Vegan VS Dairy Farmer (Live BBC Debate)

Vegan VS Dairy Farmer (Live BBC Debate)

And I get a torrent of abuse from farmers as well, like I get death threats sent to me, I have farmers saying they’re going to turn up to events where I’m at and they’re going to hurt me, and stuff like that. But most worryingly I have farmers who message me saying they’re going to abuse an animal, they’re gonna go shoot a calf, they’re gonna go hurt their pigs, because I’ve irritated them. Now, I don’t believe that you know this is acceptable from any side at all, but what I think is really important to note is perspective, and in this situation it’s neither Paul or myself who are the victims. The only victim in this situation is the animal because they’re the one that’s going to have the knife pulled across their throat. They’re the ones who suffer and ultimately die and although words are not very nice, the actions of what we do to animals are significantly worse than any words that can be said to either of us. You have, as far as I understand and correct me if I’m wrong Ed, you’ve openly trespassed on properties as part of your activism, which is not breaking criminal law, it is breaking civil law. Why don’t you do what other people do when they object to something, which is write to your MP, write to the environment secretary, get a debate going, and try to get the law changed using the normal democratic process. Well, if you look at any social justice movement throughout history laws have always been far behind and laws always kind of struggling to catch up with the activism of it’s time. Granted. Now as you say trespasses is a civil offense, it’s not a criminal offense, I think this whole idea that farmers are using fear of trespass is a distraction and they’re not scared of the trespass, what is scared of is what the footage and the information is showing. And because of trespass, a civil offence, we’re showing a whole hidden industry that, I mean Paul said that farming is transparent, it’s anything but transparent. The things that we do to animal in terms of the mutilations are not transparent, what happens in slaughterhouses is not transparent, and even on a dairy farm things like the male calves and female calves being separated from their mothers, many people don’t know that. Ok. Yeah. Respond to that. Well back on my farm Ed, we are transparent. You know I enjoy using social media to show people exactly what we do. Many farmers also engage in events such as open farm Sunday, which is a time of the year we can open our gates and invite the local community to come round and have a real look at what we’re doing. Yeah. What I would suggest is that activism is perhaps discouraging farmers from doing this so although you may ask for an open transparent way of looking at farming, when we do provide this, the counter effects that we receive is, is the things, the distressing incidents I’ve just told you about. I mean do you show the people that come to your farm things like the the artificial insemination? Do you show them what happens to the calves? Do you show them the pens they’re kept in for up to eight weeks at a time where they’re not allowed to see their mums, they are not allowed to nurture, they’re not allowed to socialize? Do you take them to the slaughterhouse as well and show the knife being pulled across their throat? Or do you keep that bit hidden and just show them cows grazing and being fed? I like to think that we show everyone the full spectrum of… Well do you, dou you? You either do or you don’t. Well I like to think that we do, yeah. So do you show the people that come to your farm what happens to the dairy calves that are taken from their mother? Yes. And do you show the fact that they suckle on people’s fingers because they want to suckle from their mother to obtain the milk that we take that is rightfully for them? Well, the arguments that Ed’s portraying are some of the management practices that we use on the farm everyday. And I guess one of the things that we can agree on, although we’ve highlighted a lot that we don’t, is that what we really should be looking at is educating everyone. Look at the consumer that enjoys spreading a melted butter, or delicious cheeses across their toast exactly how that is produced and I think that’s one thing that we can both agree on. What we need to do is show everyone how we produce food in our country because I guess what we sometimes forget is that we all need a farmer three times a day. And the truth is that 98% of people enjoy consuming cheeses and butters and yogurts, so let’s get out and and show them really how that is properly done. Ed coming back to you, I mean this footage is online, if people want to see it they can see it. But people don’t want to see it because they know that what’s in the footage is upsetting. Right and that’s their choice, and then they can carry on eating meat without waking up at night. If it’s not good enough your eyes, why is it good enough for your stomach? If you can’t face the reality, how can you morally justify pay for it to continue? It’s their choice. What about the choice of the animals who have a preference to live thier life? You see we can eat other things, it’s not a necessity for us to eat animal products, we can survive and thrive on a plant-based diet so in effect it’s unnecessary. So these animals should be given their preference, which is to live their life without our exploitation of them. What is your ultimate goal? So the world that we want is ideally a vegan world so that’s a world where people understand that the exploitation of animals is unnecessary and has no place in contemporary society. What we have to ask ourselves is, are our taste preferences worth more than the life of an animal? Because you know a meal to us lasts a matter of minutes, but death for an animal is eternal. They have one chance of life, what right do we have to take it from them just because we enjoy the taste of their flesh and sandwich? Farmers are here to produce what the consumer wants. We’re a demand led industry and we’ll continue to provide great nutritious food.

