Watch: Day 5 of public Trump impeachment hearings (FULL LIVE STREAM)

Watch: Day 5 of public Trump impeachment hearings (FULL LIVE STREAM)

26 thoughts on “Watch: Day 5 of public Trump impeachment hearings (FULL LIVE STREAM)

  1. Is it not interesting to watch as these men, all lie about how Gov is selling their own people and the Nation, all for the sake of the Wealth or Economic gain of some… The fact that they commit perjury, is a small price to pay, for being remembered in history, as a supporter of the most notable or controversial president in history….

    Looks like he is attempting to do all that he can, to fundamentally attack and or to morally/economically conqueror the souls of everyone in America and or the World…. Not that this is possible, but he is strategically using that which is at his disposal, to attack and persecute members of society…. Well those who are not 'Super Rich'….With the Gov funding and powers, as if they are his….. As if he owns the Gov and all Powers, which the Gov has….. You saw this with Obama, ( due to Clinton), Bush did it somewhat, but Clinton was very active in doing this…. I guess this is a part of there being a Census coming up, sometime soon? He wants to think as if he 'IS THE GREATEST'….. While he was one of, if not the most corrupt person, in America…

    But seriously, they are trying to 'entrap' people in a society or an economy, where the very battle for 'legitimacy' is at stake…. With Trump treating it as if, "he conquerors all of the legitimates and then undervalues or deprives them of what is legitimately theirs, like a legitimate Gov, then all of his sins and transgressions, all of his illegitimacy, be it his business, his politics, even his family, his wife and kids, etc… will be forgiven him and he will or God will be forced to 'let him in'….. Because he deceived them, captured them, etc…..

    This is how the mind of someone, who does not belong in Politics, yet is in Office, thinks and or behaves….

    "Too Big to Fail"…… Etc……

    You see, this is a sick mind at work….

  2. Now Dr. Hill is saying she didnt want Trump to invite Zelensky…but I thought it was soooooo important…Trump invited Zelensky but he's accused of not inviting him. Democrats need to make up their mind…

  3. Yovanovich withheld the transfer of documents, dictated a do not prosecute list, unmasked the Trump campaign, and used the State Department to surveil journalists. Itll come out in the Senate.

  4. I like how they say it's impeachment hearing but they have it go on like 20 minutes doing nothing and then for IDK how long give their worthless opinions on the subject matter
    Yes I said worthless. LMAO

    Show us the impeachment hearing

  5. Not from the US, but have been following from the start, it seems to me that the reps are clutching at straws, they don't question what's being said, just trying to discredit the witnesses. They seem to be blind to the evidence presented.

    When will people come together instead of taking sides, divide and conquer is a thing…

  6. Unless quid pro joe biden comes in clean and clear the air on the issue of his son, the democrats could never claim high moral ground over the president. Moral ascendancy is earned not given.

  7. Jim Jordan's argument that even though this so-called president, asked for a favor and withheld millions of dollars, since monies were released after the whistlblower reported this constitutional crime of Bribery, is somehow not guilty because the money was released? Sounds like when Kavanaugh was accused of rape and the witness held his hand over her mouth preventing her from protesting that she couldn't claim rape because she couldnt say no and he fumbled in trying to undress her with a bathing suit. Other reports said that athletes told him that an athletics doctor molested them but Jordan says he never knew? Jordan seems always hell bent on providing false naratives especially for this so-called president who often within 24 hours contradicts his false naratives. These Russian republicans are not promoting american interests but I think they're being paid by Putin somehow. Impeach this so-called president.

  8. Do these people know they're supposed to be representing the best interest of the United States? It sure sounds like they're advocates for the Ukraine. Instead of working on behalf of U.S. agenda, they're criticizing it and working on behalf of Ukrainian Government and their best interest. Crazy mixed up priorities! Somebody please call them out on this! Who are you working for?😳

  9. Zzzzzzzzzz!wow does that dr.hill talk alot with nothing in it.another round of democratic witnesses saying I assume,we assume or I heard .come on guys there's nothing there and the Dems know it,they just happened to get caught with the bidens circus,period!

  10. As a viewer from another country I have a fully impartial perspective. The facts seem to indicate attempted bribery was committed by the President and his team. By the same token Hunter Bidens position in Barisma does seem improper but irrelevant to this hearing.

  11. The impeachment episode is a waste of resource by any standards.
    Politicians should donate this kind of money to countries where human beings still exist without basic amenities in life. What is the gain for anyone doing this kind of drama? Trump will get his next term anyway. We all understand Trump is a seasoned businessman who created his business empire by hard work and struggle, and not because of his political clout. He is a fighter. He respects his family, loves them and takes good care of those who support his vision. He is a righteous man and there is beauty in his character. No wonder he has harmony at home! The crooked Politicians in USA have something to learn from Trump.

  12. Gym Jordon is disrespectful to the congress, the witness and the people that he speaks to… slimeball !! People like him give republicans a bad name.. just because they don’t have a substantial defence they scream and make a mockery of the congress, of America and most of all themselves…

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