Hello everybody, welcome to another video on Reação Imediata channel and in this video we will react to RADIO TAPOK I apologize if I’m pronouncing it wrong. Please write the right pronunciation in the comments. And your suggestion is for a cover of the band Sabaton the name of the song is The Attack Of The Dead Men and we hope you enjoy this video! And our instagram link is in the description of all the videos, you can follow us there too. And this song, originally from the band Sabaton, addresses an event that occurred in the first world war in 1915. And in that battle there was a German attack on the Russians using a gas that hit the Russian soldiers hard.And one of the effects of this gas was to give them a zombie appearance. This is based on the Historical Articles we read. the name of the song is inspired by this battle. So let’s watch this cover. So let’s go to the most important
the most important now is RADIO TAPOK Let’s go to the reaction! It was the sabaton band
– Yes it’s russian… it’s russian! It showed a green gas. Guys, amazing the way he sings he constantly uses a vocal distortion, but he doesn’t use that vocal distortion to the full, because he mixes it with a cleaner vocal, a cleaner vocal and another more aggressive. He can insert alternations in his voice in a way that becomes more flexible. Yes, really your voice can be very aggressive. It is interesting that he sing in Russian, because as said before, the battle itself involved the Russians. Another thing is that the clip portrays very well what happened in fact it shows what is said in some historical articles. -Truth. Two voices. Is he the one who sings, plays the drums? -it seems so How interesting, Sabaton really approved this project because at the beginning and at the end … At the beginning the band appears and if I’m not mistaken who appears tied up is the artist of RADIO TAPOK and already at the end appears the vocalist of Sabaton. This is really interesting. Now the sad part is the story that surrounds this whole event. Every war is always very sad. And based on what we read, at the time Germany made some chemical attacks right? Yes, it seems that they waited a moment for the wind to be favorable for them to release the gas. And in the texts we read, it says that in fact the animals birds that were near the place ended up suffering too. And the clip also shows it. And despite what happened to the Russians, according to what we read, the Germans were frightened because even after the gas attack was done the Russians continued to resist and attack and in the end the victory was the Russians. and in the end the victory was the Russians. Yes, it is to get an idea of ​​how sad it was, and the result of these gases really made these Russian soldiers appearance like zombies and seeing that even under the effect of the gases continued to advance the Germans eventually left the place. But anyway the song was very well executed this RADIO TAPOK singer sings very well. Truth. He used a lot of vocal distortions, and that’s hard to do. And we also had the impression that he was playing all the instruments. – Yes, that’s very interesting. But anyway that’s our opinion now we want your opinion write in comments if you want more reactions to RADIO TAPOK We read all the comments. And if you want some reaction to Sabaton, feel free to write in the comments. Share this video if you liked it and follow our instagram. We hope you enjoyed this video and see you in the next reaction! Tchau (Goodbye)

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