Trump compares post-Brexit Irish border issue to plans for US-Mexico wall

Trump compares post-Brexit Irish border issue to plans for US-Mexico wall

Well I appreciate it. The prime minister’s done
a fantastic job and we’ve become friends
over the last very short period of time. Great relationship to
Ireland, I think it’s as good as it’s ever been, maybe better
so it’s an honour to be here. We’ll be discussing
various things. Probably you’ll ask me
about brexit because I just left some very
good people that are very much involved
in brexit as you know and I think that’ll all work out,
it’ll all work out very well and also for you with your
wall, your border. We have a border situation
in the United States and you have one over
here but I hear it’s going to work out very well here. I think it’s both going
to work out well, it’s going to work out
very well here. The main thing we want to avoid
of course is putting a border or wall between … – I think you do,
I think you do. The way it works now is good, you
want to try and to keep it that way. I know that’s a big point of
contention with respect to Brexit is your border. I’m sure it’s going to
work out well. We’ll see what happens
over in the UK because that’s going to be
decision number one: who is going to be
prime minister and once that happens
that person will get in and try and make a deal. Maybe if they don’t make
a deal they do it a different way. I know one thing, Ireland’s
going to be in great shape.

89 thoughts on “Trump compares post-Brexit Irish border issue to plans for US-Mexico wall

  1. Hahaha he knows absolutely nothing about Irish politics and keeps going on about the UK.

    Way to stay relevant Ireland.

  2. "Indefinite alternative arrangements to provide an invisible and compliant border… without any need for new technology."
    I hereby retract my lol ERG, comparatively speaking ofc.

  3. LOL, the moment you realise the person spraying words about your country has no idea what's going on and you have to step in.

  4. Trump is a puppet for unelected spy agencies with REAL PROOF leaked at the story in my name. He's being used to do the government dirty work.

  5. "Great this. Great that." Why can't this man say anything that at best doesn't surpass the most mundane platitude and at worst makes no sense at all?

  6. Trump is such an embarrassment. You can tell he doesn’t know what the heck he is talking about? Who is advising him to say all this nonsense? Worse yet, is he so dumb that he can’t think for himself?

  7. He's like the political version of Mr Bean, only less likable. Does he think actively flaunting his ignorance around the world is going to play well at home or something?

  8. I have a wonderful relationship, they all love me, they think the relationship is great etc etc (everyone hates you)

  9. I love how he's meeting the Irish PM and he speaks about the UK mostly. I can hear the rage from Boston right now, those plastic paddys must be losing their little green minds.

  10. Not sure what the issue is, the border between the US and mexico is very busy and very large. If the US and Mexico can do this I don't see why it cannot be accomplished across the pond.

  11. Hah you're going to have a border wall're gonna have a border wall…you're gonna have a border wall.. you're gonna have a border wall… you're gonna have a border wall… you're gonna have a border wall… you're gonna have a border wall

  12. Yet more utter drivel by the Imebcile of the United States. I suppose Kellyanne Conway will spin it that Trump was suffering from jet lag from his journey from the UK to Ireland. 🤣

  13. This is just a blip in history, isn't it? This kind of idiocy isn't really the new norm, is it? Because it wears you down and you find yourself caring no more and not bothering to watch the news.

  14. Brexit and the American imbecile president are both Putin's greatest dreams come true. My apologies to the Irish Prime Minister for having to sit through that mindless drivel.

  15. Esquire magazine printed a great headline today, The President* is Traveling the World Finding New Problems to Make Worse"

  16. The subtleties of Trumps international negotiating tactics are apparently lost on the chattering masses.
    The US has a USD$12 Billion trade deficit with the Republic Of Ireland, facing a Brexit clusterfuck, Donald is going to steal some of the lucky charms back.

    Keep taking Donald Trump literally and laugh away. In his second term that deficit will be down to $6 Billion. And more Guinness will be flowing.

  17. "Everything will work out". Man how many times and in how many different ways can he say that? Does it seem like he is overdoing it just a bit and convincing no one?

  18. Thanks too all voters in US who voted Trump. Now you send your embarrassing uncle all over the world to make other state leaders feel they should rather quit their jobs then to go through that again.

  19. Donald Trump likens Irish border issue to wall between US and Mexico. Read more ►

  20. So post-Brexit cooperation between UK and USA. Free trade agreement and very strong border in Ireland….that is really sad.

  21. King Klown is really dumb and stupid. However could Americans elect this loser into office? His understanding of geopolitics is no better than a child's in elementary school!

  22. Trump's words in England; The Irish are going to pay the border wall ,,,,,, later on in Ireland; Let the British pay the border wall. I'll make a special deal if you buy Trump steel and concrete.

  23. this igonorant dude has absolutely no clue what he's talkinkg about.. There is NOwall in Ireland.. and there will never be one.. WTF

  24. This man needs to look more into Irish history and how all people are important
    Does he realise putting a wall between north and south would do…. it would end in a boom # united

  25. How anyone could be so ill prepared for the job on hand is beyond understanding. When is congress going to throw in the towel fot this draft dodging, misogynistic Orange painted crybaby lying excuse of a human.

  26. whenever I see Trump try and form a meaningful sentence I think "Ha! Americans are crazy to put him in charge" then I reality check the UK and start crying.

  27. Trump should ask his supporters to make a man wall, holding hands all along the border.. .. cheap, and everybody's happy

  28. Love Leo ! But needs to get a Business tailored suit not a off the rack one ,if only for when he is representing the country . If he did he may have looked more at ease in the chair / thrown he was given to sit in at Shannon Airport VIP Area !

  29. Speaks about the prime minister at dinner not realising he is in Ireland and the Prime Minister of Ireland is sitting next to him and was not invited !

  30. I wouldn't trust this dotard to organize a cribbage night at a Darby and Joan club…thought Mr Varadkar.

  31. See Leo the invert is scaremongering about brexit and the border , he's a fucken scumbag that represents Europe NOT EIRÉ… WE DID NOT VOTE FOR THAT MAN !!!

  32. I'm so glad that I'm no citizen of the USA.
    This crackpot makes a nuisance of himself domestically. This know-nothing is a major source of embarrassment abroad on a regular basis!

  33. Last night, a mexican man attempted to lift a Schwinn three wheeled bicycle from my porch and couldn’t succeed because it was chained…. I support the wall that will separate mexico from America

  34. Half of you are just sour. While you lot complain and stamp your feet the world is getting ing on with it. How many commwnts about the mexicans not paying anything? Well they are now.

  35. What's next_ a wall on Mars? He thinks the moon is part of that planet. I'm sorry but ANYONE still looking him re elected in 2020 is as barking as he is

  36. He should have just said I hope that we get our border in America and that I hope you don't get your border in Ireland. He made it sound awkward.

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