The Mandalorian Season 2 Baby Yoda Darksaber Announcement Breakdown and Easter Eggs

You keep watching because although the
baby has some incredible power without having to wield the darksaber. I think the baby is so curious about what this is. So you will be enthused and
inspired when you see the scene of referring to in season 2
which is to come in October. Keep Watching. It feels powerful, it feels wonderful. I broke three of them last week! The prop guys are wondering about me.
because I was in… A bit of a commotion. And a bit of a struggle with someone else. and which I’m hoping you will enjoy when you see it. Major, major epic
epic lightsaber action happening on this show and I should mention that I’m the
only character in this first season who was able to be honored with having that
lightsaber so it feels wonderful. I have been able to get my hands on Baby Yoda. I feel like we need to be able to physically… I love to be able to touch the baby Oh my goodness that baby’s ears. You just
touch it’s ears. So cool. It really feels real as well. So, pretty amazing! Welcome back everyone it’s
Charlie this is going to be my new Mandalorian season 2 video Giancarlo
Esposito the person who plays Moff Gideon was talking all about what’s
going on with baby Yoda and all the darksaber lightsaber fight scenes that he
has during season two so we’ll break it all down if you’re new to my channel be
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videos during the off season also talked about when they’re going to release the
Mandalorian season 2 trailer we’ll just do this top 5 style starting with
number 5 Giancarlo Esposito was at a comic-book convention recently talking
about the Mandalorian season 2 what’s going to happen with his character moth
Gideon now that we know he has the darksaber and he’s already had his first
encounter with the Mandalorian baby Yoda and his team he spent a lot of time
talking about what he had to change when he was filming with the darksaber
versus using a normal type of sword in scenes implying that there will be a lot
of him using the darksaber which i think was just a big tease at the end
the season why would you whip something out and then not use it a bunch during
season two but the way that Star Wars films lightsaber fight scenes in general
is a little bit different when he says he’s wielding the darksaber because
physically like the hilt in the actual blade itself the dummy blade that they
use when they’re filming behind the scenes is a little bit different from
traditional lightsabers he says that his version of the darksaber that he’s
using in scenes has a shorter hilt in the blade is shorter than most
lightsabers so the way he strikes people with it is a little bit different than
you would strike someone with a traditional sword most lightsabers are
all individual and unique to each Jedi that creates them or each Sith and if
you’re like Anakin Skywalker and you have a lot of technical prowess you can
actually make a much more advanced version of a lightsaber so for instance
on Anakin’s lightsaber you look there’s a lot of extra buttons and dials those
are for adjusting the blades length its width there are a lot of other Jedi’s
that make lightsabers like that but some can be made to be a little bit more
simple like Luke Skywalker’s green lightsaber that he bills before Return
of the Jedi that doesn’t have any special adjustments to it so it’s one
single length the entire time there was a bunch of Giancarlo Esposito talking
about the physicality of using the darksaber that I cut out of that clip but he
does go on for awhile just talking about pure fighting technique as an actor
during another part of that clip he also talks about accidentally destroying
three darksabers onset during a particular season two lightsaber fight
scenes it’s supposed to be crazy so number four what is that darksaber
or light saber fight scene that he’s referring to
well they tease the darksaber at the end of the Mandalorian episode aid so of
course the next step in season 2 is watching him used the darksaber on
someone else either killing a random henchman or a New Republic soldier like
his own version of the rogue one Darth Vader ending scene where he just tears
through all those rebels in the hallway also consider this at the end of the
Mandalorian Episode eight the armor gave the Mandalorian his mission to find any
Jedi capable of taking baby Yoda to care for him and train him as a Jedi so
presumably will see more former Jedi who survived order 66 just hiding out in the
Outer Rim since Moff Gideon has the darksaber it’s also implied he may have
stolen or collected a bunch of Jedi lightsabers and keeping them as trophies
maybe at some point he fights someone who just gets their hands on one of
those if he’s saying that he’s going to have a badass lightsaber fight with the
darksaber it implies that he’s fighting someone
who also has a lightsaber and so far we haven’t seen any other lightsabers on
the Mandalorian yet and there’s only a couple ways to get one I think based on
what the actor is saying Giancarlo Esposito his character is just a very
learned in Jedi history in Jedi lore he wasn’t a Sith Inquisitor or anything
like that he sounds like he was someone who was in the Imperial Security Bureau
who just uncovered a lot of Jedi artifacts after the fall the Jedi Order
at order 66 in the Great Purge of Mandalore like it’s implied that he
stole the darksaber at some point after the Great Purge so if he’s stealing the
darksaber in Mandalorian artifacts it wouldn’t be too much of a jump to see
him stealing a bunch of Jedi artifacts – so early prediction I’m hoping that once
we get the chance to see where his personal quarters are wherever his
flagship is he has a lot of other Jedi artifacts decorating his office and
personal spaces we saw him used the special Thai Outlander so I’m hoping
that there’s at least a Star Destroyer as his flagship since there aren’t very
