What Happened to Mike, Matt, Andrew, etc…

What Happened to Mike, Matt, Andrew, etc…

So what’s up guys? This is M3RKMUS1C and today I… I have some minecraft for you. Why am I showing you guys minecraft? I have no fucking clue well actually I do know It’s because I want to talk about something important And I don’t want to necessarily be distracted too much by whatever I’m playing so I figured I’d just kind of run around in Minecraft Who cares because there’s a question? I actually see a lot like on Twitter and YouTube comments and even on like twitch chat people constantly ask where is this person That Person could be Mike, it could be Tina, It could be Matt, it could be Andrew I don’t know. Could you stop… Evie peed on that pee pad now. She wants to eat it gross I know that some of you guys missed them Or you just want to see them in videos and stuff and you’re like Where are they so yeah? I figured I’d make a video and kind of explain exactly what’s going on with everyone so let start with murk rampage You’re Mike and let me just clear up some confusion like right here, and now this is m3rkrampage Mike This is battle man 36 Mike, and this is Matt. Matt is my brother. battleman36 is a fucking… he’s actually really cool he’s a god at fortnite but most of you guys are probably curious as to where murk rampage mike is. it’s kind of interesting because The story is sort of complicated, but really not like all that complicated as you guys know. I play a lot of call of duty I like to grind call of duty and stuff and post a lot of videos on it and to the extent of my knowledge mike Has not really been enjoying a lot of the recent call of duty games awesome sniper o3 WHAT WERE YOU BORN IN 2003 YOU 12 YEAR OLD!!! Call of Duty hasn’t been good since ghosts I hate black ops 3 Even when we’d still consistently play together he was really into destiny at that time I did play a good amount of Destiny But I didn’t really like wasting too much time playing it mostly because I just really wasn’t getting too much out of it I wasn’t streaming it. I wasn’t making youtube videos on it I was playing it purely for enjoyment And I’d say ever since then we kind of just have different tastes in video games that and also kind of like changing platforms it Kind of makes things tricky for getting your friends together to like play games together Granted he does have an Xbox one and a Playstation 4 and PC Mike you can correct me if I’m wrong But I’m pretty sure you were like really getting into PC games and even though I do play pc every so often. I really kind Of just stick on console cuz i’m a fuckin casual pleb It’s just how I grow up playing games is probably how i’m gonna End up staying playing games and also as far as goes for mike I’m not gonna go super into detail, but there’s some personal stuff That was been going on in his life that definitely made it tricky for him to be able to play games with us and actually You know run his YouTube channel and stream I know for a fact that Michael wanted to make youtube videos and stream and stuff like Then again, I won’t go into specifics But it just kept him from actually being able to pursue that but I have seen Mike on ps4 a lot more recently so who Knows and if black ops 4 is a solid Call of Duty game or even just a stupid fun Goofy
One will probably end up playing it together and Mike if you are watching this anytime you want to play a game or record something Just let me know dude. I’m down, and I’m sure people would love to see us play again if not I’ll just go fuck myself next up is Matt. Also known as blorgus and blorgus blart. This is the first face reveal Matthew face reveal there you go right there look Just look at it so a lot of people actually ask where Matt is and he actually lives with me when I moved out we moved in together and I want to say when Call of Duty:WW2 was first released. We were actually really enjoying the game Matt Enjoyed playing it and like a lot of other people he got bored and tired of playing it. It’s just how it is It was kind of lacking content it wasn’t really holding a lot of people and on top of that one thing that you guys don’t know is that he works a Manual labor job, and he comes home, and he’s really tired and exhausted. You know he just likes to chill and hang out He’s not always like in the mood to play call of duty and just get more pissed off So yeah, if you’ve been wondering where Matt is he’s living with me It’s just that he’s really tired after work and stuff There was one point in time when he told me that he hadn’t turned on his ps4 in like a month or so yeah video Games aren’t always his priority most of the time when he comes home from work he just wants a grab a shower and eat some food and wtf m3rk, then usually pass the fuck out watching some Netflix or Hulu so yeah, Matt’s chilling next up is Tina or she knives It’s soooo cute

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  1. Andrew is so funny and i can only watch the montage PLEASE RELEASE

  2. i used to watch ur videos back in 2013-2016 ish and took a break , just came back to see this video and damn you came a long way , glad to see you stayed the same and are still hillarious

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