100 thoughts on “Which of President Trump’s accomplishments are the media not talking about?

  1. 1) Health care = no deal
    2) The wall = an embarrassment (Mexico will pay). 3). No partial trade deal = partial trade deal. Tired of losing?

  2. Anybody that's a fulls fan is a laughable joke. You all can't still be mad because President Trump won stop acting like babies or I mean fools

  3. Thank you Mr President & Trump Patriots working with him to turn our country and world around step by step, with the Major Help of Almighty God who gave us His Trump!

  4. Papa Bear Trump is a great man and hard not to love. That said, the fact that he continues to allow Illegal alien employers to commit FELONIES against the American workers unabated shows the truth.

  5. The USA is built so “we the people” have the power to vote for who we want in office to make decisions that effect our life, liberty and freedom. oh… Russia and China have a say as well.

  6. Whopper has done zero but get rich and run her big nasty mouth her mother should have taught her to say nothing if u can t be nice

  7. Look out for soros and his futures that broke London economy he will try to do that in America. Obama changed regulation so SOROS could make millions in the US. Watch that evil man and his son friends with the Obamas and paying antifa

  8. Once you watch the news especially critiques.. you need to ready yourselves of what they say.. it's aaaalll negative…

  9. No one reports on his golf handicap. “We the People” have paid $118 Million for him to play at his own courses the last three years. At least we have a right to know his handicap. Don’t you think?

  10. Donald Trump promised he would eliminate the National Debt in eight years.
    Instead, his budgets would add $9.1 trillion during that time.
    It would increase the U.S. debt to $29 trillion according to Trump's budget estimates

  11. I heard that the likes of Soros are the ones funding the people to illegally cross/migrate the borders of USA, this is the elite's agenda to flood the US of illegal immigrants.

  12. Trump accomplished becoming president by cheating with foreigner Putin. He outsmarted enough votes to become president . He is also Smarter than most Senators and will not be impeached. He knows how to deceive people. Because Satan lives in his brain. And is his # one advisor.

  13. CNN's wicked people including Whoopi are just there to demonize TRUMP, my relatives in the US just told me that their income grew because of Trump's economic policy. I believe my relatives than the CNN wicked people and Whoopi.

  14. The moron hasn't accomplished anything… Everyone knows it even Fox News… Name one thing he has accomplished himself that didn't roll over from Obama… Go ahead just one thing.. I bet you can't do it

  15. Ok so just to let you know this video is pathetic the plus side that you say for Trump this year are things that he's been working on 3 years and even then it's only 3 things and the video is 4 mins that's pitiful that he could only accomplish 3 things and imagration is debatable that he fixed it and the lower middle to poor income class are in worse shape than ever

  16. So those hideous creatures like Whoopi and the far-left MSM are always insulting our intelligence by telling us Trump hasn't accomplished anything? We'll show'em in 2020!!

  17. Trumplethinskin has no accomplishments to report. The economy is continuing to reflect numbers established by President Obama. The wall is a failure. He had the longest government shutdown in history. The environment is suffering. Trumplethinskin has governed by failed executive orders. He is inept, illiterate and corrupt.

  18. How about the $1.1 trillion President Trump added to the national debt in 2019 alone? More spending and debt than Obama, quite an accomplishment Fox news wont talk about!

  19. I love the end of the year. The year end report is another look at the entire failed corrupt media. From late night shows, Hollywood people, ‘news outlets’, sensational journalists and day time shows all look like fools with their illogical Trump hatred. Happy New year all of you dividers. I hope and pray your New Years resolutions is to simply shut up.

  20. Trump is the Common man who got Lucky!!!… and Now he's fleecing All of America!! ~ You call that an "Accomplishment"????

  21. Bankrupting America by giving huge tax cuts to wealthy elites and corporations while the deficit increased by thirty percent. That's going to leave a mark.

