Relations between U.S and Iran has quickly
gone downhill since the United States withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal on May 8, 2018. Last month, President Trump designated the
key branch of Iran’s military forces, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, as a terrorist
organization. The two counties seem to be moving closer
to conflict with each passing day. USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier strike
group has been ordered to move to the Middle East. To know more, check the video on the above
card. The U.S also has deployed nuclear-capable
B-52H bomber in Qatar. Senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander
said that the United States’s military presence in the Gulf a “target” and “opportunity”
raising the rhetoric another notch. The risk of a full-scale war is aggravated
since there is no diplomatic channel between U.S & Iran which can be used to diffuse any
accidental flareup. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes the
capabilities of the Iranian military and provides 6 reasons why it won’t last even a few days
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20 million players from all over the world! Iranian Navy has about 400 vessels. Though the quantity may not seem bad, the
quality leaves a lot to be desired. Iranian Navy is considered a brown water navy & operates mainly within the 50 km (30 miles) exclusion zone. A large percent of the fleet is made up of
small patrol vessels apart from which there is a small submarines force, some frigates
and few corvettes. The most potent submarine in the fleet is
the Russian Diesel-electric Kilo class which displaces around 2325 tons. Iran has 3 of these. The other submarines are much smaller than
these and none of these submarines are nuclear powered. This submarine force is nowhere close to what
the U.S brings to the table. It has 17 Virginia class, 32 Los Angeles-class
submarine, 3 Sea Seawolf class attack subs in active service apart from 18 Ohio class
Ballistic missile Submarines. All of these are nuclear powered and have
a displacement in upwards of 6000 tonnes and technologically far superior. It neither has a destroyer nor an aircraft
carrier. There are 6 frigates & 3 corvettes. The most powerful of these is the Sahand class
that displaces around 2,000 tons. These are no match to the advanced U.S surface
combatants. American has 66 Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
and 22 Ticonderoga-class cruisers in active service. These displace more than 8000 tones and are
multi-role warships capable of Anti Aircraft Warfare (AAW), Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW),
Anti Surface Warfare (ASuW) and Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD). U.S Navy is expected to dominate and should
be able to impose a naval blockade. On paper, the Iranian Air force possesses
more than 300 combat capable aircraft, but all of them are either 3rd generation or 4th
generation once. There are around 190 fighter aircraft such
as US-made Northrop F5s, F-4 Phantom II, Grumman F-14 and Russian made Sukhoi Su-22, Sukhoi
Su-24, and MiG-29 The MiG-29 is the most modern fighter and
Iran operates approximately only 25 of these. The air-to-air missiles equipping fighters
are far older in technology compared to what the U.S possesses. F 22 & F 35 are a generation ahead of Mig
29 and are stealthy. In this scenario, the Iranian pilots will
find it very difficult to detect and target them. The U.S with far sophisticated fighters, coupled
with way better pilot training and aerial strategy, is expected to quickly get air superiority
over Iranian skies. Iran has a 525,000 active personnel and around
350,000 in reserves. Iran’s military reportedly has 1,600 tanks. This includes some 100 locally produced Zulfiqar,
about 100 very old British-made Chieftain, round 200 US-made M60 Patton as well as around
1000 T72 tanks of different variants. Technical the T 72 is the best of the lot. Viewers may note that in 1991 Gulf War & in
2003 during the Invasion of Iraq, the T 72s were quickly swept aside by American M1 Abrams
and British Challenger 2. Tehran also is thought to possess around 2300
armored fighting vehicles, around 550 self-propelled artillery, around 2150 towed artillery pieces
and approximately 2000 rocket projectors. While the equipment is available in decent
numbers, almost all of these are technically far less competent when compared to American
counterparts. A ground invasion will be bloody but American
forces will be able to make quick inroads. Iran has approximately 1,000 strategic missiles
that are controlled by the Revolutionary Guard. It consists of 300 short-range ballistic missiles,
including Iranian-made Shahab-1 (Scud-B), Shahab-2 (Scud-C), as well as Tondar-69 (CSS-8). It also has domestically produced Shahab-3
strategic intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBM), with a reported range of up to 1,000 km (620 miles), the Ghadr-1 with an estimated 1,600 km (990 miles) range and a Shahab-3 variant known as Sajjil-2
with a reported range of up to 2,400 km (1490 miles). These can’t reach the American mainland
but these do represent a significant threat for American allies like Israel. But the reliability of these missiles are
suspect, none have nuclear warhead and all of them are land-based, which makes them inherently
vulnerable to a preemptive strike. A diverse array of Surface to Air missiles
are deployed to protect these sites, but none have the capability to detect, track and engage
American stealth aircraft like B2 Spirit & F 22 Raptor. The U.S is expected to quickly neutralize
these sites with air & sea-launched precision strikes. Iran nuclear deal involved the United Kingdom,
Russia, France, China, Germany, and the European Union apart from the U.S & Iran. None of these stakeholders have favored the
unilateral withdrawal of the U.S from the deal. Diplomatic negotiations are still underway,
but it can be said that in case the U.S pursues any military action against Iran there won’t
be major pushback apart from diplomatic saber rattling. If we look from Iran perspective, it is most
likely that these stakeholders will be bystanders at the very best or even support the U.S in
the worst case. It has also been seen that NATO as a whole
has been able to keep aside the difference in the past and there is no possibility of
it actively opposing the U.S. In this situation, it can be said that Iran
will not find any ally which will genuinely support it in case a conflict get started. Furthermore, it may have to face aggressive
maneuver from Israel & Saudi Arabia. Iran & Israel has been a long tie rivals and
several incidents during the current Syrian Civil War has strained the relations further. Iran & Saudi Arabia have no diplomatic relations
since an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran in January 2016. Bilateral relations between the countries
have always been strained due to several geopolitical issues like the differences in oil export
policy. On May 13, Saudi Arabia said two of its oil
tankers were attacked while sailing toward the Persian Gulf. As reported, in one case an unknown object
seems to have torn a hole into the hull of the tanker. While Saudi Arabia didn’t directly accuse
Iran, things could heat up quickly if sabotage by Iran is proven. A war effort requires massive reserves not
only in men but also in material. American annual military budget is around
50 times that of Iran. Napoleon is known to have said, “an army
marches on its stomach”. In August last year, the Trump administration
slapped sanctions on Iran which has adversely affected its economy. The sanctions have been expanded to include
a ban on Iran’s oil exports which is its major source of foreign revenue inflow. More than 150 foreign corporations have stopped
doing business with Iran and many countries like India and Japan have reduced oil imports
and may eventually stop buying completely. The economic squeeze has resulted in a severe
crunch. The Iranian currency ‘Rial’ lost more than
60% of its value against the dollar last year and inflation is predicted to reach 40 % this
year. The economy shrank by as much as 3.9 % last
year and as per the International Monetary Fund, it could nosedive by another 6% this
year. Keeping this in view, it will not be possible
for Iran to fight a sustained war against the most well-funded military in
the world.


