US announces new sanctions against Iran | DW News

US announces new sanctions against Iran | DW News

Iran is feeling the pinch. The re-introduction
of U-S sanctions has had a crippling effect on the economy.
The value of the Rial has plummeted – pushing inflation to over 30 percent. And US President
Donald Trump’s attempt to destroy the country’s oil industry is having an effect too.
The influential middle-classes are among those being hit hard.
The economic war is a reality and people are under extreme pressure. They keep telling
us to be strong, but we can already hear the sound of our bones breaking under this pressure.
Some are being pushed below the poverty line. As far as I can see, people’s purchasing power
has been more than halved. Anyone earning between one point five million rials to two
million rials a month, between 35 and 47 US dollars, who also needs to pay rent, won’t
be able to even afford to buy bread and potatoes. It is unimaginable.”
The lifting of sanctions in 2016 spurred rapid growth of more than 12 percent. But their
reimposition last year dealt a massive blow. The International Monetary Fund is forecasting
the Iranian economy to SHRINK by SIX percent this year.
The withdrawal of foreign companies has also driven up unemployment. European firms that
have left include carmakers Mercedes and Peugeot. But smaller firms are also becoming increasingly
wary of doing business in Iran. Should Iran follow through on its threat to
enrich uranium beyond permitted levels, the nuclear deal could collapse entirely.
In that case, UN sanctions would also be re-imposed.

100 thoughts on “US announces new sanctions against Iran | DW News

  1. If you made double that in the US you couldnt buy potatoes and pay rent, either… maybe there is a mistake did he really mean between $35-$45 per month equivalent?

  2. As long Iran, the once proud persian nation, is suppressed and enslaved by indane islamic maniacs things will never get better and peace will go further away. Persians! Remember your roots, free yourself from slavery!

  3. What a big hypocrisy! USA has the fault and spying but they are the ones to put sanctions. No more words to say !

  4. The sanctions are just against International Law – and nobody cares, that is a shame! Bolton and Pompeo are aiming to go in war with Iran / I do not trust the USA in that case. Of course Iran is not a democracy, but what about Saudi Arabia – that country, the partner of the West, is even worst and nobody is saying something about Saudi Arabia and the war in Yemen.

  5. Use the uranium for for fusion energy and just to fool people about why when we all can see this is about energy

  6. Iran needs a new Government. Iran wants Nuclear holocaust, as an American, I do feel bad for it's people.

  7. The Real war is coming soon if your idiotic leaders dont bend over !!!! Some of us cannot wait for the genocide.

  8. Where is the public copy of this treaty that the hawks say was so terrible?? have you read it? tell us point by point what was wrong with it ? Media all parrot the same "it's a bad deal" line but I have never heard one specific point from any of them to back it up…

  9. Bolton, mike Pompeo, Mohamed bin Salman, United arabs, and the Israel are the worst whisperers and allies to The United States.

  10. Iran will stand strong, as Iranian citizen I can feel the economic situation is getting better than last year. Iran economic growth forecast in 2019 is inaccurate. our production capability is getting larger. American puppet state such as Europe should worry about themselves. Look at the us allies in the region. Saudi's are loosing their lands But no country is dare to touch our country even mightiest one.

  11. EU and the rest of the world should just ignore US sanctions. No one wants to purchase anything made in the US.
    Just do business as usual with Iran. Make sure that JCPOA rules are followed. US sucks

  12. Economic sanctions will increase tensions between Iran vs the US and its allies .Where are the european who should fight the US ?
    A war looks imminent because oil tankers will be targeted again because of this extra pressure.

  13. "Feeling the pinch" Iran's economy is a wreck.
    "Inflation 30%" It is 50%. The chap at 0:47 says purchasing power is halved.
    My God DW is biased and shabby. Typical pusillanimous anti-US drivel.

  14. Sanctions are War. Sanctions are murder. The United States is purposely trying to provoke Another War to murder more people in the Middle East because the millions they have murdered already Aren't Enough.

