We are News Republic

We are News Republic

how did we get to this from discourse to discord from viewpoint to vitriol from conversation to confrontation it’s time to seek perspective understanding information it’s time to challenge our beliefs or cocoons ourselves it’s time to listen loudly it’s time for a thousand news perspectives global credible personal lives block the noise but not its meaning news or public start a conversation

22 thoughts on “We are News Republic

  1. We've tried to go beyond a straight corporate ad and try to prompt thought and reflection. I'm slightly biased but I think it does a good job on both counts. Watch the full video clip and let me know if you agree!!

  2. My 1st year journalism professor instilled the importance of reading all sides of a news story before you can get to the truth. I'm proud that his spirit is alive. 

  3. Ready to start a conversation? Share the vision, share the inspiration, share the power that news gives us all to better understand the world we live in. Download the app and become a citizen of the News Republic.

  4. Really happy to be citizen of www.News-Republic.com – good to see the new vision video ready to roll… I like it.. do you?

  5. Being a "Webpage Itemizer"geek, I was fascinated by N.R. mobile software and source variety…News Republic mobile software experience is fascinating…

  6. Let us challenge our beliefs. Let us spark conversations instead of confrontations: www.news-republic.com, an award winning news app that delivers perspectives from over 1000 trusted global news sources.Let us seek perspective.

  7. Два гея удочерили чернокожую девочку. Отличная подборка новостей…

  8. It is a shame that life it is not the same as I remember in the 50's . We are goig down hill and good luck to the young generation they will pay the price included my dauther.

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