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  2. If you are against ISREAEL over PALESTINE the you should also get against kashmiri muslims.
    Go and search 100s of videos then you will find the right knowledy

  3. World is beautiful with closed eyes
    Indians only want to see what there government are showing them they really don't care about the truth lies behind there false news
    Indian government people media don't deserve to rule over Kashmir they are so brutal shame on them

  4. Yes protests are held being there…
    That's an evidence of democracy

    And art 370 has been revoked now
    No going back now…
    These protests are held for civil unrest only… 370 cannot come back now…its highly unlikely..and the PPL in the valley knows this but Islamic radicalism is coming in bw.
    PPL in jammmu and Ladakh are happy woth this decision because now the politics of the state will no longer be Kashmir centric.

  5. A perfect example of little knowledge is dangerous…
    "the Hindu prince who ruled the region later acceded to India"…. Please also tell everyone why?

  6. BBC you mentioned that the two countries separated as Muslim Majority and Hindu majority but didn't mentioned that Pakistan became Muslim Republic while India Became Sovereign Democratic there are more Muslims in India than Pakistan.
    Pakistan wiped out all other religions but in India all the religions co existed peacefully till date and are respected in equally.This shows the bias nature towards India which the entire world has followed throughout history but now things have changed and India developed against all odds so the world has no option but to work together with India or follow the same fate as Pakistan.

  7. Some good books on Kashmir Dispute;
    – 'The Kashmir Dispute vol 1,2' (A G Noorani)
    – 'Curfew Night' (Basharat Peer)
    – Books by Khalid Bashir Ahmed

  8. Some of the facts 95% of Indians don't know…

    -Ladakh was a part of the Kingdom of Kashmir since 1834-35. Earlier, Ladakh was a collection of small principalities of different local cheifs and rulers of Purig and Leh. Ladakh was forcefully conquered by the Hindu Dogra ruler through his tyrannical general Zorawar Singh who caused widespread terror and fear among the Ladakhi populace and destroyed scores of historical and sacred sites of Purig.
    -Under UNSC Resolution 65 of 1947, J and K is a disputed territory, so under international norms, your map is incorrect.
    – People of Kashmir, Jammu, Baltistan and Ladakh embraced Islam in the medieval times through Sufi and Shi'a missionaries (like that of Shah Hamdan, Syed Muhammad Noorbaksh, Syed Araki, etc)
    – Kashmir's ruler, who was a Ladakhi, embraced Islam after getting inspired from a Sufi cleric Bulbul Shah. Islam became the state religion under the first Muslim king (who had voluntarily accepted Islam), and missionaries continued to flourish.
    – 358 Kashmiri Pandits were killed during the times of their expulsion from the state, and the scholarly consensus of the cause of their exodus is heavily disputed. The number is incomparable to the death of Muslims since 1947.
    – 200,000 Muslims were killed and 300,000 thrown out of Jammu during the Jammu massacres of 1947, after which Jammu became a Hindu majority region. More than 70,000 (upto more than a 100,00 according to some scholars Kashmiris have been killed since 1947)
    – Mount Kailash and Hindu Kush are not located in J & K.
    – Aryan Valley is in Kargil district of Ladakh, and the inhabitants were Shamans in ancient times, then accepted the then popular Bön religion (Bön Chos) and nowadays follow a mix faith and ritualistic form of Bön Chos, Shamanism and Buddhism. Hinduism never existed in the region of Baltistan and Ladakh. (Popular conversion sequence; Shamanism/Animism > Bön > Buddhism > Islam).

    Sources: Letter of Lord Cunningham regarding the population of Kashmir to J Nehru prior to India's independence,
    The Kashmir Dispute vol 1 & 2 by A G Noorani,
    Books on Ladakh by Janet Rizvi,
    History of Western Tibet by A H Francke,
    History of Ladakh by Hasmatullah Khan,
    Ladakh then and Now, by Zainul Abedin Abedi,
    Where Three Kingdoms Meet by Knight,
    History of Ladakh Gilgit and Baltistan by IAS officer Parvez Devan, etc.

    (I am from Kargil Ladakh and oppose the Indian, Pakistani and Chinese occupation of all the territory of the erstwhile kingdom of Kashmir, recognised as disputed under United Nations Security Council Resolution 65 of 1947)

  9. Look at the dislikes from world's Largest Fakeocracy! That's their democracy which is based on majority and exclusion. Shameless would say its Pakistan not Indian Occupied Kashmir. What a pity this ghost is going to haunt you Indians its a bitter nightmare for you. Kudos to people of Kashmir!

