Top 15 Scary Live News Reporting Moments

Top 15 Scary Live News Reporting Moments

Number 15. KNBC-TV Intruder: August 19, 1987 was a terrifying
day for members of KNBC in Los Angeles. Gary Stollman managed to gain access to KNBC
studios in Burbank, California, by claiming to be a guest of one of the station workers. Journalist David Horowitz was in the middle
of a story when Stollman walked in, pointed his weapon at him and forced him to read a
statement he prepared. Horowitz calmly read the statement, which
claimed Stollman’s father Max, who worked as the KNBC pharmacist reporter, was not his
biological father, but instead a clone created by the CIA with the help of alien beings. Director Tom Capra immediately ordered the
station be taken off air, which scared the already jumpy Stollman once he noticed Stand
By messages around the studio. The anchors assured him they were still on
air, and Horowitz was allowed to continue. Despite Horowitz’s calm demeanor, he admitted
later he was frightened, only maintaining the facade in order not to escalate the situation. Once the statement was finished, Stollman
immediately placed the weapon on the desk and revealed it was an unloaded BB gun. The entire anchor staff sighed in both relief
and disbelief, with Horowitz stating his thought was “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Burbank police rushed in and took Stollman
into custody. Number 14. Confrontation on Air: News anchors are expected
to maintain a level of professionalism while at work. However, there are times where the tempers
of the anchors and even their guests can flair over. Two Jordanian journalists were debating the
Syrian conflict. Mohammed Al-Jayousi escalated the already
hot topic when he accused fellow guest Shaer Al-Johari of supporting the Syrian opposition. Both men began the childish game of pushing
the news desk at each other, until the table broke. The two continued to push the table top into
each other while the show’s host desperately attempted to stop them from directly attacking
each other. As the two men moved in closer, studio security
rushed in and pulled them aside. The Syrian Civil War has had a major impact
on the Middle East, including in Jordan. People can hold strong beliefs over current
events, and can not like hearing either opposition to those beliefs or when people misinterpreting
or purposefully spinning your belief against you. As the people of Jordan have witnessed, it
can nearly lead two people into a full on brawl. Number 13. Bill Close Crisis: On May 28, 1982 at 5 pm,
Joseph Billie Gwin walked into the KOOL-TV office in Phoenix, Arizona, fired a shot into
the air, and grabbed production assistant Louis Villa. Gwin took the station hostage, demanding airtime
to read his manifesto, which he believed would prevent a Third World War. Police immediately surrounded the building
and set up around the newsroom. Negotiations were attempted but the situation
became dire as a desperate Gwin began making threats to take lives two hours into the crisis. The situation lasted five hours, when at 9:30,
news anchor Bill Close agreed to read Gwin’s statement on air. The station went live again, and Close read
the 20-minute statement while Gwin sat next to him. The words read out as the words of a truly
disturbed individual, predicting then Senator Edward M. Kennedy would become president,
and how nuclear weapons would destroy cities across the United States on July 4, 1984. He also mentioned earlier how ants would overrun
the city of Phoenix unless something was done. As soon as the statement was fully read, Gwin
surrendered. In an act of class, Close actually shook Gwin’s
hand and even pleaded with officers to lower their arms as they moved in to make the arrest. Gwin was found guilty of his actions in the
aftermath. Close commented afterwords that he felt in
control the entire time, and said “I think I’ll go home and kiss my wife.” Number 12. Japan’s Big One: If asked to name a place
where earthquakes frequent, half of people would say California, the other half would
say Japan, and both would be correct. Japan suffered a catastrophic earthquake on
March 11, 2011, after a massive 9.1 hit off the northern coast of Honshu. On top of that, massive tsunami’s slammed
into the coast and reached miles inland, sweeping structures and people back into the ocean. The disaster caused $360 billion and took
the lives of 15,895 people. Several news rooms were in the midst of their
working days when the earthquake struck, and one member of the NHK crew captured the moment
the tremors struck their offices, sending papers, furniture and people around the room. During a live 24 hour weather broadcast, the
anchor heard the earthquake alarm and remained calm as he reported the size of the quake,
which continued to get larger and larger. By the time the quake finally struck their
location, the magnitude was already well over 8, and you can hear the chaos in the background
of the map. The anchor remains calm and urges viewers
and fellow workers to remain calm as well. Thankfully, none of the people in the room
were seriously hurt, and all walked away safely. The Earthquake is the fourth largest on record
in the world, and the most studied as of 2018. Number 11. In the Lion’s Grasp: As much as people may
want a lion as a pet, it is far from a good idea to have one. Mexican entertainment show Con Sello de Mujer
