TV Reporter Lee Thomas Has Been Hiding His Secret For 10 Years!

Hi! There`s hardly a human who`d be completely
satisfied with their looks. And it turns out that celebrities are the
ones who suffer most from those little imperfections in regards to their looks. It`s because they
are always in the center of attention. Millions of eyes follow them most of their lives. Angelina
Jolie for example thinks that her lips look like pillows. Linda Evangelista can`t seem
to tolerate her own pointy nose. Spanish macho Enrique Iglesias hated his mole so damn much
that he finally got rid of the little sucker. Kristen Stewart openly admits that she hates
her own ears and that she thinks they are croissants. And Julia Roberts once said that
every time she looks in the mirror, she sees a skinny, scary woman with terrible tea bags
under her eyes. But all of that is nothing compared to vitiligo.
And Fox News TV reporter and Emmy awards winner Lee Thomas should know. Ever since Lee was a little kid he knew he
wanted to be a reporter. So he followed his dream and it worked. Later in 1994 he was
diagnosed with vitiligo – a permanent skin disease that messes up your pigmentation.
Basically, vitiligo is when huge chunks of skin turn dairy white. No one seems to know
what causes this weird alteration but it seems like it`s some sort of an odd incurable genetic
mutation. It didn`t entered Lee`s mind at first to openly
talk about his condition. He wasn`t ready to give up his rapidly growing career that
was yet to reach it`s peak. Which is why only the closest friends and family members knew
about Lee`s cleverly concealed chops and changes. Over the course of his successful career,
Lee used to work in a lot of places. He used to be a radio host and a news reporter for
various networks in both New York and Los Angeles. During the years of hard work and
complete dedication, Lee was able to gather a considerable number of loyal followers.
All thanks to his whimsical manners and explicit charisma.
Nobody knew how unbelievably hard it was for Lee to maintain his character. At the same
time, no one could really tell that Lee had an incurable skin ailment. Lee used to spend
long hours preparing, putting on makeup on both of his hands and face.
This couldn`t go on forever and sometime around 2005 Lee Thomas took of his camouflage. And
the viewer saw what the man really looked like. The reaction was warm and unexpected.
For many weeks Lee was getting emails of people who felt the same way as the man himself.
Many of them suffered vitiligo just as much. At that point Lee realized that he could help
all these people. The kindhearted reporter started attending
all sorts of dermatology-related gatherings where he shared his experience of vitiligo.
He traveled the world, showing people his face, talking about the disease. He also took
part in many charity events organized to support people with vitiligo around the world.
During time, the host figured that it was the disease that helped him realize his full
potential. These days Lee works on Fox News and his colleagues
show him sympathy. He keeps on putting on the makeup. He says he does that to make sure
people are focusing on the news rather than his unusual looks.
Oddly enough vitiligo helped Lee fully realize that he`s in fact an African American. That`s
what he says anyway. In conclusion, Lee was hiding vitiligo for
10 years straight. If that doesn’t make you wanna show the man some respect then I
don`t know what`s wrong with you. Not many people in the world are this passionate about
their craft. He also had the courage to show his face to the world and it turned out to
be the right move. Because now many people around the world can associate their names
with the one great and very brave man, Lee Thomas.
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