  10. Yeap.. administration said over and over again… great part of valley is normal and curfews lifted. But yet the biased media were hungry for violence they expected… so what can u do to show world that its all mess ? by showing a few hundred or thousand creating havoc, when the valley has millions in population.
    What do u expect the reaction of force if they were attacked violently.. that they would offer u flowers?… these are stones that are hitting with devastating effects.
    Noone said the valley would be a Ethiopia in swift of time… it takes time until people benefits… beside for every movement u can expect suppotive and offensive response…. as far as the condition of valley concerned, things are way better than projected.

    Now all who cry for attention can go to sleep… bahbayy

  11. @ himanshu singh 36 weeks after partition the entire Muslim population of Ghrdaspur was completely wiped out in a Town that was called [Muslim Town] Islamabad. By the very same advancing army on its way to Kashmir that the said resolution was drawn up against. As Mountbatten had changed sides and sent back the promised British protection to the U.N. The Pakistanis did not have an Army to protect the civilians of Kashmir you hold captive with such brutality from then [72 years ago] to this day.

    I know these facts intimately because my mother was a 9-year-old survivor of this murderous atrocity, which she and her 5 younger siblings escaped from by hiding in a hay cart while hearing the screams of her relatives being individually murdered. This incident is verifiable as there was a town with that name that suddenly disappeared overnight and maps and census prove it.

    You are also not told that Indians murdered 1 Million Muslims in India just 36 weeks prior to that knowing that the British had withdrawn protection to the Muslims in India.

    That clause, therefore, was placed there knowing that it would be an unacceptable condition. Just like so many forced upon Palestinians. And would, therefore, be used as an excuse to justify land theft.

  12. My only straight question if few of the employees in your own company form a sub group and say it is the independent stake and if they ask special privileges, would you grant them? On top of it you are claiming or discussing on only few places where pakistan supports live, why dont you try to show good side of it. Most of the times you will make foul cry on India to portray as bad and unsafe, better change your opinion.

  13. Wow! this journalist is very poorly informed on Kashmir's history. She should do a little more research. Art 370 has nothing to do with instrument of accession of 1947. And how can you seriously do a story on Kashmir, with no mention of radical Islamisation by IS and armed insurgency stoked by militants trained by Pakistan. Also how can you in honesty deny that Article 370 denied rights to women, Hindus, Sikhs, Budhists and every non-Muslim, How long does teh world expect a constitutional vibrant, secular democracy, to keep subsiding Kashmir and not even have it integrate with teh nation. The Indian state spends 10 times per capita on every Kashmiri than it does elsewhere. and this is all paid by the Indian tax payer. So its time Kashmir gave up Islamic militancy and realized its aspirations within a secular India

  14. It's totally fake video everything is fine in kashmir govt of India is spending millions & billon dollars for development of Kashmir. people are happy in kashmir.pakistan want defame india

  15. Oh, so all the violence is only in the Indian side, and the Pakistani side is like heaven or what, bloody propogandists w.p,, the truth is that Pakistani side Kashmir had the same no of protests and violence as in the Indian side so there is no need to POLARIZE India on this better remember,,.

  16. মোদি সরকার কাশ্মীর কে নরক এ পরিণত করছে। এরা জললাদ । এদের কাছে মানুষের জীবনের কোনো মূল্য নেই ।

  17. Oh dumb madam ..there is curfew ..no one is on road they must be protesting outside ur AC closet ….where u hide to spread your fake propoganda ..stay happy in your fool's paradise

  18. Kashmiris have been facing atrocities from Indian government and army for several decades. But the recent and current state sponsored terrorism is unprecedented. To hide and cover these atrocities with the lies and scheming is shameful.