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  1. Ermm… I grew up on a farm, had a turn table rotary so our girls basically decided when to be milked, never forced, if a cow doesn’t want to go in, they certainly don’t.. And if a cow could no Longer be milked? We still kept them.. even if they had skin conditions, Farm vet on hand, rotation consistent to fresh paddocks(daily) and bulls, so insemination was completely 100% fucking natural.. the only reasons calves get separated is because calves cannot keep up and this also prevents sickness and infection. If they were not separated after a few days (yes they get time with the mother) a lot of them die and can be stomped by other adults cows a lot of the time, and that’s just nature.

  2. Yes some people do commit animal cruelty most fatmers arent part of it though my dad is a farmer and he does not whant to hurt animals and farmers are also working hard to deliver food to peoples plates also vegtabels are living and growing and vegans dont care about them at the end of the fay im not saying that u cant be vegans but trying to make everyone vegan is not right

  3. Animals eat other animals if ur against fine just now vegtabels live and grow to and ur ripping them out of the ground

  4. Just saying, a vegan world is impossible. I could see it in this guy's eyes. He can change 1 or 2 people's mind but he can't change an entire society. I've seen many eyes.
    Also, when you say meat isn't good for your stomach… just like any vitamin, too much intake on any vitamin is bad for you. Since meat contains high protein, too much of eating meat is bad for you. Though you can't just stop eating meat. Meat also contains some crucial vitamins that we need such as vitamin B12. The only way to get the vitamins a vegan is lacking is through taking supplements which is another shit hole of health problems. Sorry for the language but it's true. The supplementary companies refuses to let any health organisations to check what they put in their supplements. But the health organisations can't check the supplementary companies as they only have the right to check "pills" not "supplements". So scientists and doctors aren't sure if you should take dietary supplements or not as they themselves don't know how it might effect you.

    Just backing up the farmer here… you can't expect a man who had never been in a debate to win a debate. It's just not fair. Of course you won. Because that man doesn't know what to say at all.

  5. It's laughable how these vegans want world domination, they certainly have no idea of world cultures and climates. These people live in places preferably city enclaves where they can visit an array of vegan resturants and shops. Where food is so readily available that they can really scrutinise what they eat.

    There are many countries high in the northern hemisphere where people would not be able to survive on a plant based diet because of the geographical location i.e that being the if the country has very little suitable land to grow vegetables, temperatures fall so low that it is too cold to grow, if the country is so vast and landlocked and there no available ports to import vegan foods.

  6. The tred im seeing from the comment section is "you speak so fluently." Sorry, did i miss somthing? No arguments were listed down here.

  7. Sheep, especially in the UK are killed very calmly, non violently and painless so I don’t understand why everyone are saying that animals are being killed so violently and cruelly. Get Your Facts Right!! They are just put in a nice room where a little painless electric bolt kills the calf very quickly and harmlessly. They don’t slit their throat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ed needs to educate himself on foodweb n food chain!! However, he is right about the way farmers treating their animals. We need more laws less propaganda on veganism!

  9. The envy I feel for you brits! You actually have proper and civil debates on national television. Italy here, still Europe (!) and all I get on RAI is a circus. You gotta cherish the BBC

  10. These videos make me hungry.

    I am going to eat a steak or A Burger for dinner. And cereal with milk for breakfest

  11. I'm watching this while waiting for my chicken nibbles to cook, should go down well with a nice chocolate milkshake

  12. Thank you Ed for having the balls to stand up for what is right on behalf of all Vegans. "TRUTH, its the new hate speech. During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." — George Orwell

  13. The farmer said they produce what in demand and they keep on continuing that practice .there is a lot of demand for cannabus .would you produce that too or either consider the cultivators as farmers.plese don't say absurd justification .being vegan is literally being human

  14. Do you delete comments? Most people think vegans are annoying but the comments show only praise. Lets see if you delete this and validate why most people dismiss your biased views.

