The Next President of Nigeria. Who Will Win the 2019 Elections? | Legit TV

The Next President of Nigeria. Who Will Win the 2019 Elections? | Legit TV

It is May 2019. A figure stands before the
massive crowd gathered at the Eagles Square in Abuja.
It is the day of presidential inauguration. The incoming president is now taking oath
of office. WHO IS IT? Muhammadu Buhari based his 2015 election campaign on three pillars.
He promised to revamp the economy, tackle insecurity, and fight corruption.
How has his APC government fared so far? ECONOMY
Nigeria has just emerged from its worst economic recession that lasted roughly 15 months.
In third quarter of fiscal year 2017, GDP has shown a 1.4% growth, surpassing the expectations
of both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
The IMF projected for Nigeria’s economy to grow by 0.8% in 2017. The World Bank by
1%. The federal government now has a serious task
of strengthening and sustaining the progress. Sectors other than oil need to be in focus,
too. The government has to ensure an inclusive, job-oriented growth.
2. SECURITY Government and military officials say that
recent Boko Haram attacks are “the last kicks of a dying horse”. Let’s
hope that shortly, we will hear the news that the military have finally wiped out Boko Haram
from the North-east for good. The fates of the nearly 2 million of Nigerians
displaced by the terrorists also depend on the government.
3. WAR ON CORRUPTION President Buhari vowed to recover the money
stolen over decades, get tough on those behind the theft of public funds, and strengthen
Nigeria’s anti-corruption bodies. Today, there are over a 1,000 corruption cases
before the courts. Switzerland and the World Bank agreed to return
to Nigeria the $321 million stolen by former military leader Sani Abacha.
Dozens of high-profile figures have been charged and put on trial. Diezani Alison-Madueke,
Sambo Dasuki, Babachir David Lawal are but a few of them.
It is essential that Buhari, EFCC, and ICPC retain their tough stance on corruption and
prioritize substance over show. As their motherland is tackling the challenges
one at a time, Nigerians have started eyeing potential presidential candidates.
Atiku Abubakar has just renounced his APC membership and re-joined the opposition PDP.
Will this help the party re-group, produce a clear strategy on Nigeria’s development,
and win the minds and hearts of Nigerians in 2019?
Will Atiku contest? Will President Buhari vie for his second term?
Babatunde Fashola, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, Nasir El-Rufai, Bukola Saraki, the incumbent
vice president Yemi Osinbajo, Ali Modu Sheriff, Rochas Okorocha are among the names that Nigerians
seem to be excited about. In 2015, Nigeria earned praise from the global
community for largely safe, transparent elections, and a remarkably peaceful transition of power
from Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to Muhammadu Buhari who won with 54% of the vote.
In 2017, the United Nations observed that local government elections in various states
were credible and violence-free as well. The UN expects nothing less from the 2019 elections.
Inevitably, presidential campaigns will soon officially signify the start of Election Fever.
Is it time to transfer the power yet again? Who will emerge leader of over 193 million
Nigerian people in 2019? Subscribe to our Youtube channel and comment!

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  1. Who is this Guy giving options for these two pple?, Anybody that vote for this pple is a BARSTERED Of nigeria, We need new Party and young personThat can care for nigerians, NOT CRIMINALS

  2. If any of these guys get even 5% of the votes then my theory that 'Nigeria is a joke' will remain valid. Same faces, Same decisions, same problems.Joke.

  3. As long as your logo is, you have nothing serious to say, because all of you are paid channels to only bla bla bla.,

  4. The ones am seeing here are all waste products, who will soon rot in jail. #OMOYELE SOWORE is our president.

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  8. Both APC and PDP are the same they want to Frick us by moving from one party to other, we are going take it back

  9. Guy you are not making sense to me why are you calling criminals names while the real people for 2019 are the there to contest those old men, stop calling these old useless men, AAC Africa Action Congress Sowore for president 2019.

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