Truth Or Dare || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Truth Or Dare || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

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I’ve stopped drinking alcohol long back. You’re my only love. Why wouldn’t I
quit drinking after you asked me to? Sweety, some jerk is at the door,
I’ll call you back in a while. Hello, uncle! You’re looking for someone?
– Hi! Aren’t you the only bachelor in this apartment? Yes, uncle. Could I get a drink?
– ‘He’s here to cause a ruckus.’ I’m afraid, I don’t don’t drink.
– Okay, bye. Bye, bye. May I know, who’re you?
– I live nearby. ‘Why is she calling me back again?’
– Is it your girlfriend? No-No, uncle.
– It’s okay, take her call. She ain’t any girlfriend. We’re friends.
– Why’d you tell that to me anyway? Truth or dare?
– Truth. Isn’t she your girlfriend?
– Yeah, she is. I know. I was a bachelor too.
– It’s your turn now. Truth or dare?
– Truth. Tell me, what brings you here?
– I was at a wine shop. I wanted to get drunk today at any cost.
Don’t know when would I again get to drink. Get drunk by today, why’s that?
– Because my wife would be back home. A wine shop might run dry
but a bachelor pad would have alcohol 24*7. Once my wife’s home, bachelor in me
would be replaced by the husband. True, chum.
– Chum? Aren’t you a bachelor for today, chum?
– “We’re bachelors!” BTW, what do you do?
– I’ve recently completed my studies, uncle. I trying hard to get me a job
from two big companies. I’ll join one of them. One minute. Truth or dare?
– Truth. Now, tell me.
– I’m failing to get a job. I’m struggling to meet ends.
I pity myself. Let’s move on. Truth or dare?
– Truth. So, have you got any beautiful daughters?
– Yeah, I’ve got a daughter. Why’d you ask? Why don’t you introduce us to each other?
– But you already have a girlfriend. You can’t flush with hearts and diamonds. Truth or dare?
– Truth. The craziest thing you ever did
after being intoxicated? I won’t tell you that,
I’ll rather dare this time. I dare you to say the truth.
– Once, I was at my ex’s home. And I, at the enterance,
emptied my tank. Truth or dare?
– Truth. Why do you always pick ‘Truth’? Anyways, does
your daughter look like you or your wife? My wife.
– That’s good. Did you say something?
– Nope. Truth or dare?
– Truth. Aren’t you a playboy?
– Well.. Don’t shy away, you chose truth. How do you
keep it a secret from your girlfriend? Do you want to copy my idea
and use it against your wife? Stop laughing and tell me already.
– That isn’t a difficult art. How’d she know what I’m up to?
Even if she calls me now.. Look, it’s her.
Hello, dear! I’m busy with work.
I’ll talk to you later, bye. This is how you manage things. Truth or dare?
– Dare. Oh, dare!
Give me your daughter’s number. Why are you after my daughter?
– C’mon! You chose to dare. You shall share it with me.
– Write it down. 9 8 4 8 0..
– It’s my girlfriend’s number. Hello.
– Hello! Hey, baby.
– I’m not your baby. I’m your dad. ‘Is he Sweety’s dad?’
– He ain’t an ideal guy for you. Break up with him. Truth or dare?
– Dare. If you ever dare to date my girl,
you won’t be around to date anyone. Byee! Hi, guys! If you like this video, please
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