What If Your Wife Is Your Manager || Chill Maama || Tamada Media

What If Your Wife Is Your Manager || Chill Maama || Tamada Media

Hi, buddy!
– Hi, Vinay. Sit. I’m missing you Vinay, let’s go out this weekend.
– I’m missing you more than you miss me. I’ll bring the world to your feet if you ask. We’ll go out tomorrow for dinner.
– Sure. – Okay, then. Okay.
– See you. You are..
– I’ve joined recently. Whom are you waiting for?
– For Rakesh. Okay, I’m Vinay. Rakesh is on leave.
– Is he? – I’ll introduce you to the staff. Yeah, sure.
– Please come. Get sitted. What’s your proper?
– Vijayawada. Don’t tell me that you graduated from VR Siddhartha.
– Well, I graduated from the same college in 2019. Do you know Mahesh?
– Yeah, he was my senior. He’s my disciple. My word is his command.
– He acts like a rebel in the college. That’s all my training.
– Oh! Is management strict? Nah, pretty chill. My name runs here. If you’ve
any issue you say my name, the problem will solve itself. Where have you been in Hyderabad?
– It’s been only 2 days. Haven’t seen anything yet. I’m free tomorrow from 11-4, I’ll show you around.
– Why take the trouble? Firstly, stop being formal.
We’re Bezawadans. Bezawada is an emotion.
– Yeah, it is. I’ll meet you tomorrow.
– Sure. Vinay, can I have your number? What’s with the glasses?
– I found myself a new partner. Putting on the swag. That’s some talent. I can’t find one to talk.
– Talent? It’s practice! Practice makes a man perfect. I’ve got no one to practice with.
– Dude, neither woman nor happiness come to you. You should go find them. If you find yourself a woman,
wouldn’t happiness follow you? How did you work it out with her?
– Use ones proper to become a proper pair. Bro, you’re such a player.
– Won’t you change? How many lives will you destroy, blockhead! What’s his problem?- While eating curry, don’t we pick
& throw away curry leaves? Ignore him. But why is he so frustrated?
– I’ve slain the girl he’s after. She left me & ran away with someone.
That’s the reason behind his frustration. These days, aren’t they devious as well? Dear, you seem tired?
– Yeah, had a hectic day at the office. What’d you like to eat?
– Make flatbread & kurma. Okay.
– N-No, can you cook fried rice? Fine.
– I wanna eat pasta, can you make it? Do you want it or not?
– Don’t trouble yourself, just make dosa, okay? Pick one. – This is final.
– You sure? Didn’t you agree on making dosas?
– I felt like eating pulao. Shouldn’t I try something I like? Should your word be final?
– It’s okay, I’ll eat it. Why so serious? ‘I shall scheme something
& say that I’m busy this weekend.’ This is delicious.
Varam, I got work at the office this weekend. I’ll have to go.
– You go out on weekends. Sitting at home, I lost contact with the outside world.
– Does one have to go out to learn about the outside world? There’s an app called PublicVibe.
It covers all international, regional & local news. Be it about sports, films or job notifications.
– Do they even post about job notifications? You can even rise grievance through the app. wow!
– It’s loaded with features. Install it, PublicVibe. I sure will. He told me about some app.
Yeah, the PublicVibe. Installed.
National news. Oh, are they covering these many topics? There’s a job notification.
That too in his company. I’m a MBA holder.
Let me try applying to the manager position. If I crack it, my husband
will have a thrilling surprise. Baby, I told you I’ll meet you tomorrow. Dear, I’ve got a surprise for you.
– What’s that surprise about? You’ll get to know about it tomorrow.
– Will you make a salad instead of lemon rice? You’ll see that tomorrow. Is it an office call?
– Yeah. Fine. Finish your call & get back in.
– I’ll. Dude, we got a new manager.
Go, start your business. ‘This tanned dude is being colorful.
Wonder how she looks? Let me go check her out.’ ‘Am I seeing properly?
Why does she look like my wife?’ What are you doing here?
Is the office running ‘Wife-Day’ today? How is the surprise?
– Are you really my manager? Yes, dear.
– How did you get this job? You told me about the news app.
I got a notification on it. Applied for it & got the job. Don’t be tensed. I’ll assign
your work to others. We can chill out. Fine. I got some work.
I better finish it. ‘This is a shocker.’ How are you, ma’am?
– I’m good. How are you? I’m good.
– How are your team members? My teams very good.
Especially Vinay. He’s very helpful. Nice, good to know that.
– BTW, ma’am. Your dress is pretty. You look very beautiful, ma’am.
– Thank you. I put on some weight after marriage though. What? But you don’t look like you’re married.
– Thank you. Leave about me, what about your marriage? Remember Vinay? The guy I was talking about?
We are in relation for 6 months now. – What? Sorry. Carry on.
– We’re planning on getting married very soon. Oh, nice to hear that.
All the very best then. Thank you, ma’am.
May I take leave? – Yeah, sure. Is he conspiring behind my back? Hi, Divya!
