What Do London’s Rough Sleepers Think About The General Election?

What Do London’s Rough Sleepers  Think About The General Election?

Come and spend one week on the streets without begging, without robbing without stealing and try and live
without doing them three things and see if you’ve got food in your stomach. Cause I guarantee you’ll be hungry,
you will be hungry man. Since 2010 there has been a 165% increase
in rough sleeping. There has been a 75% increase in those in
temporary accomodation. And an 80% increase in child homelessness. The perfect storm of changes to housing benefit,
Universal Credit, the hostile environment and the spiralling cost of housing has led
to a growth in homelessness. And with a general election just around the
corner I wanted to find out how some of the most
vulnerable people in our society view politicians. They just walk past me, even though I was screaming
out for their help. They just weren’t obliged to help me,
they didn’t see the fact why they should help me. People just don’t care no more, they really don’t, all they care about is money,
they don’t care about people. What could have been done to help you out
more? Being seen, parliament giving a damn,
caring about us, rather than just sweeping us under the carpet walking past us and not showing any signs of help So we are in Westminster station, right here
we are on council, public land, just in there is owned
by the Palace of Westminster and this is where people are having to spend
their nights sleeping out in the cold because a group of
rough sleepers who used to sleep in there, I mean I knew
people who were sleeping in there a decade ago, they
were all evicted a couple of months ago by the palace of Westminster. Just so that this tunnel could lie empty at
night. And people could continue to sleep in the
colder temperatures outside. People were out sleeping in parks
people, i mean, you know I had friends down here
and over the next few days people were getting robbed,
people were in unfamiliar surroundings. And just forcing people out
you’re also forcing them further away from help. Here is where Mungos,
here is where the charities and the council can come and offer people support. Once they’re forced out they’re sleeping
in nooks and crannies around Westminster out in the cold. They are further away from support
far more vulnerable, far more likely to die frankly
and we’re getting to December, the idea that this grate
is still here keeping this tunnel empty and warm
and secure but not usuable for people is just absurd. Universal credit has made so many of my friends
homeless, because it takes weeks and weeks and weeks
to get your money come through and by the time
it comes through your landlord’s kicked you out,
because you not paid. So it’s not working. You were in the forces, you served in submarines
you’re a highly skilled worker, but also this is a country
which prides itself on the way in which it celebrates
the military, do you feel you’ve been looked after? Nah I feel like I’ve been let down. You sign up, you serve
and they say there’s all this help there Help for Heroes, Veterans Aid
this that and the other, and they don’t help you
they really don’t. They’ve got all these millions in the bank
from charities and fundraising that they get and you don’t see a penny of it. If there was one thing you could get
the next government to do to improve your life and the life of people in a similar
situation to you, what would it be? I would say,
every empty property in this country, do it up and make it cheap living for the

59 thoughts on “What Do London’s Rough Sleepers Think About The General Election?

  1. People need to understand that politics is not some abstract thing that you do every couple of years and then life moves on.

    It's a matter off life and death for many

  2. Thankfully I am no longer a rough sleeper. When I was homeless there was a hell of a lot more support than there is now. It’s become a business now and the homeless are little more than £ signs. Some of these charities are even removing staff that have years of experience both being on the streets and working with the homeless for people with a business brain/background 😞

  3. Rough sleepers . What to do ? Round them up .Put them in hostels whether they like it or not . Teach them how to live sensibly , teach them how to get a job . Problem solved .

  4. Odd that a migrant can come into the country and find work and accommodation but some of the people already here can't.

  5. Wots with the AyoCaesar Name, The Native Sense is Very in Tune Regarding the Election, I do think there should be a place for people to improve themselves and change but people have free will also regarding drug use or English ignorance, need to recognise our strengths and lift right populations up

  6. Labour cares about the ethnic minority and the marginalised its just a shame they forgot about the working man. Its a party of champagne socialists and nieve young voters.

  7. When I was younger a college tutor once said to me that the only job people have is to make other people redundant. He should've said obsolete – as that's the reality now, since the great 'workfare' revolution to replace 'welfare', and then 'austerity'. What do people think it is going to be like with a tory government that pulls out of europe and the human rights convention? Life isn't some board game.

  8. Guy at the end is right. The resources are there to give people a home. Making those unoccupied houses livable is an infrastructure job that boosts the economy. This should be a no brainer

  9. So many similarities between the homeless in the UK and U.S. As someone who is currently homeless here in the States I can attest that there are many people here who do not care about the homeless, politician or not.

  10. Serious question here! I am in Liverpool so i dont know if its any different in London but here we have a lot of shelters and hostels for the homeless , ive actually helped out at one in particular which is at least 80% empty most nights while people are literally sleeping in the streets around it? why??

