Trump calls Schiff a ‘lowlife,’ says he should resign from office

Trump calls Schiff a ‘lowlife,’ says he should resign from office

100 thoughts on “Trump calls Schiff a ‘lowlife,’ says he should resign from office

  1. CIA needs to be re-organized. CIA has become a "I think, therefore, I am" organization. It now believes it is an existence unto itself organization. It believes is it not a subordinate function of the Executive Branch of Government, but, equal to the Executive Branch of Government. The CIA was caught off guard when Iran fell, When the Russia and Berlin Wall fell, etc. CIA needs to be re-organized.

  2. Checkout your White House Communications or your COMM's people , a leftover from Obama and a good Friend of Hillary's from the State Department … .. . Eye see Spy , 72 E

  3. I love our President!! Thank you!!! Some could say he's ranting, but we all see this as amazing exposure we wanted so bad. And I love his ending statements lately! Can't wait for 2020.. And then the conference has an encore question, lol!!

  4. I feel any body bads mouth our president should be deported only in american they get away with this any country would of have them deported

  5. Every body always talking how trump did mot build the wall did they forgot how everybody went against him except americans

  6. Man I like Trump and will vote for him next year if there are no better options BUT… man does he remind me of a low i.q. construction worker… Generally loud and keeps repeating himself it gets really annoying and very hard to watch these "interviews".

  7. Polosi and many other Democrats are way more interested in misinformation. disinformation and lies than real problem solving that will benefit America ?

  8. they r bringing us to civil war more and more each day , every day it s something to divide , the economy and everything else isnt doing great , we r headed to a depression , look at stocks diving while hes talking .. hillarys sneaking in too

  9. california needs red blood cells not blue balls get it?!!! john cox where r u? my husband michael p pierce and i christine m pierce have your vote. governor give in nuisance should watch his step when dealing with our GOD given president Donald J Trump. mr President we have your back.

  10. Love you PRESIDENT TRUMP ALWAYS have & always WILL!! You HAVE DONE your BEST & still DOING it & it kills me inside-*that the Democrats & the fake news is NOT giving you credit *for ALL that you HAVE DONE to bring OUR COUNTRY- back to the way it's supposed to be!! GOD be WITH you *all the way*!!

  11. How many presidents have ruined careers like trump has. He has restored america back to the great country we are and I worry for what we have in store after he finishes his 2nd term.

  12. If I were one of the reporter, I'd ask…Mr prez, did u strong arm the prez of Finland today in ur private conversation with him today….the Finland Prez, did he he ask u for a personal favor?..

  13. 16:30 "You have corrupt media in this country, and it truly is the enemy of The People." SOOO true!!! The First Amendment was never intended to protect lies, but truth. May truth prevail and all liars be condemned!!!

  14. I can't take the democrats anymore, I say we become 1 leader socialist country and the leader should be our my president let's make Trump great and proud, for the survival of our country

  15. 4:55 Trump: I’m sorry to bother you with this Mr President cause we got got other things to talk about.

    Finland President: well i…*abruptly interrupted*

    Trump continues rant: Let me tell you….😂😂😂

  16. The President lost me when he started saying Pompeo was honourable and the best guy ever ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's right about San Francisco tho. And about the mainstream media.

  17. Trump in your next 4 years this country needs to implement tougher laws for the fake news and politicians. Stop this nonsense once and for all.

  18. Thats all dump do is call peoples names like a child. Dump is classless how the hell did this fool become presendent? Oh i forgot he had help from his friend putin…

  19. the president is not wrong at The whistleblower first of all those relating 2nd and information and does not deserve any kind of protection you can't be protected for reporting something you know nothing about.this supposed CIA agent that provided the information to The whistleblower on the other hand is guilty of spying on the president. Assuming it is some CIA agent stationed at the White House it is very unlikely they had any justifiable reason to look at the conversational transcripts of the president's phone call. That person is guilty of violating the espionage act and probably treason as well

  20. and the presidents also right they gave this embellished story about his phone call because they never expected him to release the transcript

  21. Please clarify your stand on the second amendment have you been derailed or do you believe this right shall not be infringed? What about due process?

  22. a lowlife? you put your hand on the president's knee and he swatted at leach. How embarrassing to call ppl lowlife in front of the European president…Gutter mouth.

  23. Shifty Schiff have to go! Why don’t you send him to North Corea where the rocket man will make him pay the way he wants like a swimming pool full of piranhas!

  24. Why these reporters have to continue asking the president about the stupid phone conversation in front of this President visiting USA! The dirty clothes have to be washed at home! But off course the demoRATS want the world to hate our President!

  25. Don't forget "Degenerate Scumbag," Mr. President. Because he (Schiff) is a Lowlife Degenerate Scumbag !!!

    It's OK to say it, because it's true… and if he doesn't want to be called a Lowlife Degenerate Scumbag, all he has to do is…
    Stop being a Lowlife Degenerate Scumbag… It's just that simple. ;-p

  26. He can carry my _ _ _ _ strap if he wants to… If he thinks he can get that right. (but I wouldn't count on it)

    Whoa whoa, hold on now… :- at least wait until I take it off there, Schiffty. (ya weaselly little freak)

  27. I think the identity of the Whistleblower should be known and then if somebody tries to strong arm him then you can go to the courts and pursue legal actions against them but I think the American people should know who the Whistleblower is especially when you're using that information for impeachment

  28. Finland , insignificant country ..totally corrupt by Georges Soros Open Society…stupid people , low IQ …do not expect anything from this country

  29. He's a man that tells it like it is, doesn't try to dress anything up. Honesty is a quality that can get you hurt in D.C..

  30. President of Finland is like that friend you bring to a party who doesn't know anyone and just kinda stands there by you

  31. Why does Trump hate Americans? Whenever any American expresses criticism or a differing or opinion, he, using his position as President of the United States of America, publically declares them to the world to be corrupt, untrustworthy, unfit, and often insults them with the use of childish name-calling. The only people he seems to have unwavering dedication to are autocrats, dictators, and oligarchs. As our President, shouldn’t his dedication to be us?

  32. The Democrats are after Trump,and he gives them a reason to go after him. Too bad he has all the bigots fooled. They turn a blind eye to all the scandals.

  33. Ummm… a portion of a conversation containing criminal information being exchanged between two world leaders can still be a crime… of course the Democrats want to win the 2020 Election– that's why they'll have a candidate running against you, and you clearly want to win too… I thought you didn't want the moat… wow you sound like a child with anger issues… you probably shouldn't be saying these things out loud… you just said you wanted those things with your moat, just said it… so I guess you're corrupt?…

  34. Whistle blowers should be protected really trump what about the man who helped you into office, remember wiki leaks. Turned you're back on him pretty quick you peace of american trash

  35. Why is he not in jail for treason why get on it for f*** sakes too many of these Liars scumbag treasonous wanting to break America let off the hook react arrest enough

  36. I live in Australia & I just love it when President Trump winds up & gives it to the Democrats. I really can't understand the mindset of hose who who soo er work against him, than work with him to get things done for all Americans.
    It's frustrating (even from the outside) watching the Democrats, particularly that old crow Pelosi, refusing to wake up & start contributing toward a better outcome for the people of America, whom they're supposed to working for.
    The whole world benefits from a strong America – may Donald Trump win again in2020.

  37. Finland is a happy country what can we learn from finland???? Trump: They don't have shifty shift and Nancy pelosi. Me: HAHAHA thug life

  38. Schitt is a traitor! The media is covering for him along with the leftist congress but he'll go down in history as one of the greatest cowardly traitors in American history…bank on it!

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