100 thoughts on “Trump denies fake 1991 call to reporter

  1. hole story is a desperate ploy of cnn and Washington post who has 20 people or more to invesgate trump all a joke

  2. Nobody cares "Clinton News Network". In fact I think it's hilarious he used to do this. Classic Trump.Trump2016

  3. Oh no 25 years ago he called a reporter under an alies to talk about a subject that means nothing. The conversation between trump and the reporter doesn't mean anything, just talking about his ex wife. I as a trump Supporter do believe it's him and think it was wrong of him to lie. However I couldn't give less of a shit about this. Trump made a bad choice to lie about this…. But at least his bad choices don't get American citizens killed in bengazi! #can'tstumpthetrump

  4. The tape is fucking doctored. It sounds so damn digitized. Trump has been warning Americans about globalism in interviews since 1980. If he's stepping up to the plate, it must be bad.

    Even if it wasn't fabricated, do you know how many people have that accent?

  5. cnn stop wasting your time the people talk about a presidential candidate being investigated by the feds heck you can't get hired at minimum wage job if you are under any type of investigation

  6. there going to throw all kinds of crap about trump into the public . evil is afoot nd is trying to divide the people

  7. It's obviously Trump. The guy is psycho, and yes this absolutely matters and is quite relevant because it's evidence of his character: deceitful, insecurely narcissistic, immature, underhanded — and just plain nuts. Anyone who supports him is a fucking idiot.

  8. And what was Hillary up to 25 years ago? Hmmm…..not a whole lot of "reporters" (witches…literally) investigating any wrongdoings of Hillary. The 'establishment" (aka the Church of Satan) is really exposing themselves; if anyone is unable to see their trickery and illusion…then they need their head check. No, Crowley's church from the 50's attended by politicians and entertainers, did not quietly close their doors and give up aspirations of corrupting and ruling the world.

  9. I remember now why I unsubscribed to CNN its because of stupid crap like this. They are so anti Trump and grab at straws in their constant boring attempts to defame him. Pathetic. They should concentrate on the real news and not their childish political agenda. Really dumb.

  10. When you think that the CNN propaganda/lies network hit the bottom you are always surprised that they can fall even deeper. Anyone who take anything that this Goebles kind propaganda machinery produces seriously, should examine his/her mental status.

  11. This is good news for trump. Keeps him in the media Spotlight and in the minds and hearts of people. Also he may have released this and faked it himself. He may have released this just to divert the WSJ to himself. True genius!

  12. wow, cnn is sooooooo stupid for reporting on this.. is this really a story? do they not have any valid stories of essence to write about? I could have farted a better story in my sleep.

  13. MSNBC reporters are actually shaking with anger over this. How pathetic. It has really come to this. It almost makes me wonder if CNN wants Trump to gain support with hilariously bad not even news worthy reporting. Ha even if it is him , it is still so unworthy of being discussed in 2016 it is just laughable. And I do not even LIKE trump ha.

  14. This reminds me of when Hillary Clinton defended the child rapist and
    accused a 12 yo girl of being a whore…or when Bill Clinton would fuck
    children on convicted child sex traffickers Jeffrey Epstein's private
    jets and island.


  16. Trump butt hole lickers get pissed because this story is in the past yet Trump constantly brings up old stories about Bill Clinton and they consider it ok..

  17. Trump is truly a terrible human being. Trump is anti gay, racist, and anti lgbtq+. He is scary and he needs to be stopped. I hope to god he gets sent away far away

  18. you people dont get it, do you? what normal person does that? that,s the problem, he is a disturbed person with a lot of character flaws. Hillary is no diferent but that doesnt make him eligeble.

  19. It's not just the same voice, he also speaks the same way with the same kinds of sentences he always uses. Says "tremendous" a lot or "in terms of women" and in general uses a lot of needless words with a very limited vocabulary.

  20. Hey, this is awful and mean. CNN is fake news. I work for Donald Trump and Donald Trump is intelligent and handsome and a great kisser. The best kisser.
    A tremendously rich and cool guy. The least conceited guy you'll ever meet. Donald Trump is rated the best president in history.
    Donald Trump pledged $10,000 to every orphan. In conclusion, Donald Trump is the coolest.
    From: Donald Trump's intern who you've never heard of, don't try and contact me.

  21. It's actually hilarious how many people who think they are smart are conned by Trump. He's a low-level con artist backed up by wealthy people who realize just how stupid people really are.

  22. Look, only a total self absorbed narcissist would impersonate someone and then talk about themselves in this manner. Trump has, all his life, tried to be the cool guy and all the money in the world still can’t make that happen. He always rubs everyone the wrong way eventually and he’s always lied, about every and anything.

  23. He's such a big liar that I can't stand even listening to his constant lies. He needs to be put in a psych ward. He's a lying piece of shit. Listen to him here. He really believes his own lies.

  24. Piece of shit. He thinks he's so smart but in reality he's lost in his own head. He's the worst president this country has ever elected, if he really was fairly elected. I doubt he won the general election legitimately. The mere mention of the Russians wanting him elected means they probably had the election fixed. How else could such a loser win the election?

  25. >tremendously

    yup that's trump. This fucking guy has the audacity to pose as a publicist saying all the women are calling about him lmao.

  26. Big surprise. This man denies everything. Of course it's him he did kind of crap all of the time about money and women.

  27. trumpass has always been lying. I can easily tell that they are the same barbiedoll from the same pussy.

  28. People… the reporter who made the interview stated that there was TWO copies of the call on cassette, that she had one and he had the other. She said the interview aired eventuality without her copy. Meaning… the Donald released it (her words). DJT is the master troller of the media.

  29. If it aint Trump then he has him down pat. That is the genius about him. He is the President of a Lifetime. Im 39 and America has never done this good. Low taxes. Wall going up. He just needs Barr to start a real investigation into hillary and her factual ties to Putin.(she got 145 million from ppl in the Uranium one deal and all tied to Putin and the FBI was aware Russia was blackmailing ppl tied to her).(Would you be mad if you found out Donald Trump acid washed subpeonead email servers,blackberries, and deleted over 30,000 emails, all while selling 20% of American Uranium to our "Liberal confirmed" sworn enemy Russia all while getting paid 145 million dollars to your "foundation"? The money came from his pals tied to Uranium One and PUTIN himself?) I hope so. I would be.

  30. Of course it's Trump. He's shallow and shameless enough to pretend to be someone else just to brag about himself. How embarrassing. What a tiny, tiny little man he is.

  31. Donny…not only is he not a billionaire but his entire life is basically a gumbo of deception, media manipulation and premeditation….

    THAT I can tell you.

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