This fake news machine gears up for 2020

This fake news machine gears up for 2020

just in Sarah Palin hospitalized
Bill Clinton loses it an interview admits as a murderer if this that makes
you want to click fake news dominated the 2016 US election we have an epidemic
of false information racing around using social networks as the accelerator one
city in Macedonia was at the very center of it
this is Valles two years I was earning more than someone that will never run in
this entire life and these other people behind it it’s a huge business it’s a
huge industry it’s a huge Network we are taking account so I can reach more and
more people there is a strategy there’s a cleverness to this you don’t know if
it’s filled eyes on law and I don’t care and one fake news producer makes a
shocking revelation their next target 20/20 tucked away in the hills of the
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is the small city of Ellis
to place many thousands of miles away from Washington but whose voices echo
right across America so-called fake news can have real world fighting the fake
news it’s fake for months I’ve been wanting to come here ever since I heard
over a hundred fake news sites were trace right here to the city the old
factories here in Veles many now left to rust away used to make ceramics today
it’s known locally for something else now it’s known as Trump’s palace famous
for its fake news websites I keep hearing the fake news industry is
worth millions of dollars for walking around it’s clear to see this is not a
city paved with gold in fact it’s a place that feels like it’s trapped in a
time warp while it simultaneously charges ahead into the digital new world so it makes me wonder who are the people
behind this supposedly multi-million dollar industry what are the chances of
us getting someone to interview can you help us never run the greatest we find
several people in the city connected to the fake news industry but they’re
reluctant to talk openly about it will any other people you know the interested
in talking to us be able to talk to us they are worried about being exposed and
their websites shut down this after Facebook and Google began cracking down
on fake news but it seemed the local mayor isn’t shy
to tell us just how widespread the industry is Tony Bravo Tara rush
Americans consistent press machines are about being on the path about seven tabs or so there are open
just in Sarah Palin hospitalized from spot the stories that are really untrue
completely fake Bill Clinton loses it an interview admit is a murder of the
stories on this particular website a fake but other websites are actually
going further they are mixing fact and fiction that is a lie and that’s mixed
in with News and the main political page and someone in the US could potentially
be influenced by that they make you wanna click and they make you want to
share at the moment we’re looking to track down some of the websites
currently up and running we want to know what exactly they’re writing about is a
store President Trump this is the one of the websites that we know comes from
Macedonia it has a link to their own Facebook the IP address and the IP
location says it’s Texas if you look further down it gives you the address
Bellus I’m gonna see if this person digs up hello can you tell me a bit more
about your website would you call it a fake news website where do you get your
ideas from where do you get the stories from and who are your readers is it
American readers who are the majority of people yeah do the people that read your
websites do they know that your website is fake well they’re not real news
you’re making stories up copy and paste or do you write your own stories is
there any chance that we can meet alright thank you very much thank you
Joe so that that was interesting I wasn’t expecting him to pick up the
phone in fact I was expecting it to be a fake number he doesn’t
he’s doing anything wrong but yet again doesn’t want his face or his name to
appear as you can see there we’re not talking about three four people 100
people is a hundred and twenty four thousand people who like his stories
website owners make their money from advertising platforms like Google’s
absence place ads on their sites every page visit earns a fraction of a cent
third as you can imagine it quickly adds up with hundreds of thousands of clicks
then to drive traffic fake news producers use Facebook they post links
to their stories in fan groups often on the fake profiles all in the hope that
they will go viral we spoke to Facebook and Google who told
us they are actively identifying and blocking accounts linked to fake news
but on the ground producers are adapting as we learned after chance encounter
with some producers at a cafe they didn’t want appear on camera
how many facebook profiles do have to create in order to get your message out by yourself yeah so how do you how do
you get around that go by real profiles yeah some kids then we change real profiles exist and they just change
into American names teenagers like to euros before despite the breakthrough we
got a sense that everyone in this town was protecting each other but just when
we thought our story was going to end there I get a phone call this person who
produces fake news websites wants to meet on his terms
so not meeting out here getting in the car they’re going to text me the
location and let’s see how it goes being waiting for about 40 minutes or so
to meets The Fixer actually nothing’s arrived is he here let’s go all right
he’s here we are driven out of the city center and taken to an industrial part
of town all to protect the identity of a man who says he’s one of the pioneers of
faith wheezing Vella’s Mikhail has arrived he’s logged in to his website
and I’ve noticed that it’s not your own name someone else’s profile that we’re
doing all the time we are faking fake numbers to have fake accounts so I can
reach more and more people right so here you’re Jessica a lot of people
commenting but also a lot of people sharing as we’re talking a lot of people
here liking your posts what are you working on now what are you looking
ahead you know my primary goal is to prepare a site that I like I was having
before to be ready for the next election in America u.s. election to us yeah how
do you prepare for something like that what are you looking at simply you need
to make million fan page like you see Jessica it’s a fake a lot of fake pages
a lot of fake numbers because i beginning you need to do that to make
people like your page I know how it is to build big site and I will do it again
I can tell you how much money I have found in one day maybe it was around to
two thousand two thousand five hundred dollars at one day for this kind of
money to earning per day you need to have maybe a fanpage more than half a
million million people what makes a good clickable story in your opinion so you
need to have an interesting topic whatever Donald Trump is doing it’s
interesting for everyone even in my country everything he said
it’s worth listening you know he’s an interesting face when you have million
fans if you post something even if it’s not interesting a lot of them will open
it just to see what it is and you will get money you don’t know if it’s true or
no I don’t know and I don’t care because the people are really even if they open
I’m getting paid are you proud of what you’ve achieved in 22 years I was
earning more than someone that will never run in his entire life
with the standard that we have in my country so yes I’m proud you know if you
try and put yourself in his shoes he wanted to be a lawyer had dreams have
big dreams like any one of us but he said well why would I even spend years
studying when I can basically make three four times that he is focusing on the
next big story is preparing his website for the next big story in the next big
story for him the next u.s. elections it’s not just him the had a computer
there are people who write stories for him people in the US who he depends on
it’s a huge business it’s a huge industry it’s a huge Network and he’s
just one of hundreds working out of Ellis meeting Mikkel has given us a window
into the fake news industry in Velas but we know this goes far beyond him later
we bump into the mayor at the opening of any bar here the alcohol is flowing and
the money’s quite literally as local tradition dictates being thrown around
this is what the digital gold rush looks like young fake media producers have put
vellus on the map on the world map are you proud of that doc real walk was guru
monastic we grabs a cup of awareness Naruto Alicia dick need and suck on the
Republican a colonial implication it may be legal but is it morally right my
motto tickets anymore is there a big apology
behind these guys who’s influencing them to influence the u.s. election yeah
music awesome all new products I almost understand why they’re doing it
high unemployment very little opportunities here in the city you take
a step back and you look at what they’ve created and how they’ve managed to
sustain it there is a strategy there’s a cleverness to this I think what they
doing is plagiarizing I think they’re frauds but are we to blame this partly
so as long as people in the United States keep engaging keep clicking keep
sharing keep liking these guys will be in business