many of those left in the galaxy after the fall of the empire in the remnants
of the Imperial fleets were either destroyed at the battle of jakku or fled
into the Unknown Regions to become the first order even though the bulk of the
Imperial fleet that was left over fled into the Unknown Regions there are still
lots of Imperial assets and ships just all over the galaxy being taken over by
warlords number three he says during that clip that Moff Gideon does get his
hands on baby Yoda sometime during season two he didn’t say which episode
he just says he gets his hands on him and he has a bunch of scenes with baby
Yoda and as an actor he just loves working with the puppet version of the
child and scenes but his character Mothe Gideon thinks more of baby Yoda is a
tool to wield in his attempt to bring quote-unquote order to his territory and
based on the implied cloning plot that they teased through dr. purging his
character eventually used baby Yoda’s power to take over the entire galaxy but
if you watched all the Star Wars movies you think about that for a minute I’m
really curious to see how this plays out because as badass as he seems the
Mandalorian series isn’t going to break the pre existing Star Wars Canon set up by
the movies and that also includes the new movies and if those are happening
about 25 years after the events of the Mandalorian series 25 to 30 years
depending on how much time passes between force awakens and rise of
Skywalker during that
period in the future there’s no sign or mention of a moth Gideon no clone army
of force-sensitive troopers that he grafted off of baby Yoda’s DNA not
counting all the Rebs it’s troopers from brides of Skywalker those were all
different they don’t have anything to do with Moff Gideon plan but it all just
implies that Mothe Gideon is not successful or he doesn’t survive into
the events of the new movies or he’s redeemed himself turned good one of the
other interesting things that Giancarlo Esposito said attracted him to the role
of Mothe Gideon in the first place as a villain was the idea that there could
possibly be some redemption for him so it’s possible he winds up trying to help
baby yoda by the end of the series instead of just using him like a tool
number two this is also really cool he said that baby yoda also filmed scenes
with the darksaber and within the series baby yoda is completely
fascinated by it probably because it’s so shiny and babies like shiny things
that make noises he kind of addresses it during his talk there but we all know
that baby Yoda is more intelligent than he looks and during the panel Giancarlo
Esposito talked about how he’s very intuitive and understanding for a baby I
mean he is 50 years old so even if Yoda species matures very slowly compared to
humans he’s still waste smarter than a human baby at a comparable age and
clearly he’s demonstrated his understanding of the force enough to
know how to force heal people which is a very complex ability no matter how
simple rise of skywalker made it seem but he does make it pretty clear that
there’s no way baby yoda is taking the darksaber from him during
season 2 or the Mandalorian for that matter at least they won’t take it from
him permanently I like his rebuttal to those kinds of
questions like no no way definitely not going to be taking that from me anytime
soon but anything is possible in the future
so it just means that in a future season the Mandalorian mic is hands on the darksaber the whole reason that George Lucas created the darksaber for Clone Wars
was because of Jon Favreau’s Pre Vizsla character in the Death Watch
Mandalorians which we’re also going to see during the Clone Wars season 7 episodes
when they created that character Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni felt like there
were so many Jedi that Pre Vizsla would be going up against during the Clone
Wars that he needed some special weapon to make him a physical threat to them
they went to George Lucas and together they came up with the concept of the
darksaber then Dave Filoni came up with its backstory within the Star Wars
universe so same logic Moff gideon himself isn’t
a big physical threat to the mandalorian without some special weapons so that’s
where the darksaber comes in it just gives him a big edge in combat in number
one does Moff Gideon himself saying that he gets his hands on baby Yoda
during season two implied that they’re going to do an empire strikes back style
sequel season downer ending like a cliffhanger where he still has baby Yoda
at the end and they hit into season three Return of the Jedi style opening
with the big Mandalorian led rescue mission to save him I mean if most of
the Mandalorian series takes its inspiration from the original trilogy
they’re going to hit some of those same beats it’s totally possible they do
something similar and if you think about it Moff Gideon would be a real bad
character if he wasn’t able to make good on any of his threats which he’s made
very clearly at the end of season 1 assuming the series runs for four or
five seasons is just easy slam dunk to do at least one Empire Strikes Back
style ending cliffhanger to a season but post all your theories in the comments
below what kind of lightsaber battles do you want to see with the darksaber and
what kind of scenes with baby Yoda in Moff Gideon do you want to see I think
we all just want to find out what’s going on with his crazy implied cloning
plot that dr. Pershing was talking about the Mandalorian season 2 release date is
in October we’re getting episodes even earlier than we did last year so really
nice surprise but I’ll keep doing bonus videos while
we wait for the trailer to get here the Mandalorian season 2 trailer will
probably drop sometime in the next couple of months
everyone click here for all my Mandalorian episodes and click here for
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watching everyone stay awesome. This is the way!

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