Trump predicts impeachment fight will go to US Supreme Court

Trump predicts impeachment fight will go to US Supreme Court

100 thoughts on “Trump predicts impeachment fight will go to US Supreme Court

  1. Democrats are doing an unfair, imbalanced, secretive, behind-closed-doors, one-sided, PARTIZAN coup attempt, NOT an impeachment. As long as they don't vote on the Congress floor, there would be zero cooperation with their illegal subpoenas, and the Supreme Court will back it up.

  2. Administration ignoring the constitutional authority of Congress, regardless of what you think of their inquiry, they have the absolute right to do it, as granted to them by the constitution.

    Imagine Bill Clinton pulling the same thing during his impeachment, "I don't recognize their authority, so I'm not going to comply" this sets an awful precedent

  3. Going to be fun to watch ! Meanwhile we will win by a major landslide in 2020 and all is good. CNN gets sanctioned and shut down as does MSNBC for conspiracy to incite riots and civil war! Telling lies to deceive the people will end you and thank god. Get ready for all the lawsuits and we will love watching you go down.

  4. They fbi fkkkks during edgar hoover used tax to combat and bring down al capone and gangs so being dumb and fkkks as they are, they are using tax on Trump bcoz their prophet used that method.

  5. its not impeachment until there is a vote, what is this???? vote, then disclosure can begin, why not???? is it a crime to endlessly investigate a citizen? a active CIA agent, on US soil, acted against an American citizen, with hearsay evidence??? so wrong on so many levels.

  6. Great Idea. Now let's have both Fox News and MSNBC gamble on it. If Trump gets impeached, Fox News has to close their doors. If Trump is not impeached, MSNBC must shut their doors. This bet should go on until 2024 or until Trump leaves the White House.

  7. Constitution says that congress has ultimate authority in Impeachment.
    Nothing to do with the courts. But Trump being clueless is nothing new.

  8. Impeachment is going to be expedited. For the first time trump makes it above 50 % in a poll. Haha 😂 58 % Americans support the impeachment and removal of individual 1!! Haha 😂 ⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸

  9. This Fox News junk is unbelievable. Nothing is said when a vote goes to the floor, the accused is given FULL discovery, which also involves the accused issuing subpoenas. Stupid Pelosi caved to the far left fruitcakes and they are now backed into a corner. The LAST thing she wants is a floor vote. But you would never know it watching this Fox News garbage. That left wing DC Sewer rat talks about the rights of the congress but completely ignores the rights of the accused. Again, you would never know the rights of the accused watching this Fox News trash.

  10. Whitewater barrel's on world barrel rates and exchange of forex stock exchange with the planned reserves for plantation. Illegal plantation of cocoa field's in scammed lands, open field's.

  11. The day after meeting with Giuliani 2 of Trumps criminal associates were caught fleeing the country. Fox News is lying to you. Nothing will happen to Biden. Giuliani injail by year’s end. No way trump will win re-election. %58 of the country supports full impeachment. Why let this network lie to you. Why? You fools.

  12. The swamp is afraid of his investigation into the 2016 election meddling, where the Russian hoax originated, corruption in the DNC colluding with Ukrainian people, Crowdstrike, Burisma, and several BILLIONS of US taxpayer money gone missing in the Ukraine and dispersed offshore.

  13. Next time anyone gets arrested for obvious crimes they should try the Trump defence. “All the evidence makes me look guilty so I shouldn’t be arrested”

  14. De Evolution is Real From JFK to Obama and Please watch The Video That Predicted Presdent Trump Victory from 2016
    Called It's All DEVO by Jerry Casale With Phunk Investigation
    Drain The Swamp
    Drain The Swamp
    Drain The Swamp!

  15. They're just upset cuz Republicans have all the proof of the dirty money laundry that Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats have been doing for decades

  16. What a moron. SCOTUS has nothing to say here. Congress subpoenas and if WH does not comply, then it's another article of impeachment for obstruction.

  17. Why don't US media connect Trump's election promises to Putin's benefits of each promise? Maybe Trump's base would see the logic if studying the overall agenda. Soviets have a tradition in mentoring/sponsoring leaders like Trump. He's nothing unique. Just like any dictator.