  22. Trump and his administration have continued to consistently hurt and oppress the everyday lower/middle class American Family. You've got the Trade War that has 100% backfired costing us as much as 7 Billion a month and this is coming directly from our Federal Reserve. The study, has noted that 10 primary industries were hit by retaliatory tariffs and higher prices, including producers of magnetic and optical media, leather goods, aluminum sheet, iron and steel, motor vehicles, household appliances, sawmills, audio and video equipment, pesticide, and computer equipment. The Steel particularly stands out to me as US Steel is closing a Detroit-area steel mill and laying off 1,500 workers, Bayou Steel Group in Louisiana is laying off 376 employees and shutting down its factory, AK Steel in Kentucky is closing it's doors. These are just a few that are closing there doors. Pennsylvania's Bruce Mansfield coal plant is shutting down, Navajo Generating Station in Arizona shut down, the Kintigh & Cayuga in New York are closing making New York no longer a State producer of coal. All these promised returns of these jobs has been nothing other than a broken promise. Instead consumers in our Economy are paying more as the result of these Tariffs. Trump has cost Farmers there lively hoods. Were now bailing them out costing us over $10 Billion a year and the amount only continues to increase. We've even got a unfair distributions where the Environmental Working Group said the top percentage of aid recipients received an average of more than $180,000 some as much as a million while the bottom 80% were paid less than $5,000 in aid. I'm sorry but less than $5000 in aid isn't even remotely enough to keep these smaller farmers in business. This is going to result in them losing their lively hood and greatly impact our agricultural sectors in the United States. It's the very reason why Ohio farmer Christopher Gibbs is weighing an independent run to unseat one of President Donald Trump's strongest supporters attached to the House impeachment inquiry — Rep. Jim Jordan. And I urge those reading this to look into this.

    We've got the Trump Administration that has proposed 3 changes this year to the Federal Food Stamp Program, which was adopted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and would deny food stamps to nearly 700,000 Americans. This number could spike to as many as 2 million losing access to Food Stamps with another estimated 3 million seeing reduced benefits. Were currently facing a situation where as many as half a million children could lose their eligibility for free school lunches under a Trump administration proposal.
    Children whose families qualify for food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP, can automatically get free breakfasts and lunches at school, but the Trump administration's proposal would tighten eligibility for SNAP.

    Were currently facing a deficit to our Government because Companies like Amazon & Google are paying 0 in Federal Taxes. It's money that should be going back into our system and it's not. Lower taxes cause less to go back into the system and the wealthy have by far received the biggest tax cuts. Sure tax cuts sound nice and are nice to have but we have to have a balance. When you have Companies like Amazon whose wealth has nearly doubled since Trump taking to the Office there is something alarming. Donald Trump won’t say it, but Republicans in the Senate will: Social Security and Medicare would be on the chopping block in a second Trump term. Pointing to rising deficits (which I've listed), Republican Senators have all but promised to gut entitlements if Trump gets four more years. This is horrifying and shouldn't under any circumstance be happening or even be on the table for discussion. We shouldn't be chopping away at Policies & Programs the American people heavily rely upon and desperately need. It's only a matter of time until they go after your 401k's and Retirements/Savings because that'll be all that is left. First, expanded deficits through tax cuts, then declare that spending must be slashed. The chief target of these proposed cuts is Social Security, which historians have noted the mainstream Republican party has long sought to diminish, privatize, or both. And we're already seeing the deficits through tax cuts and have Trump considering adopting another Tax Cut but to the Middle Class so he has a greater chance of winning a 2nd Term.
    We even had Mitch McConnell bribing Kentucky Voters With $1 Billion In Federal Spending to remain elected and again he is one of Trump's biggest supporters. Urge folks to read where that money is being distributed throughout Kentucky.

    What we have is The Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress making the most sweeping changes to the Federal Safety Net Programs in a generation, using Legislation and Executive Actions to target recipients of food stamps, Medicaid and Housing benefits. The White House is quietly preparing a sweeping executive order that would mandate a top-to-bottom review of the federal programs on which millions of Lower Class Americans rely. And GOP lawmakers are in the early stages of crafting legislation that could make it more difficult to qualify for those programs.

    In the meantime, the Trump administration has already begun making policy shifts that have major ramifications. Federal health officials are encouraging states to impose work requirements on able-bodied adults on Medicaid already — a major philosophical shift that would treat the program as welfare, rather than actual health insurance.
    Currently there even targeting Social Disability. They know they can't out right abolish these Programs but they can impose new legislation's that move people off or make it increasingly harder to qualify. And they won't stop because they at the end of the day want these Programs gone.

