One thought on “Trending: Reporter Hits Filter During Facebook Live

  1. Pathetic… mainstream media is ssooo manipulative and disgusting.
    Why don't you sell outs report real news for a change?
    Example: The Corona Virus was developed in a North Carolina University Laboratory with a grant from China. Pattented in 2015 and delivered to a Bio-weapons Lab in Wuhan shortly thereafter.
    Animals can get this Virus as well , and humans can get it twice and more , but the second time around comes with heart attacks and violent seizures. This Virus can survive 9 days upon a solid surface and is airborne too.
    It mutates ssooo…the vaccine being developed will not help every body.
    There aren't enough face masks to go around and as usual we , the common tax payers , are left to fend for ourselves.
    Any questions?

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