had a couple lion handlers with a young lion on the show in 2003, along with a woman and
her young toddler. Without any warning and provocation, the lion
reached out and latched its claws onto the toddler’s pants, attempting to drag her towards
it, and also attempting to bite. At first, the mother panics, and the toddler
begins to scream, but the handler urges them to remain calm as the second handler pulls
the lion away. Thankfully, the lion is dragged away and the
toddler is uninjured, as the claws did not reach her skin. However, the poor child is terrified by that
point and begins to cry as the lion is taken off stage. While it seems ridiculous to try and stay
calm during such a situation, experts have credited this to saving the child’s life,
as panic would have sent the lion into a frenzy. The show’s host gives off a stunned smile,
as if he is unable to believe what has just happened on the show. I’m sure many of the viewers were also stunned
at having nearly witnessed a child mauled on live television. Thankfully, this story does not have a somber
ending, and we can all learn to be cautious when around these predatory animals. Number 10. Attempted Self Immolation: Some people will
go to great lengths in order to draw attention to their cause. Nicola de Martino was invited onto the Italian
program TG2 10 minuti to discuss his advocacy for Father’s Rights. Martino and his wife had separated, and she
took their son with her to Australia, preventing Martino rights to visitation. It was only after Martino’s son had turned
18 when they were finally allowed to visit. As his time began, Martino began cryptically
talking and then proceeded to pour what turned out to be lighter fluid on himself. Before he could take a match out of his pocket,
the host, three technicians, and Martino’s son confronted him and wrestled the match
out of his hand, before sitting him down again. Martino demanded he be allowed to read a letter
he had written on his stances, which the host agreed to, on the condition Martino instead
paraphrase it as the letter was too long. A short time into Martino’s speech, the host
stopped him and stated he refused to be blackmailed into allowing Martino’s letter to be read,
and he signed off. The host was clearly angry, as before the
audio was turned off, he is heard insulting Martino for nearly forcing the other guests
and viewers to witness his passing. It can be easy to sympathize with Martino’s
struggle of not being allowed to see his son, but it is hard to condone his attempt to set
himself on fire live to thousands of viewers. Thankfully, the world was spared the grisly
outcome this time around. Number 9. Earthquake Live: Imagine becoming part of
breaking news in the middle of your broadcast. Earthquakes are common and sometimes surprising
occurrences for anyone. In several examples, news anchors around the
United States reacting to a sudden earthquake during their live broadcast. The most common area of such instances in
the United States have occurred in California, but there have also been examples in Oklahoma
and Virginia. For the most part, these examples have been
minor, but this was not the case for the more recent event. Last year, a Mexican news station was reporting
live when the devastating 7.1 earthquake hit Mexico City and the surrounding area, causing
lights to flicker, and the entire set to brutally shake. The anchor urges viewers to remain calm before
leaving the set to safety. The quake took the lives 361 people, and 6000
insured, with numerous buildings collapsing as a result of the 20 seconds of shaking,
plus 39 aftershocks. Also, the event took place only 12 days after
the much larger 8.2 Chiapas Earthquake. A decade ago, a news anchor from Chengdu,
China got quite the scare when an sudden earthquake struck during her reporting, causing her and
the crew to flee. In contrast to the prerecorded background,
the shaking of the camera and news desk is clearly visible. We are told to always expect the unexpected,
but it’s not everyday those reporting the news find the news interrupting their broadcasts. Number 8. Franco Scoglio’s Last Appearance: Our mortality
is fragile, and passing on is not always mindful of when it decides to come unannounced. Franco Scoglio was a well known Italian soccer
manager who managed 17 teams between 1972 and 2003. He is most famous for coaching Genoa CFC,
joking that he would pass away discussing the team. After retiring from managing, he worked as
a sports commentator for Al Jazeera. On October 3, 2005, Scoglio was a guest on
the regional Genoa television news having a civil debate with then Genoa CFC president
Enrico Preziosi. As he was silently listening to Preziosi answer
a question, Scoglio suddenly slumped into his chair unconscious. The host immediately checked to see if Scoglio
was alright, and after checking his pulse, realized something was very wrong. The station cut to new footage and an ambulance
was called. Sadly, Scoglio passed away of a heart attack,
in front of thousands of stunned viewers. His prophecy had come true, passing away in
the city he loved, and discussing the team he loved. The other guests expressed both shock and
sadness over his passing, all undoubtedly disturbed of their witnessing to the unexpected
passing. He was a beloved figure in Italian soccer,
and his funeral service saw 10,000 people show up to pay their respects. Number 7. WTVA Tornado: For the reporters working in
