100 thoughts on “Who selects Brooke Baldwin’s colorful television war…

  1. About the dumbest person anchoring news anywhere. She is a bought and sold typical puppet for Clinton, Rothchild, and Soros. No more.

  2. She's why Megyn Kelly is worth $20 million. CNN can't find a smart liberal woman, let alone a smart liberal who is also pretty. She is literally a walking and talking blond joke. I thought she was already dumb until that little boy was killed by an alligator. She actually asked an animal specialist what he thought the alligator was thinking. SMFH. Wish I was the guy because I would have said that "alligators are stupid predators that don't think. But with that said, I'm sure it was still smarter then you are"

  3. How is this dumb ass air head blonde slut bimbo still on tv? She's the farthest thing I've ever seen from a legitimate journalist. She's just another eye candy automaton that reads off a Teleprompter and tries, very poorly, to pretend she has any conviction. Get this bitch off tv and into the titty bar

  4. She did an interview on the frigate USS Anzio. Give it a view. It's something else. You should see the interplay between her and the exec officer.

  5. If I were Brooke Baldwin I would give an interview with an earpiece in my ear and then when somebody told me what to say after I ask them a question I would tell them exactly what I heard in my earpiece

  6. Yeah Yeah Yeah, Brook's very pretty and she isn't lacking at all in the journalism game, but after watching this vid, I gotta say, that with tiny short fingernails, why bring attention to them by painting them a reddish hue? , I mean It looks terrible and

  7. first thing i notice on woman is there legs if they have a dress on and there eyes to me the eyes say a lot .

  8. I can't stop watching her. She has the pissed off look that every woman I've been with ends up with after a few months.

  9. Brooke is one of the best reporters in cable news along with being so sexy, so beautiful with the sexiest legs & sexiest feet. Would love to give her sexy feet lots of attention all night long.

  10. Brooke Baldwin has to be one of the nastist and scankiest news reporter that I Have ever seen she looks like a strung out street hooker.

  11. Brooke is physically hot, but she is a fake journalist and far-left propagandist, who belongs in porn instead.

  12. Brooke is sooooo freakin' beautiful!!!! I miss her face on the CNN reporting!!!!

    WHERE ARE YOU, BROOKE!!!!? Come on back!!!!

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