  18. the ukraine goverment would and do have immunity against prosicution just like all goverments do so i would invite him too testify and invoke his own immunity of his country in america

  19. This isn't about impeaching Trump. They will never get that right and they know it. This is about creating so much controversy around Trump that would effect him in 2020.
    i hope Dems don't win this fight.

  20. The enemy try to ruin America taking people who are opposers, complainers, idiots, new immigrants from the third word, and popularized-corrupted politicians. The true wise and patriots support Trump.

  21. This is not good for the American people! Democrats just need to do the job they were elected for.🇺🇸🇺🇸😃

  22. Scientists estimated that, if temperatures only rose 2 C, global gross domestic product would fall 15%. If temperatures rose to 3 C, global GDP would fall 25%. If nothing is done, temperatures will rise by 4 C by 2100. Global GDP would decline by more than 30% from 2010 levels. That's worse than the Great Depression, where global trade fell 25%. The only difference is that it would be permanent.

  23. Democrats are not accustom to a good Republican fight. Getting their nose bloodied. Bout to get some bones broken if they don’t back off.

  24. saving is difficult, spending is easy, build a house is hard and take months, demolish is easy just need few hours, clean and dirty, hard working and lazy, …. things that toward positive seem to need more effort to achieve. nasty and bad people have unhealthy thinking and moral, because their own preference is they not require to do much but still have reasonable return. if they want $1000 instead of working hard on winning just 1 contract, they quote a very good prices $100 for their work and accept as many job as possible, let say 50. off course either can run away with $5000 which more than what they original want, or spend very little time on every jobs with bad result. their barbaric attitude together victims good well nature, all accept 50% refund, the bad guy till end up with 2500. what i need to say is, when someone in this kind of mind set, the progress, the journey they have no concern at all any human or animal be hurt or killed whatever.. in their mind just a paths, steps needed to get what they expected and wanted, bad or lower result is almost impossible for them accept. How they took the 2016 election result?
    ***dems cities never improving, they mostly stay and remain, then dirty and run down. all on the negative=less effort or even no effort needed to achieve=dems lazy but they want the rest of their life living in millionaire lifestyle. need lot of victims then… sure… these victims not knowing that anything missing to make their life better are paying for dems luxury living.

  25. President Trump will expose them all, the world's greatest President ever, no one shall lay a ginger on this man ,he's a Stelfbummer .

  26. That's how stupid trump is…The Supreme Court stays out of Impeachments. It's totally a Congress endeavor. trump should learn his Civics.

  27. Lets build concentration camps for the trumpsters, all off them! Separate the families, have them taste the poison they spread! Lets get it over with!

  28. There is no impeachment inquiry until there’s a vote in the house. If necessary let it go to the Supreme Court. The whole impeachment fantasy is already falling apart. No wonder the democrats don’t want a vote. There must rules and precedence to follow to be fair. The democrats would be the first ones to scream about the rule of law.

  29. The subpoenas are not valid since Congress hasn’t opened a real impeachment inquiry. The Democrats continue to use threats and intimidation. Next they’ll want to waterboard the witnesses in that room in the Capitol.

  30. IF Trump is able to get off because of this ultimately going to the Supreme court and they let him off, than its proof that corruption rules in this country.

  31. Thank goodness we have Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. RBG will die soon so another Trump appointee. We have the deck stacked. Over hero Trump will be here forever.

  32. The Democrats are sending letters not supeonas, NOT SUPEONAS…..Many of the Democrats you see lying on TV will be the ones under arrest.

  33. Didn’t do that to Lois Lerner, Eric Holder and a host of others. This Ca. Rep. Wants this..Let’s see if me has connections to George Soros.

  34. The point is to ensure that Trump is recorded in history as an Impeached President and a lesson for what not to do for future Presidents. He will leave the WH sooner or later in any case, so that's not the point. Given his mental health decline …

  35. The "fair shake" Trump wants happens during trial in the Senate, not the House investigation. You think a DA building a case before trial is supposed to give the suspect a "fair shake"? Where does this idea even come from?

  36. Probably will go to the Supreme Court. But he will win. Why? Because the Democrats are subverting the law and rejecting our constitution. No way are they going to put Trump out of office. So Vote Trump in 2020. Get these bastards the hell out of office. Burn the Democrats at the polls.