tornado alley, they are literally on the front lines of bad weather. In most cases, they are the first to report
warnings to residents, and have been able to maintain broadcast through various odds,
in order to continue providing information to those in the storm’s path. WTVA out of Tupelo, Mississippi had a tense
broadcast on April 28, 2014, when a tornado touched down not far from the studio. Reporting live was meteorologist Matt Laubhan,
who was following a storm cell forming at around 2 pm. 30 minutes into the coverage, Laubhan went
to one of the web cams in the area and saw clear rotation, confirming his suspicions
there is a strong chance a tornado was forming [32:25]. Tornado warnings started coming in for Tupelo,
and the surrounding counties. Behind him, the radar showed how severe the
storm was, with various areas on the map showing red and purple [48:00]. Laubhan immediately went into full gear, and
began issuing notices for people to seek shelter immediately. The full extent of the severity of the situation
struck him when the station took a power hit, and briefly shut down their equipment [49:17]. After, the touchdown was confirmed, and Laubhan
saw the size of the tornado from the camera [50:06]. Instinctively, he began instructing station
crew to rush to the basement as the tornado approached the studio when it was confirmed
a multi vortex tornado had formed and was now rushing through Tupelo. Despite all this, Laubhan kept relatively
calm, as he and his coworkers rushed to the basement to await the tornado’s passing. It shows how much meteorologists know and
how they can help save residents by being the first to instruct viewers to seek safe
shelter. Number 6. Liana Kanelli: Greece has undergone a major
financial crisis which has made the 2008 recession look miniscule. This has led to several years of social and
political unrest, with the looming threat of Greece being kicked out of the European
Union. This has also resulted in a surge of voter
support for parties on both the far-left and far-right of the political spectrum. Golden Dawn is a far-right party running on
an anti-immigration platform, and have been in a bitter rivalry with the Greek Communist
Party. Greek news station Proino ANT1 hosted a live
political debate with politicians from all the major greek parties, including Golden
Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidairis, and Communist MP Liana Kanelli. Needless to say, the debate got pretty heated
between the two, but it would be Kasidairis who crossed the line. In the midst of the argument, Kasidairis stood
up and attacked Kanelli as he screamed various obscenities at her,
while the hosts, guests and viewers watched stunned. Staff from the news room stepped in, removed
Kasidairis from the set and locked him in another room as police were called. However, he managed to break the door down
and escape. Kasidairis was later arrested and charged
with assault, and despite the recording proving otherwise, Kasidairis and Golden Dawn blamed
Kanelli for the attack. As of this video, Kasidairis is still on trial. Number 5. A Husband’s Passing: When something bad happens
somewhere, the whole nation can feel it. For one anchor in India, it was a lot closer
to home than she ever wanted it to be. Sapreet Kaur was reporting on a major traffic
accident that took the lives three people. While documenting the accident, she began
feeling a horrible feeling that her husband may have been one of the people who passed
away, but kept her composure and continued reading the rest of the news. The broadcast itself is not telling, and Kaur
only briefly broke when her voice cracked, but kept going. After she signed off, Kaur left the studio
and burst into tears, then called one of the reporters on the scene, and her worst nightmare
had been confirmed. She had indeed just reported on the passing
of her husband live on the air, possibly one of the worst experiences any news anchor has
ever experienced during work. The reporter on the scene had in fact known
her husband had perished, but decided not to tell her live in order to maintain Kaur’s
privacy and not risk her having an emotional collapse while millions watched. It’s scary to know how the mortality of those
we love and care about can sneak up on us, but none of us have ever had to experience
the heartbreak Kaur now knows. Number 4. Chattanooga Hail Storm: Storms are a common
and often exciting experience, and for people living in Tornado Alley, storms of all magnitudes
have become common occurrence. Local meteorologist Paul Barys of WRCB Chattanooga
was reporting on a developing storm cell when golf ball size hail bombarded the news studio. He describes the sound as similar to someone
with a jackhammer on the roof. Fellow meteorologist Nick Austin had trouble
hearing Barys, despite the two being in close proximity to one another. Despite remaining calm, Barys is still clearly
in shock and nervous, stating several times the last time such a hail storm happened in
Chattanooga, the city was struck by a tornado. Despite the situation, Barys continues his
forecast, warning people to stay away from windows, pull over to the side of the road,
and preemptively take shelter, all while keeping a close eye on the tornado index. Showing how well he has managed to predict
the weather, Barys asks Austin if there is a tornado warning, and right at that moment
a warning is issued. One commenter on the video has described other