  1. This is one of many stupid comparisons. Why do people think advanced weapons, or too many planes and ships guarantee victory ?. Perhaps partial theatre success BUT, if the opponent fields even minor forces in these areas, you’d get a serious bloody nose. Imagine the cost of damage to planes, ships, maybe submarines?. Cost in lives ?. In 5yrs time, we’d be talking about it and counting the financial costs and all the fake news and ifs and buts ..

  2. Very weak analysis. It will take USA months if it could reach to the major city in the north and for for sure the war will last for years. The world economy will be destroyed which the USA depend on and that mean the beginning of end to the USA as super power.

  3. Along yes, but other countries will join them because they know they will be next. Along will still give the US good black eye. If It sinks a carrier, the US Navy will lose it's potency

  4. Make that a few hours. And LOL at anyone who thinks Russia is going to risk a war with the US over freaking Iran!

  5. I don't want to wage war or hurt the Iranian people. However, if something pops off you know I'll be rooting for my country…

  6. how sad is this situation i hope to god they dnt go to war its so sad with all our intelect as humans were still throwing stones at each other what a waste : (

  7. Wow! This is one of those pages you like to bookmark so that you can come back to it later to see who is eating crow! LOL! Crazy!
    I remember that Herold Camping "Rapture" ordeal (2012) and one or two others.
    So if war breaks out between US and Iran, I will return to see who is eating crow, and how much crow. Not to make light of it….just an observation….it is what it is. The BS on this page is THICK!!!