  11. Maybe you should start focusing on real issues like this Ash instead of your usual abstract identitarian SJW bullshit. The poor suffer the same inequities we don't need aimless morons dividing us further by importing that policy free identitarian rubbish from the U.S.

  12. we should of helped them to register to vote on mass and got them registered in a swing county or two which only need 4-5k to swing the vote after rehousing them in homeless centres in those counties Rajneesh style.

  13. This, posted 3rd December on twitter:

    Convo with L. Cpl. P., homeless outside Tesco. Read-in, wired, politically conversant, incandescent w/ Tories, admires Corbyn… resolutely voting Conservative.
    Why?… C.O. says "we serve to conserve".

  14. how normal homeless people are should shock people. these are ordinary people. im somewhat shocked. most people i know would be profoundly shocked.

  15. Rough sleepers must come in from the cold.

    It is a matter of life or death for them.

    There are ways to come back in: there are places where they can find food, warmth, clothing, clean bedding.

    I cannot say how: rough sleepers must bind themselves together, or die alone, miserably.

    When a thousand rough sleepers come in from the cold, when ten thousand rough sleepers come in from the cold, it becomes political. Then they will fear you.

  16. It breaks my heart that people are living and suffering like this in the cold. It didn't have to be like this. The solutions are there, yet it seems some in this country would rather walk whilst other suffer.

  17. Rough sleepers!!! OK, I'm not a Brit but THIS TERM NEEDS TO GO! Rough sleeping is when you go to bed after too much to drink. Rough sleeping is when your neighbours make too much noise late into the night. Rough sleeping is what happened to the princess when the wicked witch put a pea under her stack of feather mattresses in her palace bedroom.

    THESE PEOPLE ARE HOMELESS!!! Tell it like it is! "Rough Sleeping" sounds like a polite term developed by the privileged right-wing to keep things pleasant and to downplay the misery.

  18. Can't we create a society that prioritises the wellbeing of every individual? Nah, too much greed and selfishness for that to happen…

  19. We probably need a strong economy which we haven't had for a while to protect the most vulnerable people in society.

    Let's hope the next government has a majority and mandate to make a difference on this important issue.

  20. It should be a basic human right to have shelter in this country. Remember what are you people paying tax for and national insurance. These politicians do not have your interest in their heart's.
    Need to change their ways in a lot of ways .

  21. If those damn Tories win again, I’ll be utterly terrified of what’s going to happen in the UK and here in the US with Trump. We have 500k homeless people in the US. A national outrage.

  22. Absolutely heartbreaking. How can people even consider voting for five more years of suffering and deprivation? Can you imagine the situation in 2024 if the Tories win? I can, I expect to join these shivering people; having narrowly escaped homelessness once, next time the political climate will make sure there is no rescue. At least the homeless have humanity


  24. All of these men were just ordinary people, I will tell you all in fact, no one should be homeless, did you all know that Government and all Councils have a duty to take care of you. They do not tell you this but it is fact…they have an obligation in Law to all of Her Majesty's subjects. This is what happens when Corporations are able to purchase our Birth Certificates which are Bonds that are traded o the Stock market…we are beasts of Burden, they want our cheap labour and when we die impoverished they say Tough !

  25. I think they should mention that before 2010 they never actually published reports of rough sleeping in an accurate way so if in 2005 there were 9,000 rough sleepers… We wouldnt know

  26. After the English navy had defeated the Spanish Armada Queen Elizabeth ordered that sailors be dumped off on the beaches of the south coast so that she wouldn't have to keep on paying them. The Spanish sailors on the other hand were looked after when they returned home, some things don't change! This is a mean minded country and the ruling class has had centuries to cultivate that attitude and to make it something normal with the media ramming home the message everyday. The Daily Mail always on hand to write sarcastic headlines about how Labour wants to provide jacuzzis to hardened prisoners, or some such nonsense.

  27. I want all James O’Brien listeners to watch this. Then tell me ‘I just can’t feeeeeel good about myself in voting for Jeremy corbyn. They are all as bad as each other and my little feely feels won’t let me vote for any one of them’

    Privilege is the greatest blinder. The PMCs are on the verge of swinging this election towards a Tory majority, which means changes to this country that will have brutal effects that last generations.

    But it doesn’t make them feel nice inside to vote for a man they don’t like. Totally legit.

  28. Recently, I slept rough on Blackpool seafront because I forgot the name of my hotel, pissed.

    Laid in a doorway, when some prick threw an empty coke bottle in my face, which I immediately threw back. Him and his mate then gave me a kicking.

    It really gave me an insight into the plight of the homeless. Never felt as worthless in my life.

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