US Secretary of state John Kerry describes Israel attack as “senseless brutality”

US Secretary of state John Kerry describes Israel attack as “senseless brutality”

This morning, today in Jerusalem, Palestinians
attacked Jews who were praying in a synagogue. People who had come to worship God in the
sanctuary of a synagogue where hatcheted and hacked and murdered in that holy place in
an act of pure and terror and senseless brutality and murder I call on the Palestinian leadership at every
single level to condemn this in the most powerful terms. This violence has no place anywhere, and to
have this kind of act, which is a pure result of incitement of calls for days of rage, of
just an irresponsibility, is unacceptable. So the Palestinian leadership must condemn
this and they must begin to take serious steps to restrain any kind of incitement that comes
from their language, from other people’s language, and exhibit the kind of leadership
that is necessary to put this region on a different path. Our hearts go out to all Israelis for the
atrocity of this event and for all the reminders of history that come with it. This is – simply
has no place in human behavior, and we need to hear from leaders who are going to lead
– lead their people to a different place.

10 thoughts on “US Secretary of state John Kerry describes Israel attack as “senseless brutality”

  1. John Kerry confine yourself to your Zionist Israeli Washington DC you have to much work laying around for more than 50 years in that shit hole. time to clean it out.. remember that old meme of yours? "lead by example? what for fucking joke is that?

  2. If "this violence has no place anywhere" then tell Israel to stop their campaign to keep the people in Gaza suppressed by killing militants fighting back and limiting food supply

  3. For fuck sake. What do you expect! If your gonna destroy there mosque and kill anyone that tried enter you gonna get something back!

  4. Fuck you, free Palestine and then you might have some of my sympathy, but we all know who the real land stealing power hungry cunts are

  5. ODN is wh0ring hard for the poor Zionists lately.
    Where is your reporting on the 3000 killed Palestineans by Zionist rocket attacks???
    ^^ #ZionistPropaganda  

  6. While I deplore any violence against innocents, what part of this "blowback" is a surprise?   How many were killed in Gaza?  BTW, there were some 3 Israeli civilians dead and several hundreds of children that died in Gaza.  

    As far a Kerry?  Note instead of saying "some Palestinians", or a radicalized group, he just said "Palestinians".  Effectively blaming an entire people for the attacks.  This just ramps up the hatred.  And, of course, "justifies" US support for more ammo to be given the Israeli state.  

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