100 thoughts on “This fake news machine gears up for 2020

  1. That story was fake. Here is why. She said the "FIXER" was coming to pick her up. So a Fixer finds the person she is looking for and is paid to do so. If I was being paid I would go find a person willing to say they were a fake news site producer too. Did she verify hit was actually his web site? Of course not, they all use fake names. So she has no proof of anything just her theory and a fixer taking advantage of a dumb ass reporter. This is NOT good journalism.

  2. Fake news CNN talking about fake news? It is shameless they are targeting Macedonia, a nation of 2 million that is practically occupied by the United States.

  3. I'm sure many of the same fake news producers referred to in this story will be in the comments section, proclaiming this CNN story exposing them is actually the fake news and not these troll farms lol PATHETIC!!!

  4. Bravo for Macedonia, for the Macedonian young children who know how to make a profit. !!!! Long live the Republic of Macedonia

  5. LMAO
    CNN accusing other people and websites of fake news?!?
    This is the funniest shit I've heard this week!

  6. I'm just watching to see if you've fixed the technical issues yet. You know, the ones where people are getting cut off if they don't share the "Trump is bad, m'kay", narrative.

  7. Why make it false news today ? is BUSH dead? He still interrogates agents and Staff and will get back to me/us and the news about the War that attacked him in 2001. Hope for the best of luck to him and his family.

  8. You think that's bad? Russian state media have been bombarding their own people with trash such as stories of Ukrainian soldiers capturing porn star Sasha Grey while she helped bandage Russian separatists, then raping and chopping her up with an axe. She got on twitter herself and called BS, but Russians love reading news they always knew was fake. They enjoy being whipped up into a frenzy, just like the Reichbart nutjobs in the US.
    EDIT: LOL at the very same fake news trolls being here downvoting this story now.

  9. Pelosi admits she is a liar! Watch until the end – less than 1 minute – Very Funny 🙂

  10. So let me get this straight. They cannot get anyone to comment on the fake news industry in that tow, but all of a sudden, out of the blue they get a call from a fake news 'producer' that volunteers to talk to them.
    Give me a break. Talk about meta.

    I loved the bit where she is waiting for them and she goes 'Is he here?, is that him?'. Sooooo fake.

  11. Was wondering how long it would take CNN to use this deflection/redirection tactic. CNN and the rest of the msm are hoping that you will all think: "hmmmmm, so when Donny T. rants about fake news, he's talking about estonia not cnn." The only problem is that this tiny handful of estonia kids do it for clickbait quick bucks and don't care if any of it is true, where as cnn spews bias agenda riddled propaganda 24/7 over and over and over and over again in an attempt to not only keep their flock hypnotized and distracted but they are also trying to recruit new sheep.

