Volvo HU-603 HU-803 radio hidden menu and diagnostic mode

Volvo HU-603 HU-803 radio hidden menu and diagnostic mode

Volvo radio units have few hidden menus that will help you with diagnostics and let you change advanced settings. Turn the radio on by pressing and holding volume knob. After few seconds advanced menu will appear. Here you can enable alternative frequencies, regional lock, change language, automatic sound correction, and noice correction. Press and hold AUTO button and turn the radio on. Wait few seconds for the diagnostic mode. Press and hold SOURCE knob and turn the radio on. After few seconds you’ll see advanced audio equalizer for front and back speakers. Press and hold REWIND button and turn the radio on. Wait few seconds for the advanced diagnostic mode. Here you can check EEPROM version and perform display test. Press and hold PREVIOUS TRACK button and turn the radio on. Here you can test antenna diversity and set various noise levels of the radio antenna.

14 thoughts on “Volvo HU-603 HU-803 radio hidden menu and diagnostic mode

  1. do you maybe know why does half of speakers mute when radio is on?cd and cassette works fine but when i turn radio on half speakers shut down.thank you in advance

  2. Just give those gummy buttons a good cleaning with some alcohol. Makes them feel/look like new again

  3. This is great thanks! Question: My steering wheel controls for the unit don't work on my 2000 v70. The cruise control do. The stereo backlight and other functions are fine. Any ideas? Or ideas how to test? I have a DICE unit with VIDA


  4. In the diagnostics, I get EXT AMP OPEN S. Do you know what this means? Open Short? I'm not even sure I have another amp. I'm on the 603 system, and my front speakers don't work (well I got a working tweeter on the passenger side, but nothing from the big speakers in the doors, nor the center dashboard speaker)

  5. I have an S60 DriveE 2011 model, the radio frequency ranges from 85-90 (and my guess would be because I got it from Japan). But I would like to Increase this to maybe 105 or 108 because most of the radio stations in our country have those frequencies. Any advice on how to do this?

  6. Have some issues, my front speaker doesn't turn on, only the rear speakers function. And Volvo has great bass speaker balance. How do you know this radio secret (shortcut function)? Can't find in any Volvo guide book. [Volvo S80 2.0T]

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