    America right now is under what I view an attack by ourselves. The reason's why we have so many homeless and bankruptcies is because we have a fundamentally broken system that works against American's. I couldn't care less how low our Unemployment Rates are because the Jobs being flooded into the Economy are Low Paying Salary oriented jobs. It doesn't build a Strong or Thriving Economy. Health Care Cost are at a all time "Record HIGH" for those who have or can barely afford it. Nearly 10% of all Americans as of right now are going without Health Care. That's over 30 million people. Then we have over 600,000 people going bankrupt do to the absurd Medical Bills. You've got Housing/Rent at a all time high without regulations to control and promote a fair living price. We have got to enforce regulations against this. When the Nation Minimum wage has been at $7.25 an hour for the past "Decade" since 2009 we've got a serious serious problem. I remember being fresh out of High School working being paid that wage (not paying taxes as I was my parents dependent) and only bringing home a little over $250 for a 40 hours a week job. Back then it wasn't even possible for me to afford a place to rent on my own, hardly enough to afford my car payments, hardly enough for other living expenses, it was nearly impossible. It was so unimaginably hard to make everyday ends meet always having to stop and question will I have the money to get by for next week. And when I stop to reflect back on those hard times I was one of the few that had it better than the rest. I had Health Care through my parents claiming me as a dependent, I was healthy, I didn't have a Student Debt, and so many other factors. So you see if you put any of these factors together you have people suffering immensely looking for help working themselves into a early grave. And instead of getting help that hope is being crushed and all but taking away with even more Americans falling into this "Void".

    And I'd speak on the increase in Military spending but I'd be on that issue alone without end. If we so much as cut spending by $100 Billion from the nearly now $800 Billion we could help so many people. Instead we'd rather promote or stay in endless wars, have arms companies making billions, and the immense waste of resources and human life. We need to stop this and begin restructuring relationships with other people of the world.

  23. Putting aside Donald Trumps sarcasm and bragging on him self in his rally's while all of the mainstream media cameras are on him when he tells of all of the accomplishment he has done for this country that's has not been reported on by the main stream media,
    Has any one of them been proven wrong?
    don't you think if he was lying they would call him out on all those accomplishments. Crickets!!!!

  24. Thank you President Trump. We are so grateful for everything you have done even though the FAKE NEWS has done everything to lie and disgrace you. You are protected from the Lord. Wish you could be President forever!

  25. The only reason that unemployment is down is because of the population increase, but that isn't taken into consideration, because they are lying morons!

  26. He's losing S. Korea because he can only see dollar signs, if he moves the troops out of there, he is leaving the US wide open to N. Korea with the help of China. that's what he has done.

  27. They are talking quite a bit about the only the important accomplishment he's had. He has single-handedly destroyed the Republican party. He should be proud. The Dems have been trying for decades to pull that off and it only took Donnie three years…

  28. Whoopie Goldbricker thinks "the world would be better off without President Trump? That is definite evidence that OUR PRESIDENT is doing his job. Keep on lying to yourselves Dems. Your "GANG" in Congress totally botched the bastardizing of our nations Legislature. PERIOD

  29. The brainwashed left media.completely out of their mind.Refuse the reality .What poor souls.They are lost in their hate .

  30. I would highlight trump's treason as something the media is ignoring. He and his team worked so hard to setup secret meeting with Russian intelligence agents and oligarchs working for Putin, then they interfered with Russian sanctions, undermined Ukraine's security, attacked NATO, attacked the UN, attacked our allies and defended Putin from the evidence showing he interfered in our election, murdered foreign nationals and reporters and treated Putin as if he wasn't a murderous dictator. Yeah, trump's treason is probably the top story the media ignored.

  31. Actually it looks like the media is starting to hedge their bets in regards to some of Trumps, because they know he is getting reelected. Check out recent articles in the new yk post, and wapo. They have no choice


  33. Trump recently paid $2 million to eight charities as part of a settlement in which Trump admitted he misused funds raised by the Donald J. Trump Foundation to promote his presidential bid and pay off business debts. Fact check it. One of the charities he stiffed was a veterans group.

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