instances where Barys has shown incredible courage during broadcasts. According to this person, Barys stayed on
the air for 12 hours while several tornadoes formed and hit the surrounding area, crediting
him, Austin, and third meteorologist David Karnes as saving many lives during the disaster. Barys, Austin, and Karnes are examples of
how meteorologists can be unsung heroes, remaining at work in order to keep viewers and listeners
informed of the drastic changes to our climate. Number 3. WREX Tornado: May 22, 2011 was a scary day
for the staff of WREX in Rockford, Illinois. An F1 tornado formed not far from the station,
and it was soon clear the building was right in the tornado’s path. Mid sentence during the weather report, the
station audio cut out, and viewers were left looking at the satellite radar in silence,
as crew scrambled to evacuate the studio. The station went back on air, still focused
on the radar, but the sounds of a siren and high winds is heard over the anchors voices. The anchors continued to broadcast from the
basement, warning citizens to take shelter immediately, and also describing the happenings
around the station. According to them, 75 mph winds blew debris
and hail, against the building. The sound of both the wind and hail made it
nearly impossible for viewers to hear the anchors. After the two retreated back into the basement,
the nervousness on their voices became evident, and they also expressed wonder as to where
their crew went. Thankfully, everyone was safely in a basement
stairwell, and all escaped harm. Damage to the surrounding area was relatively
light, with mostly uprooted trees, with some structural damage as a result of debris. While viewers are unable to see the chaos,
the sounds themselves are enough to give people chills, as your mind goes wild with imagination. Knowing how devastating tornadoes can be,
WREX must be counting their blessings their encounter was not any larger. Number 2. Dutch TV Hostage: 2015 was a tough year in
Europe. Days following the first Paris attack, another
incident happened in Hilversum, Netherlands which went completely under the radar. In the evening of January 30, a 19 year old
man in a suit walked into the NOS news studios with a weapon, demanding to speak with someone
from CNN. The broadcast quickly cut to a title card
citing technical difficulties, but the cameras continued to record what was happening in
the newsroom. The man allowed most of the staff to leave
the room, then paced as he waited to speak with CNN. He remained calm, and assured the remaining
staff he had no intention of hurting them, saying the weapon is only in case things go
crazy. He even states to a man not to worry, because
he is just as nervous as they are. He continues to talk with those left in the
room, saying he already knows police are preparing to enter, and that as soon as he is finished
his statement, everyone will be free to go and he will surrender to authorities. As technicians are claiming to be working
on getting the broadcast working, Dutch police enter and order the man to surrender. Immediately upon seeing the police, the man
drops the weapon and raises his hands, following the officers orders. It was later discovered the weapon was a replica,
proving the man’s desire not to harm anyone. The investigation concluded the man acted
alone, was not motivated by extremism, but were unable to determine a motive for the
incident. He was convicted of his actions later that
year. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
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we upload every Tuesday and Saturday. Number 1. WCPO Hostage Situation: The staff of WCPO
in Cincinnati weren’t prepared for the event that would change their lives on October 15,
1980. Early that morning, James Hoskins walked into
the station armed to the teeth, which he used to take over the studio. He began by taking reporter Elaine Green and
her cameraman hostage before forcing his way into the newsroom where a further seven were
held captive. During the standoff, Green remained calm and
even began to interview Hoskins in order for him to explain his motives. In the eerie interview, Hoskins details how
he already took the life of his girlfriend. However, he promised he would not hurt the
hostages, and would let them go once they helped him fortify the entrances. Sure enough, he kept his word and all were
released unharmed. Before leaving, all those present pleaded
with Hoskins to surrender and get help, but his mind was made up. During the crisis, news reporters and anchors
were broadcasting from the parking lot as events unfolded. Police negotiators attempted to talk Hoskins
into surrendering, but again, he refused. The negotiator, Dale Menkhaus, described Hoskins
as the coldest person he had ever spoken to, with how Hoskins bluntly described taking
the life of his girlfriend and how non nonchalantly he stated his wish to take his own life moments
before doing so. It was during the conversation Hoskins motives
became clear, where he expressed anger towards the local government and aimed to create chaos
in the city via a shootout with the police. This never materialized, and the only fatality
that day was Hoskins. To this day, those who went through the ordeal
continue to express shock it happened, and thankful the incident didn’t end much.

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