US Navy Yard Shooting: Multiple fatalities reported in latest update by officials

US Navy Yard Shooting: Multiple fatalities reported in latest update by officials

Good afternoon. We obviously have had a horrific
tragedy here at the Navy Yard in the immediate area beginning this morning about 8:20 AM.
A shooter entered the building 197, which is the Naval Sea Command and began shooting.
Our MPD active shooter team responded immediately. They launched a search for the shooter and
engaged at least one person along the way. We know that there are four wounded that have
been removed from the scene and taken to a hospital. We’re still trying to confirm the
number of fatalities involved, and we’ll have to do that later. As far as we know, this
is an isolated incident. We don’t know of any other installations that are involved.
In this, we would ask all the residents in this area to please stay out of the area.
This is an active investigation that is going on. And of course because this involves the
military and federal government, we have been actively and directly and continuously involved
with the White House about this incident confirming what we know at this stage. I want to call
upon our police chief Catherine Lanier to provide additional details, and she will be
followed by the plot police chief Theresa Chambers and we have other law enforcement
and officials here with us. Again, I’m sure you all understand, we’re not prepared to
answer a lot of questions at this stage because this is a continuing, active investigation
and we will reconvene at some point later this afternoon as more information is available
to us. Chief Lanier? So obviously at this point, it’s still very
preliminary. I’ll give you what it is that we do have right now, and there’s still a
lot of work to be done. We won’t be taking questions right now. We will do in another
briefing. Within the next two hours, we’ll give locations for that briefing. Right now,
what I can tell you is that our initial call came in for a shooting on the Navy Yard. It
came at 3:15. There was a request for Metropolitan Police Department assistance. Our units were
on the scene. Active shooter teams were deployed and actually deployed on base within seven
minutes of the first call coming in. Multiple active shooter teams from the Metropolitan
Police Department, Park Police, US Marshals, eventually also FBI have been inside the base
since that time. Right now, and this is very, very preliminary, we have one MPD officer
who was shot in engagement with the shooter inside of the Navy Yard. We have one shooter
that we believed involved in this that is deceased. We also have other casualties. I
will not give a confirmed number at this time, but I’d say we have multiple victims inside
that are deceased. We will give updates once we have those numbers confirmed. The big concern
for us right now is that we potentially have two other shooters that we have not located
at this point. So right now, all we have on those potential other shooters, and this is
not confirmed… We potentially have two additional shooters out there. One being a white male
who was last seen around 8:35-8:40 this morning in a khaki-tan military uniform, short sleeve
with a beret hat. Appeared to be like a naval uniform. That white male was last seen around
8:35 this morning with a handgun. We also have a lookout potentially for another shooter
involved that was a black male, approximately 50 years of age, who may have been in possession
of a long gun. That person was wearing an olive, drab coloured, possible military style
uniform. We have no information to believe that either of those folks are military personnel,
but we do have information that those individuals are wearing military style uniforms. So anybody
that has information, that may have seen someone matching those descriptions, we are asking
for them to call the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099. So in terms of the investigation,
it is still very active. We have asked our members of the community to please remain
out of the area and in their homes until we finish doing a search. Obviously, we’ve got
a large area here that we’re still actively engaging in a search on. So with that, I just
want to thank all the other agencies that have been here. This has been a very active,
ongoing, unified investigation at this point. The FBI has been here fully engaged from the
very beginning along with Park Police, Metro Transit Police, DOD Naval and Criminal Intelligence,
so we’ve had everybody here along with us all along. As soon as we get additional information,
we certainly will push it out.

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