  8. It’s not first time USA government underestimate enemy. Viatnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. This are all low tech countries. I wish they do mistake and try to take down Iran lmao that would probably teach them something new. Persian empire survived 7000 years and that would be bigger blow for USA then viatnam war.

  9. 😎 I think the Iran strategic "if" US first bom fall:
    1. half military power of Iran strike attact to US force
    2. other half strike attact to Israel
    😈 Israel & Iran its lose from maps google 😊

  10. IF there is a war with IRAN it will be fought MUCH different then Afghanistan or IRAQ or even Syria.

  11. America ain't shitski. Russia sees war with Iran as a "set up", so do you really think Russia won't get involved? While we are over kicking Iran in the face, Russia introduces us to the Dark Ages.

  12. that's very funny!!
    you need to watch this to understand what you saying!
    just search this:
    Top Israeli Expert: US Can’t Defeat Iran in a Conventional War; Absolutely Ridiculous!

  13. 2nd lesson of war: if your troops are ordered to stand down, hands tied by the Squad and forbidden to deploy ordinance; to serve as nothing more than live targets for enemy combatants; you lose. The US wouldn't stand a chance against Iran. The US military is like a 4 second top fuel dragster without a key for the ignition. Useless.

  14. Yea were stronger but fuck nobody wants to there not fucking worth it just protect the shipping lanes and save everybody's young men/and women.

  15. The question should be, "How long would it take for Iran to obliterate the US? To turn every inhabitant of this now borderless landmass that used to be a sovereign nation into a nuclear shadow on the ground? The US military would never be given the go ahead to defend itself or the US under any circumstances.

  16. No one can win a war against the US in a direct conflict but in the end the USA will not win Either….look at the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan.Nothing much achieved by years of military intervention by the coalition and guess what neither country is stable or secure…….So in reality the coalition failed dismally in securing and stabilizing these countries.

  17. US makes fake news about shouting down of iRANIAN drone, how they can't shoot a drone and want destroy Iran? oh of course in hollywood

  18. Cause our Bitch Israel will start the war by striking first and the US and Britain will back them up. As long as people are born to such nation that dont want to live as you do. You can never fully conquer a nation. Destabilizing is what the US is good at

  19. Any country with a mad Islamic mullah in charge is destined to fail.
    Keep these pagan nutjobs out of politics.

  20. All the puny countries in the middle east seem to think having a few missiles makes one an instant bad ass. Iraq thought the same thing. Why do these people insist on learning the hard way.

  21. The u.s should have declared war on iran directly after 1979 when they were still rising…they were still so weak
    now you wanna do that???are you fucking kidding me???
    1000$ one iranian rocket destroyed a 275M$ drone…
    thats a clue that iran hides really scary and powerfull weapons that will be revealed in case of danger…
    moreover…iran is not alone
    russia-china-iran vs u.s.a-u.k-france
    hezbollah vs israel
    the u.s control oer the world shall be over…when the u.s was born the world started getting into wars every 10 years wtf just cooperate so we can end them…they are only strong in video games and films.

  22. Until the war turns into a full fledged guerrilla warfare.

    Honestly, as much as i want to see iran go (and that's coming from an iraqi) I don't want to see the middle east turn into a huge battle ground again.

  23. Iran already won in the war with Trump. America is not involved in trumps wars. Trump is not a real president. He lost the election. That's true. He lost.


  25. The same US that hasn’t defeated taliban for nearly two decades. The US is the most overrated military in the world. Their military are highly undertrained.

  26. The war with Iran 🇮🇷 will be short and sustainable.It might not go beyond at least 10 days of air superiority alone to weaken the already 🇮🇷 Iranians defense.Then probably leave the internal chaos to destroy their religion and the government.Ground war will only become necessary after the fall of religious leaders by their own political infighting.