    Dear CNN,

    it is too late.

    yours truly,
    Spaghetti Monster

    It's called the ol' Turn Around Tom and what msm doesnt seem to understand is that the "slight of hand" illusion doesn't work as well when there are many more people in the audience that already know the trick, the internet is not a 200 seat theatre you fools. As for your flock… these antifa members with their shared entitlement issues and fragile egos will mature, and as they get older some will stick to their story because of their delicate pride. Failing to admit that they were misled and epically embarrassed @ how wrong they were and what they did. Those people will unfortunately have to live their life out in shame because they never got up the courage to admit that people are allowed to change and grow. They will be dragging around that enormous chip on their shoulder forever . Not a very promising outlook thinking that some of these people will be in government. People like the antifa dork who said: "… the cop's horse was racist, so it deserved to be stabbed" and people like the long necked antifa law professor who lost his job after appearing on the news and advocating violence against speakers, rally members and destruction of public property.


    Dear CNN,

    it is too late.

    yours truly,
    Spaghetti Monster

  12. Wait a sec… if this is all about money why are we not talking who the hell is actually paying them to begin with and why ??!!!!

  13. CNN Fake News© has been going on long before Donald Trump started calling them "Fake News". Check out these two CNN goof-asses doing fake reporting from "Saudi Arabia" circa 1990:

    We Are CNN. The Most Trusted Name In Fake News©.

  14. Not so proud to be Macedonian in moments like these but what do you expect USA , 65% of the population in Macedonia are working for 270 $ per month !!!! Shitty isn't it ?????

  15. The fakes news machine,really?that's what you call it?its a few people trying to make some money,in a small country with high corruption,and you dare to say Macedonia is the capital of fake news,you just insulted an entire nation with that sentence

  16. In the 1900s, lots of people who had not lived under a Fascist or Communist government believed that if a story was printed in a newspaper then it must be true. Today, lots of people believe if an internet site has high technical standards then the "news" it promotes must be true — especially if news stories get high viewership and high approval ratings and support beliefs/suspicions viewers already hold. Not many consumers of news stories first check the source of those news stories and then decide if the source is credible. Lots of naïve people will believe unsupported rumors and gossip, whether spread in person or over Facebook, but now the rumors and gossip that get passed around may be planted from foreign sources for profit or to influence election outcomes. These are the same naïve people that will believe advertising that promises miraculous results and spend their money on bogus products.

  17. So i see, the news about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was real news, everything other than that is fake. We should have only state run news agencies, just like in North Korea, is that what you are suggesting?

  18. lol what idiots. the very beginning of the video says it all. fake news didn't sway this election nor would any sane person believe those ads. does cnn think that everyone to be retarded?

  19. CNN must have copyrighted the label of "FAKE NEWS" and must run ads like "This is CNN, your household FAKE NEWS agency"!

  20. seems like once again you are involved in the fake news machine, CNN. For the sake of "ratings", keep posting hate videos on Trump and Russia. You admitted it yourself.

  21. THE WHOLE COUNTRY (FYROM) IS A FAKE. The land of 300 BC Ancient GREEK Kingdom of Macedonia is 96% in Greece today. And these Slavs that inhabited the area at around 700 AD, have leaders that keep their people in complete darkness trying to rewrite the History with the worst emetic and shameless propaganda.

  22. When you accidently project your own fakeness in an attempt to shut down ppl exposing the truth. This is CNN. Criminal News Network

  23. Funny how one normally associates Macedonia with Greece, the cradle of democracy, yet it got sucked into Yugoslavia, and now is a great threat to democracy.

  24. Call up some of these fake news sites and then lob a few cruise missiles at the other end of the phone … I think we would find that they number of fake right-winger comments about criticisms of CNN would get cut down to almost nothing. Most of the comments were are obviously trolls trying to fight back to protect their lies and fake news.

  25. It's true, Americans seem to love junk EVERYTHING … junk food, junk drugs, junk news, fake boobs, fake science … America has to grow up.

  26. The whole story on fake news is nothing more then a bunch of crap. This is all propaganda. People (other then retards) know what fake news is. This propaganda of fake news is no more then a substitute to take our focus away from the real fake news and believe what this video intends for us, with their goal and objective to be exposed as fake news and propaganda, making everyone believe the whole fake news trends were hoaxes, that we were lied to and duped with fake news when there actually never were any truths to the fake news allegations to began with.
    Nevertheless we can then all rest assured that we can once again count and rely on our mainstream media and news organizations to keep us informed without any scrutiny whatsoever.
    The media is out friend and only try to get the truth out to expose any fraud attempted on us by people we can't be sure to trust. Thank you so much news friends, we love you soooooooo much, and much, and much much much much much.

  27. Here’s a website that will help you navigate amongst media sources and to fact check away from fake news. There are ten categories. Just click on the Bias Categories Menu icon. Here are several:
    Filtered Search
    Left Bias
    Right Bias
    Questionable Sources

  28. Imagine thinking CNN is "fake news" because an idiot who is famous for spitting fake news non-stop is calling them "fake news". I'm not a huge fan of CNN but they are an actual media outlet unlike all the right wing fake news outlets. Imagine still denying the right wing spread fake news. At this point it's no less than a fact that close to EVERYTHING the right wing says is fake news. If you want to know the truth it's most likely always the exact opposite of what the right says. All right wing does is spread fake news to provoke fear and anger and this is how they attract votes. Not the first time. Nazis did the exact same thing. Like father like son.

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