The truth behind Pablo Escobar’s death

The truth behind Pablo Escobar’s death

At the height of his cartel business, Colombian
drug lord Pablo Escobar was smuggling a reported 15 tonnes of cocaine a day into the United
States. Later in 1993, the world’s most violent and
notorious drug lord was gunned down by police on a Medellín rooftop. That has been the
story that has always been reported. But, Colombia’s cocaine king’s only son has
now claimed his father took his own life in a new book. Called ‘My Father’, Juan Pablo Escobar’s book
provides an intimate portrait of his father – from his habits, escapades and even a family
betrayal by Pablo Escobar’s brother and former Medellin cartel accountant, Roberto Escobar. The claims come more than two decades after
Pablo Escobar’s death – with his son saying Colombia is finally ready to hear his story. My idea was a personal decision to tell the
story in the first person with the intention of telling the truth about what happened during
those days. I also think that with the necessary passing
of time there’s been a necessary maturity, not just in myself but also in Colombia as
a country. It is more ready to hear these types of revelations. According to officials, the head of the Medellin
cartel was killed in a shootout with Colombian security forces, who were surrounding his
hideout. The drug lord was reportedly shot dead as
he tried to escape via the roof. But, his son has told media that his father
had planned to take his own life. I don’t believe in coincidences. The bullet
happened exactly in the same place where my Dad told me that he had set the date where
he was to be trapped. He always mentioned that from the 15 bullets
in his gun 14 would be for his enemies and the last one for him. This was not just a conversation I had with
him but with my mother, my sister, with his mother, with all members of the family. It was known and there is even a recording
of which there is a transcript in the book and it literally says and I quote, ‘they will
never screw me over alive.” Following Escobar’s death, Juan Pablo, his
mother and sister moved to Argentina to start a new life. He has now said nothing is left
of his father’s billion-dollar cartel empire. Look at my father’s history, all the history
he built is in ruins. Nothing is left standing, not him. He lost
his freedom many years before his death and as did his family as well. So the only thing that remains are some strong
lessons that I hope will be understood clearly.

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  1. This fat fuck was only 13 years old when all this was happening his father never mixed family with business.. he just wants fame and money.., PLATA O PLOMO fatso…

  2. In this whle fckng world each nd evry objct hve advntages nd disadvntgs inclding. .humnkind. .he had his own cons nd pros. .thats all !!!

  3. This is why Trump thinks all of us Spanish people are drug dealers. I hate how only a couple of Narcos get the president to think that all Spanish races are drug dealers.


  5. lol if by take his own like you mean he chose to have a shootout in broad daylight till he was shot dead than yeah he killed himself… but not suicide

  6. he may was good man but govermant did not gave chance to help columbia he could be real robin hood that why they killed pablo

  7. Government too kill people by throwing hunger,poverty,corruption and lack of education. Its wrong to kill innocent people, he died because his anger took over his mind in key moments..from India.
    That guy had Balls must say

  8. So wait, we should listen to what some mass murdering piece of shit's kid said, who was not even there when it happened and only contact was a few phone calls…? Nah

  9. saw narcos! pablo didn't kill any civilians before DEA started hunt of him – America was jealous that he was making hell of a money by selling drugs in USA NOT IN COLOMBIA 😀

  10. Would’ve been cool If he just got president for a while. And let the americans fight war on drugs in their own country by teaching people some self control. Drugs is never leaving, only the people trying to control it…

  11. Lmao no it's still too soon the day Colombia may look into this story is when the family of Pablo escabor dies for good cuz a quarter million life's lost that we know of, nd ur saying it was as past . U could say million family was broken gone because of this family.

  12. What a load of BS.. The fact remains (from postmortem) that the kill shot was the bullet that went through his ear, into his head. No one commits suicide with a bullet through his ear. This was obviously a sniper shot.

  13. There is a day and night, rise and fall, right and left, bad and good, male and female ,ectc…always have a two. ALLAH know what best for us. A suited for everyone needs. If you are rich there are a poor

  14. Cocaine was originated from Afghanistan. In 1979 when Pakistan and Iran was fighting Soviet union. Pakistan captured Tons of Cocaine in Afghanistan, America sold over 100 F-16 to Pakistan in exchange for all the cocaine we captured. Pakistan did not know why CIA wants it until they made Los Pepes and later Los Zetas. This Process makes off the book Money that CIA needs to run its secret operation with the Governemnt fund. Pablo Escobar was actually a hero who refused to pay 70% of all the money he makes. While other cartel were not touched because they pay their tribute to CIA.

  15. it must be hard for his son to hear a side of his father he never knew. the side the world knew, the psychopathic side.

  16. Who else finds it weird that probably one of the richest men at the time wasn't surrounded by hundreds bodyguards or personal security members? Hmmm

  17. At least they have english translation.thank you very much.viewers are all over the world, we can now understand what they are talking about

  18. deffo has a nice stack of cash stashed away somewhere thats for sure. he was one of the richest men on earth, he had billions and billions, if the police think they found it all and he didnt leave some to his family somehow, theyre fools

  19. He was killed by the DEA and the Columbia police he was a fat bastard that deserve to be tortured for all the innocent people he killed

  20. wow, i'm legitimately surprised at how many people lack maturity and empathy as they praise a pussy who got so many brave men killed, along with women, children and elderly. this is a person who deserves no respect, as he stopped at nothing to assert his authority

  21. Media portrays him as a bad person but, instead he is just a father looking after his circle of friends and most importantly, to ensure that his family lives a comfortable life..he just made bad decision, that's all

  22. The strange about this man that any think related to him make a big money even after he had passed away …books..movies..series.,,this man was a blessed

  23. Criminal's like Pablo are way better than todays Governments by far , because they both do the same but Pablo would take care of his Country and people , not like this legal Government Bullshit

  24. Imagine if pablo didn't try and run for president? I feel things would have been vastly different! It all started when his mug shot was shown to the country and he then murdered the politician who revealed it. If pablo didn't run for president the murder would have never happened and his drug trafficking have never been unveiled

  25. All and all i think american murphy and javior pena are assholes in this full story….escobar is good human being america made him this

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