100 thoughts on “Trump secretary who was fired via tweet speaks out

  1. 'Chaos' – a word that is strongly associated with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). 

    And there's a pretty simple explanation for why chaos goes hand in hand with narcissists: adults with NPD (narcissists) are emotionally immature, their emotional growth was stunted at an early age. So, although they may have adult bodies, they are not actually 'adults' in any way except physically. 

    So for the average person, it's not that easy to spot them right away. Unless you're familiar with NPD, that is – in which case you can often spot them pretty early on. 'Chaos' is one dead give away, though not at all times – it is most likely to manifest when things in the narcissist's life start falling apart or going uncontrollably downhill (separation/divorce – IF they weren't the ones to initiate it… getting 'caught out' in shady or illegal dealings… facing impeachment (!)….. and so on).

  2. trump is creating a hostile work environment ..and showing drama drama drama.. so we won't notice his crooked illegal backstabbing UN-AMERICAN schemes..well trump..I got news for you..we see you ! Some of us have always seen you for what you are…. They say drain the swamp..in trump's case..take out the trash ! In Nixon's time the W.H. was marched around and around..day and night..impeach Nixon..if I had the money to do it..I would be there marching and protesting ..impeach trump on my sign and blowing a whistle !!!

  3. Privatizing the VA should have a corollary of privatizing the military attached to it. Cannot afford to give care and aid to those damaged by the government's directives then you have to pay for a military corp up front. Private armies can charge what ever fee they wish and set terms of service.

  4. Shulkin said in 2018: "Privatization is a political issue aimed at rewarding select people and companies with profits, even if it undermines care for veterans." That's why Trump didn't want him around any more. Trump is all about profits over people.

  5. I can’t wait to see how many movies will be made about trump and his presidency and all the drama that goes on every day!

  6. Yeah, well the VA was always the last choice of medical treatment by veterans hell medical assistance was more comprehensive care then anything the VA had to offer since korean war. So don't expect em to have much support for them now with a new generation of wounded.

  7. Need proof that trump is the worst president? Look no further than his old cabinet. There’s a lot of them and singing like canaries.

  8. Please stop using the words: Chief, Commander, President when talking about Trump. None of these words apply to the dumbass in the WH at moment! Its chaos. A complete shambles, all driven by the imbecile at the top! Sack him, then lock him up!

  9. Privatization=welfare for the rich investors. And that is a tool for oligarch building. I'm an old vet, who loves his VA care, as it is now. I was not the happiest camper, so to speak, as I was drafted. But looking back, those two years, of active duty, made me a better person. And now having good healthcare of the VA, has enriched my senior years.

  10. Trump announced today that the constitution is a phoney especially the emoluments clause. Is there no adult in the room guiding this incompetent President through the office of the President and its responsibilities?

  11. BS you did nothing for the VA, the VA need to be completely undo and rebuilt!! To many veterans commiting suicide, get over yourself!

  12. Just get the impeachment started already!
    I'm getting sick of hearing about how outrageous he is.
    Kicking a dead horse … spineless chicken shit republicans, all know he's CRAZY! How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

  13. Mr bone spur said he bring the troops home to our great country American but instead he sending them to hell in Iraq.

  14. If you guys get what you want and Trump out of the whitehouse which democrat are you putting in there of coarse excluding a few who will probably wind up in jail when the dust clears. I don’t see a single one who will not sink our economy and get us into what may be the last war we will ever see. Just think about that for 1 second. Would love to hear a name of who you trust.

  15. But dude couldn’t just come out and say “no” I won’t be voting for Trump… sad.

    I was thinking of buying the book. No thanks.
    Why can’t people just speak the truth.. all so you won’t bash him and maybe not sell a few books to his rabid fans. Money money money.

    He was so credible til he couldn’t answer the question.

    All of them …WEAK!

  16. Sad to see Shulkin still unable to find his spine + balls to objectively call out PAB45 like Admiral McRaven. As the title of your own book says Dave, "it shouldn't be this hard to serve your country". 😰

  17. This is why the majority of the Homeless are Vets!! Fired this guy and hired Non-VA folks to RUN the VA!!! ENOUGH OF THIS UNQUALIFIED MESS!!

  18. This lunatic president had no idea or wanted to learn how this country works, Trump is an inept glorify slum lord in a suit with a slumlord mentality and he has turn the WH along with the republican senate and congress into a slum and a swamp.

  19. The symbolic and typical thing about Trump administration is exactly the same as the corporate corrupt environment, where all the corrupt and criminal behaviour are encouraged and promoted from the top. That way, white collar crimes would be encouraged from inside and inside the culture, the absolute loyalty is required of all the employees, in order to stay with the corporation. The same culture has been created by Trump.

  20. So is this the new normal? Support Trump, get a job at the WH, get fired, write a book to tell everyone it's crazy and chaotic there? I think I'll save myself a few bucks. We all know it's crazy and chaotic. This is getting old.

  21. "FIRED BY TWEET"….
    that alone is proof Trump is completely unqualified & far too stupid to even be the POTUS….
    the MAGA Cult voters have tragically failed America & the entire World.

