Types Of Eaters in Restaurant || Araathi || Tamada Media

Where do I sit? Get me the menu card. List out the items that you have. This looks like a big hotel. And the items are too costly. I am very hungry and should eat well. Bring all the items in the menu card. Get me a chicken Biryani. Hey! Pour some water. Get me a chicken Biryani. How many of you are there? Only me. Only one person right.Yes. She has also come alone. And she has ordered only one biryani. If you wait for 5 minutes she will eat and go. She will eat it all at once I guess. Oh God! Looks like my pant got torn. She is pissed off. You eat with as much noise as you can She is very clever. Where are you going? To take my order. She will eat only this go and bring it. Why? Listen to me. Go and bring this. You are jealous because I will get more tips. Nothing like that. No. Let me go take the order. No need Menu card. Just tell me what you have. In starters we have a lot of meat items What do you want from this? But you didn’t list out the main course. We have chicken , mutton and fish Biryani in the main course. We also have Kuska. What do you want from this? You didn’t list out the dessert. In desserts we have Vanilla ice cream , strawberry and black current. We also have falooda. What do you want from this? Ok. I will have a chicken Biryani. He already warned me. I should have listened to him. This seems like a big hotel. Even the items are costly. Tell me what you want? How much is a chicken Biryani? Why are you shocked? Never mind. You go and bring it. Here is the chicken Biryani. Hey Madan. Come here. How are you? I am fine. How are you? I am good. Did you eat? No. Tell me. Shall I bring something for him? Get him a plate. Just a plate is enough. Yes. Eat well. You have become thin. Leave the plate there itself. Is that enough? Eat well. I should look for one more person. I saw you last week. Looks like you haven’t eaten well. Sit there. Tell me. Should I bring something for him? Plate right I will bring it. The plate is for you. Do you need anything else? My money is not enough even if 3 people share the bill. Eat well. I saw you long time ago Sit down. Is this enough? Eat the food. I already kept all the plates on the table. What else do you need? You also join us. Why? I have only 30 rupees. You told me Chicken Biryani is 150 rupees. Only if 5 people share it will come to 150 rupees. Get me a chicken Biryani. You forgot to bring raita and Brinjal. I will bring it right now. You are late. It’s ok. Bring some Kuska to eat along with this. Keep that here. You are always late. It’s ok. Bring some Brinjal and raitha for this. Atleast bring this fast. Water is not there. This is your plan right. I will never come near your table. Here is your Raitha. This looks Yummy. She is ordering a lot. She is still eating that one Biryani. She will take time to eat. Atleast let me look at the food. I am feeling full
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Hey! Tell me madam. Give that to me. I will stand and eat. This belongs to the customer. It’s already half eaten. I don’t mind. I am hungry. Just wait for 5 minutes. You will get your table. She will eat the whole day. Let’s Eat. 2 Butter Naan. Soup and a Biryani. A special chicken Biryani for me. 2 Garlic Naan. and 2 Chappathi. Chettinad Chicken for me. Hey! Tell me Madam Don’t bring all at once. Bring the special chicken Biryani as the last dish. Why? Do what I say. I will give you tips. All of them have eaten well. I am too tired to eat anything Take from this. Don’t you want it? Have this. You don’t want it right. Everything is for me. This is the Menu card. What do you want? Just a minute Tell me what you want. . Give me a minute. Do you want it? Only one right. Do you want anything else? No. Is that all? What is she eating? That is American Chopsy. Shall I bring it? What is she eating? That is Chinese noodles. Shall I bring it? Chinese item is not good for health. What is she eating? She is just drinking coffee. Bring that. Is that enough? One coffee right. Ok. I will bring it. What is she eating? I am not eating anything. I am just standing. Get me a coffee. Even for ordering she is copying from someone. What about Dosa? No one saw me. This is what is left. I am done. Bring the bill. Thank God! The table is empty. I am going to eat. I am feeling hungry. Why did you switch off the light? It’s closing time.

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