Top 10 News Reporting Fails

Top 10 News Reporting Fails

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  1. Awww they left off the FOX News reporter kept trying to say "Top Cop" but kept making penis references instead.

  2. All that "Sum Ting Wong" and "Ho Li Fuk" does seem offensive, both from a racial standpoint and because the plane crash was a serious thing.

  3. For the record, including the clip of the reporter having a mild stroke on air isn't funny and should never have been included in this video.

  4. How the hell are Asian people mad at people for being racist when they're up there was one of the most racist people up there next to white people?

  5. Serene Branson was actually having a stroke they released a story about it so that “dishonorable mention” should be removed.

  6. 6:30 Not remotely true. From the very first moment of television, networks were formed around affiliate stations in different cities around the country. Thus, the word "network." Stations in New York found broadcasters in other cities willing to carry a few hours of shared programming, but most stations still produced most of their content in-house. Local news was featured before or after national news from the start. So there were always crappy little local news anchors who had more than their share of flubs. That was especially true back when it was all live, and not pre-recorded.

  7. I still think jeopardy has the funniest…homegirl says…"what is pussy furry"…i laughed my ass of for 5 mins straight

  8. Every time I see a video with first woman in dishonorable mentions I worry all over again. That wasn't normal flubs, that was aphasia, which can be caused by something serious. Hers was caused by a migraine but not all are. Mine was very suddenly caused when an undiagnosed MRSA infection nearly made into my brain through a surgical incision (that lead to my brain) in my sphenoid sinus. If I hadn't already been hospitalized I'd have died. It is absolutely terrifying to suddenly not be able to make words form and I was absolutely aware the sounds I was getting out weren't actually words. It's not funny. If someone starts doing that take it seriously. Either you'll find out someone is playing a dumb joke or potentially save their life.

  9. I understand that the person reading the names of the captains just saying so, because they trust that the info has been vetted. Besides, Asian names may seem very strange to them so they just go with the flow. But it is rather rude to play off those assumptions and make up names about fatal incidents

  10. I disagree with the use of the "Dishonorable Mention" clip of the blonde reporter screwing up her words really bad. If you know the story, that young woman was having a stroke live on camera. She did eventually recover, but was, at the time, suffering a significant medical emergency.

  11. Thought #1 would be the funniest of all but that's just messed up to make racist jokes when reporting the deaths of all those people…. sad … 10-2 were all funny

  12. Number#9 that what tv tropes wiki called failed a spot check in real life no less but failing to notice something that should be obvious i'e failing to notice basically everything that should clue them in that is tv show team filming a tv show considering that everything should large and big enough especially from above view angle from helicopter?! Correction I accidentally misheard I thought it a movie team then I rewatched it then I realized it a tv show but still message is clear just replace movies for tv show it still same for all things considered.

  13. ✈✈Captain Sum Ting Wong!✈✈
    😂 I'll *BET*! 😂

  14. Those names were unbelievably offensive and I am not Asian; I cannot imagine being from that part of the world when Thais came out. Super 😢

  15. I think that A J Clements getting fierd was to rough treatment , because there is many reporters that had sais bad words and still kept their job.

  16. The one at 11:26 shouldn’t be included. It turned out that that reporter had a seizure or stroke on camera, and that’s why she was talking like that.

  17. The first Dishonorable Mentioned that you showed of the blond hair reporter wasn't her making a mistake or stumbling over her words on air; she was having a mild seizure, which caused her to act the way she did while being filmed.

  18. The last one with the asian name crash plane is so obvious that it was intentional. There is no way they can not see the obvious joke. The part that really draw the line is that this was a real traggic accident crash, you dont joke with that

  19. Lol. O’Riley was dealing with idiots but there’s a bias towards him and it was clear in this video.

  20. Just putting it out there, it was later explained (elsewhere) that the first honorable mention was having a stroke. It's a miracle she did as well as she did.

  21. The Asiana Airlines report is so damn funny and proves how stupid and out of touch news anchors are.

  22. Good job KTVU in Oakland,CA SO quick to get out the story… Oh did the NTSB really confirm those OR you just wanted to be the first to report ANYTHING?? Walk of shame!

  23. There was a reporter who broke down on camera reporting a story about a pig. The pig was born without hind legs, so they strapped wheels on him, and he got around fine. It showed the pig visiting school kids, so it was human interest, animals, and kids. All good so far. When the reporter read the name of the pig, "Chris P. Bacon" he got the giggles. After several tries, he knew he couldn't stop laughing; he put his laughing face on the desk and he handed the story to newscaster next to him.
    I'm still not sure which was funnier, the news caster laughing uncontrollably, naming a pig Chris P. Bacon, wheels on a pig, or "a pig that special you just don't eat all at once."

  24. No mention at all of the famous clip of Richard Whiteley from 1977, on Calendar – the regional news magazine for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, UK.

    He was interviewing a ferret expert by the name of Brian Plummer on a segment about the species when one of the ferrets that had been brought into the studio bit him on the finger and refused to let go. The incident didn't last very long, and effectively ended when Plummer turned to Whiteley and said: "If she'd have meant business, she'd have been through to the bone: she was playing with you!"
    Since then, the clip has appeared on Blooper shows around the world.

    Whiteley died of Pneumonia and Endocarditis in 2005, aged 62, whilst Plummer died in 2003.

  25. Word scramble should not be a dishonorable mention. That woman was literally having a stroke which is why she couldn’t formulate words. That’s a bit of a low blow mojo.

  26. It really sucks that people keep using the stuttering moment. That women later found out she had a mini stroke and that's why she's stuttering like that. In fact she had to start taking medication to prevent a larger stroke after having more mini strokes following that night

  27. I know this happened later, but what about when “Charlo Greene” said “F—- it. I quit” live on air after mentioning that she was the leader of the Alaska Cannabis Club and wanted to lead the group full-time. PRICELESS TELEVISION, right there! 😎

  28. The Morning Joe Show crew getting the giggle fits from finding out about furries when they were supposed to be reporting on the 2014 Midwest Furfest gas attack which sent 19 people to the hospital. I don't give a damn how silly they find the furry fandom to be. Professional journalists giggling like girls at a slumber party when they're supposed to be reporting on a terrorist attack that nearly killed 19 people is just shameful.

  29. Japanese have normal names or cool names. Manga .. anime … cool family names, clan names. Kobayashi, Kato, Saito … sound a bit european … have some variety. Korean names sound tribal … drop a pot on the stairs. No offence. Kim Sung Il. Ding dong pow. No variation … monothone. Are the names equivalent of mumble rap. And the koreans said it's racist but that's how it sounds … mumble rap … monothone, no variation.

  30. Just finished watching a video on the same topic by your channel and saw the same videos, why make 2 videos with the same content?

  31. It would not necessarily call the blonde Downtown LA reporter a fail. If I remember correctly, she had problems speaking because of an unforeseen on-air stroke. She went to the hospital not long after the taping (I believe she recovered). Not really a "fail" in the same sense as the others.

  32. In all fairness to #3, the student Brian Collins was not the regular sportscaster but substituting at the last minute. Also, the teleprompter operator was inexperienced and going way too fast. Every time Collins tried to read the script it zipped right by and Collins was left trying to make up things as he went along.

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