  22. I have nothing but sympathy for our civil servants. But, the administration running these departments – starting with Mr. Trump – is doing its best to ruin them and the departments they work for. It's a tragedy, because bright and talented people will be reluctant to go to work for the government. There appears to be an effort to privatize everything, and there's a word for the coalescence of corporation and government – fascism.

  23. Trum is a business man. That's all he knows. He is trying to run the government as if it is one of his business. The business world is not a democracy. If there is a decision to take it is up to the president of the company to do it. You won't ask a vote to know if cutting jobs to reduce cost labor to you worker. You take the decision and that's it. Too bad if it is an incovenience. However running a gouvernment is totally different. Your decision could have repercution to all our lives and you have to be careful on what kind of decisions you will take and that is why you are surrunded by people that can advise you. Trump, however, refuses to change that. For him, it is his business to run. He is the president of an enterprise not a government. That's why he did what he did up to know. But it is the wrong way of doing thing when you run a gouverment, you have to listen, you have to get advise before you do something and find out if your are going to create a problem worst than it was. The Syria situation is a good example in our face that Donald Trump does not listen. The advisers are only symbolic they are useless, What Trump says is what you do like in his businesses. You do a mistake, you are out. This President is above making mistakes, he never did any mistakes and when he does he will find a scapegoat to bare the shame. If something good was done, He is the one that did meaning he will take all the credits for himself even if he was never envolved in the matter. For him as he is the President of the United States he has unlimited power but that it is not how the constitution of the United States works. Before running, he sould have learned how the constitution works and then run for the presidency. Now it is improvisations.

  24. Pathetic.

    It's so bad he had to write a book but couldn't bring himself to say "don't vote for him".

    Just like all the other Trump rejects that have put their own political interests above the country's.

    Trying to have it both ways.

    Who would want to read his beige recollections and anodyne anecdotes?

  25. I heard a Veteran who went to his local hospital to get a update of his file, with name, fingerprint, and birthdate. After the update the administration said here is your check, the Vet said what check, they were issuing checks to shadow people within the administration and had boxes full of checks going to people within the Veterans Administration.

  26. As a kid I visited my uncle at two VA's in the 70s and 80s. They were subpar back then. They deserve better care and everyone knows it. Shame on ALL the previous administrations.

  27. trumptards approach in delicate situations, problem solving, boils down to toddler behavior trump mad, trump smash, trump not do bad stuff.

  28. Privatize so someone can use a business model to profit from those who served our country and made sacrifices. Disgusting concept. Scrimp on benefits to boost revenue, the source of which would be even more tax money to provide profit. Makes no sense.

  29. He has someone trying to fill his pockets with this VA. And PROOF THIS POS doesn't care for veterans!! He's a traitor!! Damn it if a veteran follows this POS can kick rocks!
    He tries to take credit for the Choice Program! Lie!
    Speak it!! I'll buy it. John Kasich has a book, I'm sure it's great. He needs to run for president! And I'm a Dem. More for the correct. Like FREE solar and wind.
    Yes, felons can vote, put my life on the line for freedom and rights. Look at the dictator countries. Want to be like them? This trash needs to be_______.
    That's what we used to do to traitors, espionage back in the day!
    Only the Senate approved their defense budget- VFW. The house approved sent amendments. Senate didn't pass those on to be signed.
    Over 200 bills sitting on Mckremlin's desk? He's up for reelection and against a Marine! Get him out, damn dinosaur. Graham is also.
    * Carpool, church van, I'm going to do that. Work the polls, easy money especially if you have voters. Long day, but worth it.

  30. It’s laughable how people still say “Trump’s leadership” and “Trump’s administration.”. The man cannot even put together and keep his own cabinet.

  31. Kinda like your disgusting corporate cable "news" propaganda machines for rich, old, racist, sleazebag men. Sinclair group buying up all the cable except leaving fox for creepy Rupert Murdoch and the rest of them. Protecting your ad revenue from health insurance piranha's and pushing legalized drugs really has you guys sweating! Tapper, you're a piece of shit.

  32. Well, his old lawyer did tell all of you, he implies and suggest to get it done then throw you under the bus. Ttump is so evil

  33. Good point. Whether you support Trump or not, he's created such a 'toxic environment', in Washington and throughout the country, that he should go, get someone fresh in there, even if its another Republican.
    Trump has stirred up so much hate and division, I don't think he deserves to be President anymore. The POTUS should 'unify' the country, not tear it apart!

  34. “Is it safe to say that you won’t be voting for President Trump in 2020?” That’s the kind of crap that makes me NOT want to watch CNN! Just report the actual news!

  35. Sounds typical of a royal court, high intrigue, back-stabbing, competition – all fighting amongst themselves, always what brings down the greedy and dishonest. I think its just a show to distract us all from something very sinister.

  36. I wish these people would stop writing books and start testifying on record if they are a witness to illegal acts……………….

  37. I'm not a Trump supporter butTapper isn't interviewing David Shulkin…he's often leading and putting words in Shulkin's mouth.

  38. They never criticize wrong doing when they are in the boat. Only when they are booted out. They have no spine to call a spade a spade but they do call a spade a big spoon when they are with trump. Am not reading such a book. Am sorry. I dont know how this man can look in the face of his grandchildren

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