  15. Wow i wish i had time to protest and dedicate my life to saving animals, but im too hungry to eat grass when I get home. After working for 8 hours and traveling for six ,And it doesnt keep me full for long, doesnt taste good. Havent liked ANY greens ever since I was a baby, so was i born an evil baby?

  16. I wonder if vegans realize that once we stop eating meat all the farm animals are gonna go extinct since they can't survive in the wild.

  17. I love the way Ed looks at his opponent. Its so calm but so unnerving. No guilty person can ever stand those set of eyes. They shine with truth.

  18. Entertaining how the dairy farmer keeps smiling nervously then not actually answering the questions that Ed asked of him.

  19. This vegan is a idiot the animals choice lol he clearly doesn't think that a tiger wouldn't think for a second to think about his life or morals and the fact that all cows would die of we let them roam

  20. Bullshit ed when they say they are going to hurt an animal it's NOT going outside and beating the animal it's people telling you they are having a steak that night or bacon and you go on a talk show and misrepresent the facts to make yourself and vegans look like the victim

  21. I've worked in the meat industry I've worked at dons meat groups(sausages) it looks like slop and I don't care. I've worked on the slaughter floor a man blesses the cow a man uses an air gun kills the cow then off with it's head and my job was putting there hooves on a rack/holder and I still eat meat, what I'm trying to say is we are all different you do what you do and ill do what I do but if you vegans keep rocking the boat just remember meat eaters out number you tens of thousands to one good luck

  22. I love watching your videos. There is an illegal slaughterhouse near my house. We have lead protests and done EVERYTHING we can think of. Watching your videos has helped me obtain so much knowledge and you have resources to back it up. I am a vegan and these debates are what make me proud to show who I am and why. There are tons of people slamming others because of their preferences. You state your opinion, beliefs, and facts, and you do so in such an amazing body langue and what not. Thank you ❤️

  23. Do vegans actually think their diet doesn’t contribute to the killing of trillions of animals? I know they’re usually low IQ but seriously they need to do a bit of research lol

  24. That bloody vegan is there simply to embarass. Babies are taken from their mothers all the time and it's forgotten in five minutes. He's behaving as though it's happened to him. How about letting someone else get a word in.

  25. 3:31 "We all need a farmer three times a day."
    No actually, people don't need to eat three times a day. That's a purely subjective cultural construct based more on tradition and not based on any empirical evidence for the necessity of the human body to keep eating three times a day. If anything most of us should be eating less than three meals a day because we get too many calories as it is.

  26. 4.38… meal for us is matter of minutes, death for animal is eternal..
    That summarise everything vegan, great quote

  27. ‘I like to think we do’ – wtf does that even mean? You enjoy thinking about showing the animals being killed? Do you not know what happens on your own public outreach? How can you talk about transparency when you give these clearly disingenuous answers?

  28. Wow, even a family farmer who claims to love and take care of cattle can’t hold his own here. In the end he knows he can’t win the debate. He fucking knows it, and dodges the answers.

  29. Am hppy i live in a coutry where there is no vegan activists and we can eat meat happy. 0w0)b i guess uk and australia are fucked up now god help them and their farmers. XD

  30. A small percentage of people can thrive on a vegan diet. It takes years for the signs to show up of malnourishment. The turn around rate for vegans is extremely high. You’re a fool if you follow Ed.

  31. We can not thrive eating vegan!! YOU CAN NOT GET ALL THE BODYS ESSENTIAL NEEDS FROM EATING PLANTS ALONE!!! Eating an animal nose to tail has EVERYTHING the body needs!! Everything in nature wants to survive and not be eaten….Animals defence is claws, teeth, his legs to run off ect……… A plants defense is poison and constantly eating vegan food puts a tremendous amount of stress on the body specially the digestive system! and that constant stress will eventually brake the body!!

  32. I have to admit, I’m a typical angry vegan and I’m ashamed. 😩 I have no patience to play nice and polite. I’m gonna try and change though, Ed has definitely inspired me to work on my patience when it comes to informing others. I just get so emotional I can’t help it. Not to mention the daily nasty, sarcastic remarks I get from meat eaters to try and irritate me always get under my skin. Those poor enslaved innocent babies who’ve done nothing wrong but exist are suffering because of money and greed. 😔 the world will becomes a better place though, I have faith!