  27. A naive, lazy assessment that does not consider geo-politics or the interests of other super powers.
    Yes, of course the US has the fire power and technological edge to pound Iran's conventional forces in a short-term assault.
    But "Shock and Awe Mk2" does not conquer a nation and both Russia and China have profound, key interests in Iran and will seize the opportunity to get involved, to take advantage, cement their power and influence in the region.
    The US cannot occupy Iran, both the difficulties will be great, much more than Iraq, and the casualty count will be enormous against a determined people protecting their homeland, nothing like Iraq, more like Vietnam.
    China depends on Iran's oil and gas, and will "interfere" to protect its interests plus welcome the opportunity for "bases" to connect with China's economic interests in Africa.
    Russia will simply do a deal with Iran, the sales of sophisticated weaponry, Russian troops and the "protection of Russian bases" on Iranian soil. Russia is in the Middle East to stay, basically has the balance of power and influence and would delightfully seize the opportunity to cement total control with bases in Iran, to house aircraft and naval bases on Iranian soil with immediate access to the Indian Ocean, a major strategic victory! Putin will be saying, please, please, give us an opportunity!
    A US attack on Iran will be seen by many, if not most of the World's states as being unjustified and a thing to be resisted.
    Sure the US will win a tactical victory in the short-term but the strategic consequence will be the "loss of the Middle East", Russia will be the dominant super power with bases in both the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, China will economically benefit, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf despotic regimes will fall, and Israel will be isolated if not overwhelmed.
    My prediction.

  28. Why do Iran need nukes. I would rather have a rich and peaceful place than fuck all only a bullet between the eyes

  29. US, UK, CHINA, RUSSIA, FRANCE, GERMANY? Which one do you really want as the dominant superpower? The biggest guy always dictates terms

  30. But, still. I'm not willing to risk more American lives if I were the commander-in-chief. Unlike Iraq or Afghanistan, Iran is a different country to deal with. This will be no asymmetric, but full-scale conventional warfare. There's no way that America is going to send boots on the ground or will it be the bloodiest wars since its deadlock intervention in Vietnam four decades ago…

  31. Kuwait with 6 months of prep with half million soldiers took 3 months. How stupid are you for walking us into a 30 year war?

  32. It was thought, Taliban won't last a few days, 19 years later US is begging them to let America leave with at least a few teeth in the mouth.

  33. The great emperor is ready for war I feel it u have to help ur allies people who left they're allies face with danger Alon 0 is better than them in God we trust

  34. Oh if life and war was just a game sure USA would win against iran but Russia would I'm sure get involved and it all gets messy all I can think about is the horror put on the population be different if iran dropped bombs on usa but we know it cant

  35. if you are a young american, then dont become shooting flesh for idiots like Trump and the rich weapon industrials.Learn from all vietnam irak and afghanistan wheelchair veterans.YOU WOULD BE CRAZY

  36. As Sun Tzu famously said, " The outcome of a battle can only be determined after it is over…" But I do agree with you that a war with Iran will be a "walk over" because of US overwhelming superior and technological advantage. At this juncture, I don't think any country can match the US in a conventional war except Russia. Not even China. The US is still the most powerful country in the world militarily. My caveat is that the US can destroy Iran but she cannot win the war because to do so she will need ground troops and politically it will be suicide.

  37. Just keep hurting thier $ they will claim the whole country is a school there no shots fired Iran wins lmao.

  38. I agree in general that Iran wouldn't last very long in any scenario. There is no scenario in which Iran can't fight a sustained war against the US for many reasons. However, you dangerously never accounted for Russian and Chinese interests here. There is certainly a very high possibility that Russia and China will back Iran and even more aggressively then Russia has done in Syria with Assad who is also a dedicated Ally and friend of Iran there' s certainly no debating that. I find it odd that you completely left the Russian and Chinese elements out of this. Because that could drastically change our performance and said expected outcome and to what degree would be a result of the size and scope in relation to Russian and Chinese intervention. But make no mistake they certainly will do what it takes to insure Iran and their interests are kept to the upmost.

  39. Another dangerous road to take I feel is for people to on the other hand convince themselves that a war between the US and Iran would be similar to that of Iraq and Afghanistan. This will not be the case. The winning nation does not need to occupy the lands of their vanquished. Occupation was Achilles Heel of the past 2 wars but there were their reasons. Who says we need to get bogged down in Iran when we can just destroy their ability to wage war. Saddam was removed and the Iraqi Army defeated. We did not invade Afghanistan and were never at war with it as a nation state. The US and the Afghan government against the wishes of some of its population waged war against terrorists there. The terrorism fight gets conflated and intertwined with traditional war and outcomes. Iraq was a mission complete 2 weeks in. The fight against an insurgency is not the same as fight between two nation states and Afghanistan was never invaded by the US. Iran will be a very different conflict against a nation state. The US only needs to take away its ability to wage war and just leave after the job is done. And in the event that surviving elements of the old revolutionary school. Continue their fight from within the Shadows and embrace terrorists tactics shouldn't drive the American public and its leaders that Iran should be re-invaded or occupied. Thats where we continue to make the mistake.