– Hi, ma’am. Can I join you?
– Yeah, sure. So, how is the office?
– Yeah, it’s good, ma’am. You have joined recently as well, isn’t it? – Yeah.
– How’s everyone treating you? They’re so cool.
You’d have known that by now. I’ve of course heard about it.
– Yeah. How’s Vinay behaving?
– He’s a sweet person. Since I’m new here, he spent an entire day showing me around. When was that? On Friday?
– No, ma’am. It was on Sunday. Ain’t it a working day?
– Sunday’s are strictly prohibited in our office. Anything between you & Vinay?
– N-No ma’am, no such thing. But in future, we might get into relationship. ‘Such a player he is.’
– Okay, ma’am. I’ve to leave. – Yeah. I won’t spare him. Hey, why aren’t you having your lunch?
– I got some work to finish off. You can ask Vinay for help.
– Don’t take his name near me. What’s wrong?
– There will never be such jerk, Buffon & pervert. Always flirting with women.
– The way you’re reacting, he must have done something to you. He did. He trapped the girl I was in love with.
She got confused who to love back & married someone else. I’m sorry about it.
– As you’re beautiful, I warn you to be watchful. Thank you. ‘This has made my stomach full.’ Shall we go on next weekend?
– How about the second show? – Okay. How’s this?
– Buy it. ‘She’s here.’ Hello, guys!
– “Hi, ma’am!” – Hi! How’s the work going?
– It’s good. – Going well, ma’am. I’ve observed your workload
& I’m assigning your excess load to Vinay. All of a sudden, why this?
– Well, we all know how dedicated he is. He comes to the office on weekends as well.
So, he can do this work on weekends. But isn’t he dedicated only about flirting?
– That’s true. What is he doing here on weekends?
– Who knows? He could be up to anything. And Vinay, I’ve got your desk
shifted next to my cabin. Your system shall be loged in atleast for 8hrs.
If you’ve to go out.. Hello! You better take my permission. Varram!
– Don’t you call me how one would call their wife. Varalakshmi! I’m your manager.
Guys, the meeting is dispersed. “Do you know her?”
– ‘I can’t tell you guys about it.’ Mrudula, you & Vinay?
– For 6 months. What about you? I met this jerk recently.
– We should give him a beating. If we thrash him, our revenge will end right away.
How about we torture him for a while? Sounds perfect.
– Yes, let’s do it. – Yes. Sowmya!
We planned of torturing Vinay, remember? Yes, what’s the plan?
– Let’s ask him to take us out at the same time. 10 o’clock, tomorrow?
– Done. – Done. Sowmya & Mrudula want to meet at 10.
How do I manage them both? ‘What’s with here, now?’ Dear, we’re going out tomorrow at 10.
– 10? What for? – It’s a surprise. I beg you no more surprises.
– Don’t overreact, we’re going out at any cost. Am I overreacting? These guys want to meet at 10,
how about I skip meeting everyone? Idea! Hello!
– Hello, Vinay. – Mrudula, I got diarrhoea. I can’t come, we shall plan some other time.
– When did it happen? Hello? Hello, Sowmya! Please don’t mind
but I’m not feeling well today. Can’t come out. See ya, bye.
Both problems are clear. Now I should somehow drop her plans. Yeah, dude..
– Shakar, I need some help. – Hold on a sec. What’s it? – It’s about Vinay..
– I’ll sense the moment one thinks of taking revenge against Vinay. You want me to take leave
& assign my work to Vinay, isn’t it? – Exactly! Your work is done.
– Thanks. Kohli’s been dismissed.
– Hi, Sashi. Hi, Mrudula!
– Isn’t Vinay a good friend of yours? Bro’s very close to me.
– Can you do me a favour? What’s it?
– I’ll tell you only if you promise to do it. Fine, I’ll do it.
– Ask ma’am to grant leave this Friday & assign your work to Vinay. To Vinay bro, ha?
– Please! ‘Wouldn’t Vinay bro oblige & play his tricks?’
Fine, I’ll do it. Thank you.
– Okay. Varu.. Sorry, Varalaxmi ma’am, why haven’t you announced
in the office that I’m your wife..Sorry, your husband? If our colleagues know about it,
I can no longer torture you. People who know you’ve started to torture you.
But I’m already here to torture you. This torture shall continue forever.
This ain’t the end, it’s the beginning. Varalaxmi ma’am, won’t you forgive me?
– I won’t. Now if you leave, I’ll get back to my work. Pity my life. Varalaxmi! – What’s with Varalaxmi?
Call me Varam. But you yelled at me for the same at the office.
– That’s ’cause it was our office, this is our home. I’m starving, got anything to eat?
– That’s the kitchen, go cook for yourself. But you cook food every day.
– I was a housewife then. Now, I’m a manager. Anyhow, you got people
all across the city to cook for you. Why’re you torturing me, Varam?
– This is just a sample. In front, there is a hurricane in a jar.
– What’s that about? I’ve only heard of expression storm in a teacup. A new expression.
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