  33. Victoria….when you say 'It's their choice'….you are actually setting the idea to REMAIN that people can just SWITCH OFF to cruelty. This is what Humans have been doing for far too long. You Victoria KNOW the footage is there. Is it YOUR choice to just SWITCH OFF to it? This barbarity EXISTS, because people for FAR TOO LONG have SWITCHED OFF. No Victoria…..You don't HAVE to think about it. SHOULD you think about it? Should OTHERS also? I personally have seen ENOUGH of what goes on.
    Farmers are involved in a BRUTAL BRUTAL business involving fear, suffering, agony, death…..but of course 'LOVELY' money. The equation is: Animals + Profit = Cruelty & Suffering…..& that WILL be the equation in EVERY 'BUSINESS' where animals are the PRODUCT……pet trade, horse racing, dog breeding…..the list is endless. It may not exist in the same horrendous volume as it does in the meat & dairy industries, but it WILL exist in each & everyone of them to some degree.

  34. This is a manufactured interview designed to promote the vegan agenda which the BBC endorses. So they can take away the ability from people to feed themselves locally and naturally. And replace it with unnaturally produced, globally monopolized food supplies consisting of processed NONSENSE foods.

  35. So in some countries people demand dogs, cats and rabbits. If he lived in those countries would be slaughter them too to supply what the consumer wants?

  36. I respect vegan people and their beliefs. I respect them for showing us how we can change our food habits to let the animals live. What I do not respect is when vegan people are aggressive to other people because they have another opinion or belief. You can't force someone.

  37. But why aren't we talking about the plants. Vegans are fighting for animals (pigs, cows etc) and are against humans that eat these animals however no vegan is mad at a lion for eating meat. Nobody is killing lions because its killing other animals. You can change many things but not nature.

  38. What would we do if all if a sudden we stop consuming animals. Where would they go? Who would take care of them? What will happen to our diet? What would happen to our economy? Wouldnt this cause a food crisis? Veganism honestly destroys the fabric of our society. You cant actually believe that I'm an immoral person for eatting meat. Idc how they are killed or any of that. U wana talk ethics and morals but u wont acknowledge the fact that in relgious practices and books it clearly states the purpose for animals? You are so one sided man it's terrible. U push this rhetoric that I'm an immoral human eatting meat or drinking milk. U care about the animal good for u man. This animal serves a purpose to our ecosystem, and yes in a way we exploit their well being for our benefit. What's the problem with that honestly? Like oh man I ate tuna today God is going to punish me. Oops I ate a shrimp today God must hate me. Dude so out of touch with the current state of our society. Like good for u man and props to u that u want a better earth. Your idea for better world is diffrent then mine. You cant implement your ideas in a free society. I have the FREEDOM to eat whatever the fuck I want. Alot if people make money off of live stock and dead animals. We have evolved to this point to master the control of animal consumption and we should be proud of the fact we have sussecful found a system to put food in people's bellies. What would happen to the strength and fitness industry? Sports? Military? Dude honestly I hate your rhetoric so much. Like honestly a better usage of ur time would be to cut back waste of food, trash, and all the chemicals added in our foods.
    I was in the military and made me sick to my stomach how much food we threw away. But it was made for people to eat.
    I think u need to reform your ideas a bit more and not be so radical and find some common ground with non vegans becuase u come off quite pompous and arrogant for teyong to tell me the morals and ethics of eatting its ubsurd.

    Back then a cow would kill me. I'm my relgion it clearly states if something is endangering your life you kill it. Period dude. Violence is inevitable because of the vast diversity of our world populs. Like imperfections make u perfect dude.

    U wear clothes yeah? Well I can make the argument u are immoral for supporting sweatshops child labor and slavery. Will I go down that road. No. Why did I mention that becuase yes I agree that as consumers of products we have an indirect influence on this market. Supply and demand. I'm sure their is a product u own that I can RIP ur morals into pieces and shame u for simply living your life.

    I'd love to sit down with u an explain to u the philosophical standpoint of this issue. Ur perspective is diffrent then mine. I see it ok u see it bad. Their is no right and wrong and that's why u have a government to keep society sane and stable

  39. Stupid!!! Vegan. To everybody humans have meat eating teeth called k9s in the back of our mouth so we dan eat meat..were designed to eat meat

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