  40. I don’t want my tax dollars going to murder millions of Persians to make the Zionist Jews happy .

  41. we only have 15000 aircraft,would that be enough to kill sand muslims!!!!!praise jesus,the only true god ,not the fake allah!!!!!

  42. I have a question what do we have smart bombs for if we not gonna use them on stupid people send them to the front door of the ones that are asking for them and give that country back to the people that want to make something out of it

  43. Dream on. U.S is strong but doesn't mean it takes a few days. it takes long time to do that and  U.S Army will get  damage big time.

  44. Lets just get it over with Free World, Stop their lying Nuke program !!
    And end their Bullshit crap they do in the Gulf and all the support of Terror groups around the Globe !!!
    And let the "Good" people of Iran get their Nation back !!
    A Fight worth Fighting !!! Semper Fi

  45. But, after 19 years of war against armless poor Afganistan the US trying to find some kind of ceasefire with Taliban 😏

  46. The fact is if Taliban can last 19 years & need the help of Pakistani for resolution and America’s peaceful and face saving exit, they will regret Iran.:.

  47. I think the Israeli F-35's probably mapped out everything quite nicely without Iran even knowing they were there 😅🤡🇺🇸

  48. Iran supports terrorist groups in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan,..you see the pattern. take out iran and end a lot of our problems

  49. Iran has the terrain of Afghanistan, the nationalism of Russians, and twice the population of Iraq. To declare war on Iran, would be suicide.

  50. In a direct fight iranian forces will never stand a chance against american high tech weapons but in a freakin guerrilla warfare then they will whoop your ass

  51. Iran would be trashed by the US , the Israelis would only be able to fight Iran in the air , But the fact is Israel have about 200 nuke missiles so why are they allow to have them and Iran can't ,Trump was dead set against Iran with nukes ,Don Dons pulled out of the treaty just to spite Obama .And I cant see Israel hitting Iran's nukes thy're said to be underground and Iran are even not ruling out an Entebbi style attack, The only way Israel will get it is to fire a nuke on it and the Iran will tell Putin to tell America to tell Iran not nuke Israel

  52. You forgot to mention the 35 S 400 mobile systems that have been found to even be able to detect the new US f35s. Yes air superiority will be possible but not within a few days

  53. Will they war ? Only a joke….USA help Iran to robe Iraq oils.They are making ISIS as a decoy.They are both world class hypocrites.

  54. When the Shaw was in power they were buddies and trained and equiped them with f4 phantoms. that was the basis of their modern airforce

  55. Iran is not Irak how long was the us irak war? No country in the world has the balls to fuck with Iran, come try and see what Irans answer going to be

  56. Takin on Iran would be like child's play , are they serious or is this a joke ? I'm a United States Marine I say we take Iran in less than a week ! GySgt Bray USMC 🇺🇸

  57. Your exaggerating the situation.it take decade in Iraq even though IRAQ has no regular arm forces.IRAN is different make no mistake about that,RUSSIA will supply weaponry if US and Israel try to attack.And Iran has regular arm forces.

  58. About some 40 years ago US went into a war with Iran with all her allies, Britain(Ships and Vessels), France(Weapons, Planes, Rockets & Missiles), Germany(Chemical Weapon), Saudi Arabia( Financial and Air base), Israel(intelligence). Facts: 1- Iran did not have any military power back then due to the 1979 Revolution. No trained personnel or military men in service or any advance military gears in operating condition. Few war planes, few tanks and yes many citizens as defenders! It took 8 years for US and all allies to know they can not invade Iran. Now. Its 40 years later… Many trained military men in service, Many advance arms and guns, many missiles and I mean many! Many experienced and many reverse engineering, many allies, many proxies and still many citizens to defend and to fight back! You may do your math for one more time to get a better picture for yourself! Incase of a war with Iran it takes more bigger Balls than bigger Guns!