  19. Plz don't make your thoughts on the base on air. You are not live in Kashmir my so relatives are live there I think this time is so much is better before any time so plz only concern about your country

  20. Why .America used military to silence Laden the man a large majority thinks was a crusader of Islam? Where was you theory of democratic value and voice of dissent? If No then answer the question that A terroist state Pakistan is trying level best to provoke and creat unrest and violence in kashmir in the name of Jihad and military person from pakistan is openly crying Jehad hence India is fighting Pakistan in kashmir hence large no of military personal is required . Then if one person named Israr Ahmad khan dies and you people say there is unrest and anarchy then in America so many people die due to gun injury then why not to declear America a terror state? So many question on double standard of American press

  21. Deliberately leaving out fact at 1.35 that 'Pakistant based militia attacked the state of J&K, which made the King of J&K to accede to India'. Also the report which is based upon the visit of the correspondent to only the area which had trouble, well, it shows that the correspondent had a preconceived narrative. Jammu & Kashmir can be broadly divided into 3 seperate areas, namely, 1. Jammu, 2. Kashmir Valley and 3. Laddakh. The resentment is only present in 1 of the 3 divisions, the other 2 are celebrating. So, yes, your title is correct but certain things are carefully UNREPORTED.

  22. Anchor is biased , must be from Pakistan. Americans have experience of Bin Laden's hiding and should understand Pakistan's fake. Pakistan has eliminated all minorities from their country, where as muslim minority is living happily in India, their population is growing faster than the people in mejority.

  23. I’m surprised that western media is talking and taking sides of Kashmiries , I thought they give more value to Indian people that’s kinda interesting . Hope the issue of Kashmir get resolved ASAP both occupied countries Pakistan and India should work on poverty, population control, pollution and that kind of stuff except wasting money on wars killing and hating each other just for the sake of Kashmir that’s a stupidity. They both should move back their military from Kashmir and give them independence. They should learn a good lesson from US, the endless war in Afghanistan, military didn’t bring any peace yet.

  24. This article was scrapped because of "Jihadi" ideology extremist who were creating terror , genocide of other community, supporting by Pakistan terror group Jaish e Muhammad….

  25. Earlier media was the major part of us because from there only we got to know the situation of entire world & state but nowadays biased and fake media are every where……
    Please stand & support unbiased media…
    Never expected this from Washington post 👎

  26. Please report this video as this video is reporting fake news.
    Inciting violence through lies, hatred speeches and stone-pelting is haraam. Indian government is trying to stop this violence and save lives. But people like this reporter oppose Indian government and do haraam.
    May Allah give a good roast to all those who are doing haraam !

  27. THIS IS A CLASSIC example of presstitute. first of all , the hindu prince u mentioned who chose to remain independent , signed the instrument of accesession of 1948 with india in order to take the help of indian army in defending pakistani army attack on jammu and kashmir. the article 370 u r talking about was basically passed by indian parliament in 1954 for easing the immediate governance isuues, the article itself mentioned in sub clause 3 that its a temporary provision. does this sold reporter knows what temporary means. it is removed because the autonomy was misused and public was kept deliberatory poor and illiterates. no investments were done and billions of funds released never reached the public of jammu and kashmir because of the autonomy kashmir govt. had by 370. they said to the kashmiris that poverty and unemployment is because we are not a free nation. the jobless youth got swayed by the ideas of separatism and thus stone pelting happened. after they are free pakistan will occupy them , by the way ur paid history also did not talk about pakistan occupied kashmir.

  28. seriously how could you be so delusional ?? ..they are being suppressed of course for hailing another country being in our country .. they are staying and spoiling youth .. killing our hindus .. converting them .. plz dont talk stupid without much intelligence about it , if they dont like .. then leave and go to pakistan .. , but land surely belongs to us

  29. The comment section is full of pro modi indian trolls that support authoritarian regime, so i recommend you to save your nerves

  30. OK next time we make a big move that aims to reduce terrorism in India, we make a public state and even give Pakistan and all the terrorist org enough months to prepare so they can inflict more harm to India.
    What you people forget that Muslims maybe a majority but not every Muslim thinks this is bad. Most of these protest are ignited by the old Kashmir govt who before removal of Article 370 was stealing all AID money that was poured into Kashmir by India and also the money that was meant to improve infrastructure in leh and ladakh which is a Buddhist Majority.
    All their slogan that India is destroying their rights and culture is all bullshit. Since The prev govt didn't even help the tribal people in Kashmir and India has many different culture who were never Lost and are still strong and united in India.

    Strong measure needs to be taken in Kashmir since for nearly 70 years Pakistan have been helping terrorist to infiltrate India via Kashmir, Kashmir is and always have been part of India and Article 370 at its implementation was said to be temporally.

  31. Nonsence news channel probably financed by militant groups. Irratically shows old videos. I advice u bastards see your house. We are self sufficient to handle kashmir. And yes whoever is anti national is a militant and I ensure u he will b killed. Kashmir does not belong to kashmiri muslims as the are from afganistan and Iran etc. The real owners are kashmiri hindus and they r happy with this decision.