  15. Please don't take all these statements at face value. Only actual facts should be spoken, but I see many LIARS here. There are not 80 million young people united in Iran behind their government. The total population is 80 mil, largely fed up and pissed off, right now, at Islam extremists that are crushing their beautiful country. Tell the Truth or silence your mouth.

  16. I don't understand why Iran wants that bomb. What do they want with it? Look at how many Nuclear Bombs America has. Why destroy it's country when it can make it look better. Really retarded regime.

  17. How do these western countries feel when they just want to starve people to death,they only care about themselves,i wonder why the world cant see that?This a war on humanity,wakeup people.

  18. Any sanction that target ordinary people is a form human right violations . If you deprive people basic needs and they have no power to change the system , isn't a violation

  19. Sanctions for what? Iran already agreed to denuclearization. It is time we start asking questions to americans!

  20. Unite against the US! Everyone should boycott US goods and avoid doing any business in US dollars. If you are a purchasing manager worker for any company, use your decision making and avoid buying anything from the US – it's for your own protection!

  21. so what are the options, dye from hunger and nuclear items go to waste. Or f**k you, who you are, we are gona dying and you are going with us!

  22. So the US withdrew from the nuke deal with no real explanation why. Iran hasn't withdrawn and still complies with most of the deal today. Yet they're being hit with sanctions because apparently they're responsible for the oil tanker attacks. Despite the fact Israel and Saudi have spent the last 18 months lobbying the US to back Iran into a corner.

    The narrative that Iran is the bad guy here is spectacular.

  23. To much talking . I say just drop a few moabs on iran … Then turn there land into our new Disneyland…lets party. Yup

  24. This is illegal there is no reason to impose more sanctions it's already being proven that ship wasn't sunk by Iran and the Drone was flying above Iranian territory! USA has become a Rogue state that doesn't respect international rules

  25. 😄😄sanctions. …Iran has borders with seven countries. ….eveything they need will come in Iran …it is a joke sanctions. …look at North Korea ….or Cuba ..😂😂😂😂

  26. 한국ㅡ미국의 오바마계열이 공동조직이다 이들을 모조리 다칠것이다ㆍ드럼프정부 준비요망ㅡokay

  27. Iran revolutionary guards shot down an unmanned US drone for violating Iran air space.
    US response:
    We will put sanctions against Iran. We are gonna airstrike Iran.

    On contrary,
    Saudi Arab killing hundreds and thousands of Yemeni innocent people.
    Israel is committing genocide on Palestinian people since 1967.
    PKK terrorists in Syria is responsible for killing of many unarmed civilians of Syria.
    US response:
    Saudi Arab is our ally.
    We support Israel.
    We should help PKK in Syria.

  28. Why they should to gt war,, why they need WAR wer human we don't need to having a high pride, have a lots of innocent people can affected

  29. Hey, Krauts, now that the EU is failing, and you won't conquer the rest of Europe with it, are you about ready to go trotting off to war again?

  30. Iran hits two oil tankers and one drone, of course there will be stiffer sanctions. The balls in the US's court.

  31. No respect for human rights for the kids, sick, pregnant women and the elderly with your sanctions. Kill people silently. No wonder they hate you because you make them hate you!

  32. They start with sanctions then invade and bomb innocent woman and children, false flag wars to feed the military complex, world private banking cartels and corporations.

  33. President Trump is not destroying Iran, is trying to stop them from getting Nuclear! Germany should stop helping them getting Nukes! But Germany is Communist!

  34. My advice,
    Allow sanctions to do there job.
    If sanctions don't work conceive a plan where all of Iran's war machine is taken out in one day.
    If you don't this there will be a long war with possible millions killed.