  59. legit suck a fucking dick. Iran has North Korea, Russia and fucking China. All US forces cant just be sent to Iran, plus Iran knows their fucking country a bit better than USA. Look at fucking Afghanistan

  60. Like all the wars the US involved,Korea,Vietnam,Irak,Afghanistan ,all of those the americans would manage in a few days and then "mission acomplished" yes of course !!?? In Irak and Afghanistan we are going now into 14-15 yeras estimated,not the few days,and Iran will take some decades before the US comprehend with this volks one can not win wars,after loosing 2-3 carriers and some 10-20000 marines will see if they are forced to use nuclear and we get closer to a WW3,and all because some voters in the mid-west wanted a TRUMP for president or voters they even do not know that a world exist outside the united states and they can not show you where near east is !! So will see !!

  61. How stupid is the speaker ? to mention how many subs the US navy has ,but none of them can operate in the persian gulf because is not deep enough ,

  62. The US controlled by economics and the oligarchy of the handful super rich will eventually fall because it does not take into account the nations they exploit, and destroy. Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen among others in Latin America. It does not take into account its own citizens. It is Increasingly hard to mobilized young Americans into putting on a uniform (in mass) to fight and die in wars that do not represent their interests. Today the US is hiring young children in high school to work for high incomes for the NSA because our government understands the limitations of physical force. They are taking their wars online. To little too late! Much like the City State of Rome in the past. Rome increased the monitory benefits to their soldiers to the point of becoming a private army, not representing Rome itself.

  63. Let's see. . America invaded Vietnam, killed about 3 million civilians, lost 60,000 troops, then invaded Afghanistan, killing thousands of men women and children, then Iraq, killing only a few hundred thousand civilians because of WMD that didn't exist. In the process they hung the leader of Iraq. Now America is threatening Iran with their 20,000 nuclear weapons while Iran has none! Even Israel, who is terrified of Iran, has 200 nuclear weapons! I don't get it!

    The leader of the Free world????? Not anymore!

  64. Iran shouldn't even try a conventional war. I would have the entire army ditch their uniforms and have them blend in with the general population. Have them open with guerilla war from the very beginning. That would definitely last longer then a few days

  65. Iran's military is mostly conceived of conscripts that do not get anywhere near the same adequate training nor have the same morale as volunteer US forces, Iran's Navy which would protect their ports and waterways from any amphibious invasion or protect from US Naval/Air Force bombardment are feeble in comparison to US naval firepower, Iran does not have additional allies that they could rely on like we do through NATO, Iran's Air Force mostly consists of decades old 2nd and 3rd generation aircraft. Their most modern fighter jets are from the 1990's, Iran's air defense is also quite insubstantial, but they do boast some imported S-300 Russian anti-air missile systems; this however is not in high supply making it insignificant to their air defense against America, and the F-35 is designed with going up against Russian S-400 anti-air missile systems in mind, a war with Iran would surely drag in Iran's nearest rival neighbors including all of those in the UAE which have modernized equipment/technology above Iran and in total outspend Iran's military expenditure by a factor of 8, we alone outspend Iran's military expenditure by a multiple of ~47. It is assured that we would secure Iran's waterways including the Strait of Hormuz with superior naval and air power. After securing Iran's ports and waterfronts essentially collapsing Iran's naval power, we would be able to amass large amounts of equipment, vehicles, and troops for a large-scale land invasion. Joining up with NATO and UAE allies which would surround Iran along multiple fronts would be historically equatable to the allied invasion of Germany where multiple countries invaded a surrounded German force outnumbered, out-supplied, and outmatched technologically along multiple fronts whereby we would do what we did both in WW2 and in the Gulf War with Germany and Iraq respectively, obliterate Iran's forces and secure a victory within a year. The only difference with Germany in WW2 and Iran is that Germany at least had comparable military funding and had modernized equipment. Iran spends a measly 15 billion dollars on their military, $7 billion of which is focused throughout surrounding countries in the Middle East not dedicated to their national defense. Iran's entire military fighting force is outdated by approximately 40-50 years. Iran does not have any nuclear weapons as of yet and the US has shown time and time again it's ability to intercept nuclear warheads in tests. Russia and China wouldn't dare make such a naive move and attack America or any NATO allies in defense of a small and politically inconsequential nation in the Middle East.

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