thrown out of Europe for their extreme fascist political views. They invaded North American were they murdered the indigenous peoples and destroyed the wilderness. The Puritans were conquerors that brought their evil ways into the 'New World' committing genocide through their hatred of the indigenous peoples, and pillaged the land for material profit.

  48. this is more a commentary than documentary… a small overview of things with shallow perspectives, rather than indepth of anything… dont mind it, but searching for intense analysis of things… who has it? maybe no one

  49. Another good documentary. DW documentaries are based on very well documents and quite effective. Love to watch them. Thanks

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