  35. Trump may not have attacked Iran for shooting down the spy Drone in Iranian Air Space but he is using it as an excuse to escalates the War anyway.
    Odds on he asked Bolton to get the Navy to infringed on Iranian Air Space once the Oil Tanker False Flags failed. Deliberately send a Spy Drones into Iranian Air Space and deliberately ignore Iranian warnings to get out of there Air Space. Provoke Iran into shooting it down.
    My guess is this was the Plan. Create an excuse to increase the Blockade on Iran and
    hopefully get a few European nations to actually support there stance on Iran.
    Trump has spent half his life in one of the dirtiest businesses in the World.
    Real Estate Development. Corrupt in most nations. Corrupt actors all through it.
    He might not be clever but he certainly would have learnt how to be cunning.
    Bribes, corruption, blackmail are all part of the Development Industry wherever you go. The reason most honest Business People stay out of it. You don't have to be clever. Simply cunning in a criminal type way.

    No doubt he will soon have the UK on the USAs side. They will soon have a Prime Minister who will get on well with Pompous and Bolton. They would not be in there positions if they were not doing what Trump wants them to do.
    Trump is playing the good guy bad guy trick. Even dumb Coppers understand that old trick.
    I refuse to make excuses for Trump like many do. About the only thing I will concede is he is marginally better than a completely unhinged Hillary as President backed up by the corrupt evil types that still control the Democrats. They are pure Evil.

  36. In the years long ago, in many historic periods, a country facing economic and social problems would rather fight the adversaries. That is the three letter word. WAR!!!!

  37. do not let inflation happend germany from the 1920 are learned from it and got out of it early
    and easily germany even learned how to make petrol from coal

  38. So why are sanctions not put against the US for pulling out of various international agreements? People moan about
    The US pulling out of the Paris Accords, but the US is not being punished for that, or the other agreements it has pulled out.
    Many people would argue that it is the United States that is the rogue nation here.
    It is absolutely useless to complain about the US withdrawing from agreements if no effort is made to punish the country
    For its actions.
    To me, it seems that it is just fine for the US to do what it likes and not fine for all the other countries of the world.
    The US intervenes in other countries so much to serve its own economic and other interests, and not the people
    Of those countries. Vietnam was a classic example of this.

  39. Donald Trump bully is not acceptable to everyone…U are putting sanctions it will raise the hatter for America ……..if will continue …u are making your grave…u will soon perished…..
    Be in polite and diplomatic manner… Don't intimidate Iran….

    Israel and Saudi Arabia pulling America to war with Iran…… America will easily arrested in his tactic……👎👎👎👎

  40. The USA resigned from the Nuclear Agreement with Iran. The USA cannot now dictate new conditions unless all the remaining Partners to the Agreement agree to the new conditions. The USA placing sanctions on Iran in an attempt to destroy Iran's economy is an act of aggression which must be repelled by the remaining Partners to the Agreement.

  41. Why is it so hard to drop US dollar. Iran is unluckily to have such disunited neighbours. Sunnis, Shites, Kurdish, Wahabis etc Without political stability, how could develip your economy?

  42. I have the solution if both the U.S. and Iran dispose of all their nuclear arsenal problem solved.
    You cannot expect one country such as Iran to stop their nuclear program by another country who has nuclear weapons.
    It is irrational..

  43. If Iran wants to prosper, they need to stop building bombs.You can't blame America for not paying billions. Oh please don't bomb us, and we'll get America to pay you billions. Some of which you can use to destroy us. I think not. He a peace loving country, without a bribe, and we'll all reward you. Salem Aleikum. Inshallah.

  44. The NWO is being dissolved one terrorist regime at a time, it is time for the people to rise up and make their countries what they want, if Iranian people enjoy living in their ultra chaotic, disorganized powerless country then so be it, but the U.S. will not be part and parcel to it! Either modernize and let the people participate in the building of their infrastructure or stay there in the rubble created by the terror puppet! Pretty clear to me! Thank YT, for my comment, they suggested I do so!

  45. Iran must take care of its own citizens and not fooling around the middle east and pursuing nuclear weapon program…

  46. As I've considered our history, over the years I never have been that proud to be an American. But now I'm just ashamed to be. 😞
    I stopped wondering years ago why the rest of the world looks at us with such disdain.


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