  32. Again u english people are the real culprits. U created Pakistan. U created differences and hatred here u created mujahids against USSR in afganistan. Now u will also get what sow. See half of Britain is under Muslim dominancy. Twin trade tover disaster happened in USA. U shd wait to get more. What u sow so shd u reap. See ur home has started getting on fire. Militancy does not see country. It will try to engulf all small or big. This is my advice to u.

  33. What the presenter did was quite rude. When she showed the power point about Hindu prince acceding Kashmir, she conveniently ignored to mention the part Pakistan grabbed around 30% of the territory forcing the prince to accede to India. One sided narratives are dangerous. I'd have appreciated if Washington Post put the facts accurately and let the viewers decide. Instead she chose to not present the fact that the separatism is totally motivated by religion and the fact that Hindu Kashmiris want to be with India. NYT and WP seem to be against Indian government for reasons only known to them.

  34. I truly apologize for trolling on journalism by Blind followers of Fenku For and on behalf of Secular Democratic Indian Millennials.

  35. I am kashmiri plz bbc tell our situation what we want reality is we don't want go with india plz save us ten thosand our sisters have been raped by indian army 2 t 3 years child are blind by indian army over 1 lakh innocent people have been killed by indian army now I what will be go after this article 370 indian people will pick-up over sistere and rape them you better now india is number one country where women are unsafe after this 10 lakh over sister will be rape by indian people and indian army if their brothers will speaks they will be declare terrosit then too many problems will come too many child will be blind by indian army so plz save us you are doing good job to tell truth to whole world I am kashmir first intrigue me I am not pakistani not belong to other country I am kashmiri plz tell the whole world what will do india after this plz world help us

  36. There is problem with extremist religion. Once in majority, such extremist religion starts demanding separate statehood. Kashmir is one such example.

  37. LIES LIES LIES! Kashmir was invaded by Pakistan terrorists in 1948 leading the King of Kashmir to join Kashmir with India. Pakistan still illegally occupying India's rightful territory PAKISTAN MUST GIVE KASHMIR BACK TO INDIA! Pakistan has been breeding Isis and alqaeda supporting terrorists to infiltrate India via Kashmir under false propaganda of 'Kashmir freedom struggle' ITS INDIAS DUTY TO STOP PAKISTANI TERRORISM IN KASHMIR! PAKISTAN IS SPREADING FALSE PROPAGANDA ABOUT GENOCIDE IN KASHMIR – The only genocide in Kashmir happened 30 yrs ago when the Kashmiri Muslims SLAUGHTERED Kashmiri Hindus! Get your FACTS right Washington Postpone

  38. Modi should have talked to its people before implementing this law. They are living in a military dictatorship. I say kashmir must be an independent and neitjer Pakistan nor India nor China should control kashmir.

  39. Conveniently choosing to ignore how Pakistan sent in tribal insurgents to Kashmir in 1947/48 which forced the Maharaja to sign the treaty of ascension with India.

    Status quo has to go. Kashmiri's have the choice to leave India. They do not respect the shared history. Partition of India has already been done on the basis of religion. It shouldn't happen again.

  40. Then U must have video of 1990 too !!! V knows what is happening here btr then u !!! Come here & give all ground report !!! Shiting there is not solution buddy !!!

  41. Go On Pakistan, The Whole Nation and God With Us. Issue Of Jammu Kashmir Will Soon Solve, Inshallah.
    The UNO Should notice the Terrorism of Hinduism in Jammu And Kashmir, Otherwise Pakistan is Ready To Fight for Kashmir.

  42. Kashmiri people mostly are puppets of political parties and highly radicalized. It may be Imran who can take u turn not indian PM. This decision will surely be implemented and justified to world in upcoming days.

  43. Article 370 was a temporary provision.there three parts in which Jammu n Kashmir divided. First is laddkh,Jammu, Kashmir.first two celebrateing this decision. Now comes to Kashmir there are few regions where separatatist and terrorist lives which is funded by the neighbour country. These people's work to provogue the fire and change the mind set of the peoples who lives in kashmir.there are few leaders who support this activity just because they wanted to rule Kashmir forever.they are from a family. I have never seen any ground level people who comes in the politics.these guys stops them. Now after removing 370 ground people will get chance and will become the voice of Kashmiri.

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