Understanding Boyfriend || Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Understanding Boyfriend || Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘May I have your attention, please.’ ‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ Hi, Goldie!
What are you upto? What else will I be upto but wait for your call?
– I’m sorry, I got delayed at work. Night shifts, I say! Is it? It’s okay.
– I said I’m sorry. And I said it is okay.
– Shall I come meet you? – Will you? Yeah.
– Forget it. You must be tired working all night. Go home and take rest.
– Alright. Bye. You reached home already?
– ‘Would you step out for a minute?’ You seriously are crazy!
– You want me to leave? No! Stay!
– Then change up. We’ll go out. Am I not looking good in this?
– You are, but, change up and you’ll look better. Alright. Give me 5 minutes.
– Hurry up, before your hostel’s warden spots me. Let’s go.
– Hand me your phone. – What for? You’re always on your phone. So, no phones today.
– I’m always on the phone? – That’s right. Where are we going?
– You’ll know. I like viewing the Charminar from here.
From here, it looks like a painting. You wouldn’t get it. Let’s go.
– Already? – Let’s go before I find this boring. The day I find Charminar boring
is the day I’ll leave Hyderabad. What about me?
– I always find you boring. Hi, bro! – Hey!
– How are you? – I’m good. How come you are here?
– To get some fresh air. Aren’t you coming to office tonight?
– No. I’ve taken an off tonight. So? What else?
– You tell me. How is life? It is pretty fine. Alright, I’ll leave now.
– Yeah, sure. Bye. What’s is the matter?
– Nothing. I only spoke to him for about two minutes.
– That isn’t the matter. – Then what is? I was reminded of something.
– And that is? My mom told me that your parents
don’t like me wanting to be an actor. Goldie, do you think
I’ll let go off you? I’ve spoken to my parents.
I know I can talk them through. Are you sure your mom would approve of me?
– I’m sure she will. I’m ready. I’m hungry.
– You always are. – I’m actually hungry now. You want me to cook anything? Nevermind. I’m not hungry.
– I’m a fine cook. – I said I’m not hungry. Shall we order food online?
Someone is at the door. It must be the food delivery guy.
– You ordered food already? – Half an hour ago. Ma’am, here is your order.
– Thank you! What did you order?
– Your favorite, chicken fried rice. Let me inform her mom
that she’s with me. I wish I had Thumbs Up to wash this down with.
– Go check the fridge. But you don’t like soft drinks.
– But you do. Shall we go now?
– It was such a nice day. I wish each day is like this. Each day?
Who’d buy us fuel and all if I take off each day? Why did you take an off today?
– Just like that. – Now tell me! Your mom has been texting you. Call her back soon.
– Now tell me! If you remember, your dad passed away on this day.
I know you’d be depressed if you remain alone today.. You are tired. Go to bed straight away.
– I hate you. I love you too.
Good night. Drive home safe. Hey, guys! I hope you liked this video.
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– Also, we thank all those who attend the Fan Fest. We all are so happy and thankful
for the love you guys showered on us. And we are extremely sorry
incase we missed meeting any of you. And we hope, we’d meet you all again.
– Yeah! See you soon!

100 thoughts on “Understanding Boyfriend || Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

  1. Chandalam ga undi.. conclusion…
    Life lo friends, partner and family undali with emotions.. family life kuda important not necessary to ignore it..

  2. Hi you guys are amazing all the episodes are good . Jones and goldie pair is amazing and add little bit romance. Then your webseries cross the Geetasubramanyam series. .

  3. Really every girl needs a boyfriend like this its so cute and tat song is awesome is tat from any movie comment plzz

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