U.S. expresses disappointment over S. Korea’s decision to withdraw from military information …

U.S. expresses disappointment over S. Korea’s decision to withdraw from military information …

now perhaps choosing its words carefully
as all the related players continue to digest the news the United States has
expressed its disappointment and concern over South Korea’s decision to withdraw
from its military intelligence sharing pact with Japan can hyung you with the
details US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he’s disappointed with
Seoul’s decision after South Korea announced it was withdrawing from its
military intelligence sharing pact with Japan known as the general securio
military information agreement orgeous Omiya we’re disappointed to see the
decision that the South Koreans made about that information sharing agreement
we were urging each of the two countries to continue to engage to continue to
have dialogues at a joint press conference with his Canadian counterpart
in Ottawa on Thursday pompeia said there’s no doubt the shared interest of
South Korea and Japan are important to the UN cessations Pompeo said yields the
two countries can begin to put their relationship back in exactly the right
place the Pentagon also voiced its worries spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel
Dave Eastburn said the Pentagon expresses strong concern and
disappointment that the moon’ administration has withheld its renewal
of the military intelligence sharing agreement with Tokyo Eastburn also said
the u.s. believes the integrity of the three countries mutual defense and
security ties must persist despite frictions in other areas of the South
korea-japan relationship here that the US will continue to pursue bilateral and
trilateral defense and security cooperation with the two nations on
Thursday South Korea’s top office announced its decision to withdraw from
the Intel sharing pact with Japan Seoul’s decision means the agreement
will end in November Connie Moo Arirang news

42 thoughts on “U.S. expresses disappointment over S. Korea’s decision to withdraw from military information …

  1. Abe expressed the importance of free trade during G20. Then turn around next day and doing opposite, showing Japan's true color. Moon last week emphasized the importance of cooperation between 2 countries and pulling same shit on Japan. LOL Good luck defending your country in the dark when things go south.
    Second round: Hit us with the best shot. Moon will delivery back to you with cherry on top.

  2. At least we have massive US military power is backing us. No wonder Japanese people are freaking out. US military will withdraw from Korea. No problem give us $5 billion refund check.

  3. Pompeo,
    ROFL LOOK AT THEM CROCODILE TEARS!!!! 😢 bwahahha!!!!!!
    Sadden/disappointed? whichever, I’m sure. (Really, I’m sensing it’s ‘fear’) You cannot tame Korea or ASIA as a matter of fact.
    It just doesn’t work in your favor.
    Not this time around, Trumans.

  4. Koreans aren’t gonna pay for US military to be stationed in SoKo.
    It’s shouldn’t be out of Koreans expense. The US military needs to fund itself out of thier own goddamn pockets if the US military chooses to be there.

  5. US-ROK alliance isn't going anywhere. What's the big deal? If Japan wants intelligence, she can simply get it through their partnership with US. I don't understand why all of the news outlets are blowing this out of proportion…

  6. Through establishing a peace economy,… the divided Koreas will naturally become one and achieve true liberation and prosperity.

  7. In the face of Japan's unwarranted export restrictions, Korea will continue their determined march toward being a responsible economic powerhouse.

  8. A bad decision by S Korea and hurting their own reputation in world … Now they want to sign a new Gsomia w Thailand??

  9. Mike Pimpooass is desperate to ensure East Asians disunited and work for the United Snakes. Of course he is disappointed cos' he could no longer cheat, lie and steal.

  10. Great! Now the United States should close its military bases in South Korea and Japan, remove her troops, and let the peoples of East Asia slaughter one another.

  11. 1. Koreans are being idiotic as to what removal of whitelist means. It was due to evidences that showed lack of control from some Korean companies. The materials are continuously sent to large companies such as Samsung, those that are considered reliable from Japan. So this is no where near export restriction, something that Japan started out of nowhere. Korea on the otherhand removed Japan from its own whitelist, without any proper evidence, thus that act itself is more likely to be against WTO. (something that KOrea kept on saying).
    2. GSOMIA had mutual benefit. Japan had the ability to tell the Koreans the details of the missiles, the ability etc. So Korea will lose a lot from removal of Japan from Gsomia.

  12. If the two koreans want to be united in the future they have to kickout the USA from there territory. The only way for the  Peace they want.

  13. SK terminates a pact with Japan. OK. Why does the US express an opinion? Who cares? How the fuck is the US involved in a SK-JAPANESE PACT FOR FUCKS SAKE, US??? What does the US have to do with it? The US is the extra side here. Pick your nose in other SOVEREIGN countries mutual affairs and then cry about rusya. Brilliant. Fuck the US opinion.

  14. Dude like those bitches who insults japan and korea lets just stop. You guys know you should nt be doing this. Jm North Korea has the biggest problem you know that right? 3 countries including US should contain good relation so that we can stop that fucking rocket man. And if you guys want war sure go ahead all of us will be dead. So yeah good luck.

  15. Oohhh yeah forgot. To those Americans who says something. Don't fucking care about this two countries. One day will come when they will become friends again.

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