  37. I hope the impeachment fight will go to the Supreme court, soon! It would be better for Trump in the 2020 presidential election. If it does not Hillary will have several, point-your-finger, allegations, even though untrue, to bring up to voters.

  38. i dont think any testimony given to date is not admisable as its a before the vote and any that was in congress had illegal summons .as there was no vote or representative to cross examine and must be excluded due to non due process. its fruit of a poisonous tree. testimony that is non partisan of both sides

  39. ALL HE HAS TO DO IS COOPERATE. Any law professor with half a brain will tell you that deliberate obstruction and refusal to cooperate at this level constitutes High Crimes. Obstruction of Justice. If we ignore subpoenas – we go to jail. Contempt of court, failure to appear, obstruction of justice. Trump has never cooperated, he acts like he is above the law. He's tried to turn the DOJ into his own personal law firm.

  40. CROOKED, LYING, COMRADE trump will be IMPEACHED and out on his nose shortly with the BLESSING of the Supreme Court!!!!

  41. Funny how Pelosi has been saying "nobody is above the law, including the president". Funny how she leaves out the part "unless you are a Democrat, and especially if you are running for president". Trump asks for "a favor", and they scream "unlawful, we must impeach". Biden extorts money and threatens to withhold money if they don't die the guy investigating his son, and the dems say "that's been debunked long ago"

  42. and all the little "WEASELS" will scurry like Rats back to their little nests, & wait to Pounce on we the people at the 1st weakness of we the people!

  43. Supreme Court of the United States, they should just call it the Court of Supreme Political Hacks. The Supreme Court is a farce.

  44. You people do realize that these Foxnews comments are being flooded with Russian Bots that have taken over your minds and you all fell face first into their setup… America is a country of laws and NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW…. Not even your GOD Trump…. I'm sure there are thousands of petty crooks running around that are smarter than this IDIOT we have in OUR White House… Wake Up people…..

  45. There was not a single president who was ever impeached
    They tried on nixon
    But he ressigned before the impeachment

  46. Also President Trump has the Military that he has the power to hand over the government to the Military. The house dems might not want to play hardball with President Trump because I have a feeling the military would back him up in this situation with no questions ask.

  47. Democrats have wanted to impeach Trump from the day he walked in the door. Their intent is either undo the 2016 election or damage his chances of re-election in 2020. As such, it it is purely political and an abuse of power. The House should take the vote so Trump can use campaign adds to target anybody in swing states who votes for impeachment.

  48. Keep up the stupid crap and the people themselves may rise up. Democrats are surely going to lose the house next vote. Just do your job and leave the president alone to do his

  49. Trump means the Supreme Court he has created to help protect him. Kavanaugh will of course do his best. You would think that with Trump's lifelong history of being a crooked self obsessed liar and with all the lies and garbage that comes out of his mouth every day even Trump sheep would be intelligent enough to recognise him as the lying conman he has always been.

  50. If they can do this to a sitting President, think only of what they can do, to we the people!!! Think about it!!! *Elaine *

  51. I think it is the for Americans to stop and think why 52 percent of Americans want him out…. think about his past with women….. business practices and how he treats former cabinet members and how he treats his country's allies and how he acts around his country's enemies ??? 🇷🇺🤔🇷🇺 Of course he loves my country's leader V.Putin President of Russian Federation !!!!!!!!!

  52. Why are democrats wasting time with this?

    when they could be making and passing a bill on improving the housing conditions for so called Asylum-seekers that they care so much about?

  53. Demons always use smoke and mirrors to act as though everyone is as guilty and lawless as they . Lawless lawmakers whats the dems turned into ? Enemies of the USA . Guess they thought their last leader was telling the truth that america is not a christian nation , well in 2016 we proved that liar wrong , those that accepted the dark are not just still in it they gone blind (reprobated minds) against the light . Patriotism is godly they have said change from Christianity to any god and leave it at home . We have said (not just Trump)you demon possessed baby killing God haters are going down . So keep on digging yourselves into a pit , keep on falling into the snares you set for all trying to uphold USA as it was founded .

  54. If the House send unfounded articles of impeachment to the senate the SCOTUS can and will agree with the senates refusal to entertain the articles ???

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