50 thoughts on “To believe Trump’s defenders, you have to ignore the facts | Don Lemon

  1. Dems have not proven a thing they can impeach President Trump on, but if they keep trying something might just stick. So far the hearing have been a bust for them. And Don I still can’t believe you have a job but you are still good for a laugh. What will they do for another 5 year. But the corruption with the DNC might just come out.

  2. I want the list Mr. Lemon. Complete verifiable list of these imaginary facts you insult us by saying we ignore.
    What could possibly know about the word fact. YOU SOLD YOUR PATHETIC SOUL TI A CORPORATION THAT FORCES YOU TO LIE TO THE PUBLIC EVEN WORSE TO YOURSELF. YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN BE IN THE POSITION TO PRESENT FACTS. YOU HAVE MADE IT CLEAR. Just give it up. Admit you were wrong and try and do something that actually helps the world. How you can not see you are on the wrong side is beyond me. Never allow yourself to see me as some stupid worthless person. The truth has revealed itself and you my friend each of you within your corporation of deception and hate for the people will go down in history for what you are. The fact that doesnt bother you is all the fact we need. We are aware enough to tell the good guys from the bad guys. If you had a half of a brain or any part of a soul you would decry the evil you work for and ask forgiveness. Come into the light and save yourself and join the fight on the side that will prevail. I can assure you. Truth honor love and genuine respect will always win. If you were to reflect on just the last 3 years bssed on what you have actually done. What you stand for you would break down and ask how could i be so wrong. How could i hurt so many people with constant lies. I wish the best as i wish the best for all of us. But once we reach a certain point you all of you will be on the other side of a closed door separated from mankind. Let that ring out in you. Because if you doubt this and think your money and your company will bring you shelter. You are wrong. The one true sunrise is coming. Once that day is upon us those who chosen their position will be forever either in the light or in the darkness. You are running out of time. I didnt have to say this. You dont deserve the warning but take it for what its worth. If you really cant see it then its too late anyway.

  3. They need to fire and put Lindsey Graham and all the Republicans who defy the rule of law like Donald"goofball"Trump.

  4. When in doubt RUN,,,hide under the bed, you need to make yourself invisible also, not difficult when you're scared sh%tless

  5. Yes the president has executive authority to withhold and send aid, fire and hire ambassadors, the Ukrainian President even said that he didn’t feel pressured, the transcript was completely released and there was nothing seeming to be wrong considering that he could’ve also asked the current ambassador to ask for an investigation. All we’ve gotten from this hearing is a reminder of the executive powers, that Burisma is corrupt, and that the new polls show that support for impeachment is down among democrats by 6 points. Looks like negative partisanship isn’t working out too well huh?🥶 also just because Bill Clinton was impeached on what was SOMEWHAT believed to be heresy, it didn’t work out for the Republicans and many say that they regret going through with it.

  6. I love how CNN has created an "alternate truth" that millions of people believe with all their hearts.

    Truly sad times for the intellect.

    : (

  7. Lemon i have heard your evidence but you make alot of assumptions just like Schiff saying hearsay is better than firsthand knowledge. I know you love talking about impeachment but you don't have enough evidence to cut it

  8. CNN: honestly guys you are an embarrassment to humanity. It's your Rachel Maddow approach – combining humor and sarcasm and little pauses and subtle smiles . . . it's all of this that = propaganda and bad propaganda at that. Your clips weren't even convincing except to a person who does really even know what's been going on – ie most of your viewers.
    Faux intellectualism at its best!!!

  9. And just like Hunter, Paul Pelosi is making money from the Ukraine.. try and ignore that Don Lemon-head

  10. Do you remember when real journalists didn’t editorialize? Not these fuck boys! They are so mad that they lost……..get the fuck over it BOY.

  11. Watch the actual impeachment. Dont get told what to believe. This is all BS. This is a joke….they dont have a smoking gun….for this Russia collusion or kavanaugh. So sick of the lies. We get it you dont like trump

  12. Fake news, read the transcripts, there was no bribery. CNN has been anti trump from day one. Not one pro trump stories just negative. These people are actors.

  13. Could u imagine our "elected president" wants to pressure another country to dig up dirt on treasonous traders, political parasites! About time u devious democrats suck ur own medicine! 2020 second round knockout!

  14. Let's see the evidence and not your edited clips. I'm pissed for him giving away our money. Want to give it to someone there is plenty of people in America that could use it

  15. Sorry lemon your lies are very obvious!!The left is obstructing justice and this fake impeachment will go down in history as the most corrupt incident in US history!!ya the president keeps tricking you freaks into showing the corruption that is so deeply rooted in the democrat party.no facts whatsoever just lots of emotion and lies!!

  16. Fact. This is all that matters:

    Q: "Do you have any information regarding POTUS accepting bribes?"

    Yovanovitch: "No"

    Q: Do you have any evidence of any criminal activity from POTUS?"

    Yovanovitch: "No"

    Game. Set. Match.

    She also testified Obama’s own State Dept. was so concerned about Quid Pro Quo Joe's conflicts of interest from Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma that they raised it themselves while prepping the Ambassador for her confirmation. In addition, we know the new Ukrainian President didn't trust Yanovitch and wanted her replaced of possible.

    Funny how CBS, and the rest of the Democratic Party mouthpieces, has time to give this sharp-elbowed veteran diplomat the "poor babe lost in the woods" treatment, but not the two REAL BOMBSHELLS of this otherwise boring clown show.

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