Why Blackadder shot a delicious, plump-breasted carrier pigeon – BBC

Why Blackadder shot a delicious, plump-breasted carrier pigeon – BBC

Yes, if one of the Kings carrier pigeons, no, it isn’t reaching couldn’t carry the King Hasn’t got tri or anything But tenanted revolver, please. Oh now sir. You really shouldn’t do this, you know, come on George with 50000 men getting killed a week Who’s going to miss a pigeon? Oh Not you obviously, so in any case it’s scarcely a court-martial offense get plucking boric No, it’s got a little ring around its leg there’s a novelty really it sort of paper hassles well There’s a joke That’s a bit sure there’s a something-something at once PS due to communication crisis The shooting of carrier pigeons is now a court-martial offense What’s funny about that sir, it’s not funny it’s deadly serious we’re in trouble so I shall eat the evidence for lunch And if anyone asks you any questions at all, we didn’t receive any messages and we definitely did not shoot this delicious plum breasted pigeon Mmm delicious And why captain are you not advancing of course no man’s land Well, sir called me a bluff Oh traditionalist, but I was always taught to wait for the order to attack before attacking Received any orders Darling That’s a good lie, sir. I spoke to black out a less than an hour ago Yes, you did to tell me some gobbledygook about having a lion up your bottom Communications problem again stand easy Exelon. This is imperative. Take that down darling. Yes. Also make a note of the word gobbledygook. I like you I want to use it more often in conversation. I Must say so I find this all very unlikely Not only did I telephone Blackadder, but as you’ll recall we sent him a telegram and the carrier pigeon did you? Tell us you had a pigeon Come on man. You must have done I sent our top bird speckled Jim Who’s been with me since I was a nipper Business I’m giving you your order to advance now synchronize watches gentlemen Private what is the time? We didn’t receive any messages and Captain Black Adder definitely did not shoot this delicious plum prestige business What You want to be cremated more Eagle buried at sea

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  1. Atkinson a good actor. But how that breed become a carrier breed is astonishing. Anyway, all happy at the theatre mode. Necessarily.

  2. I honestly am glad I found this because I thought it was just a weird fever dream about house and Mr bean for the longest time

  3. இது அதுல்ல! 23ஆம் புலிகேசி, ஆகா என்ன கனம் என்ன கனம் 😂😂😂

  4. In a way Blackadder saved the lives of his men by going on trial, as if Baldric had answered Melchett's question and given him the time, they'd have been ordered to cross no-man's land.

  5. The. 455 Webley service pistol. Double action, top break revolver. Great pistol, bit of an under powered cartridge at only 700fps though

  6. There is a sense of comparison in the looks between rowan Atkinson and Jose mourinho but I just can't but my finger on it. Is it the face maybe?
    Even My little brother said it once

  7. ничего не понял , но очень интересно .

  8. I always loved the Black Adder Show! I'm here upon America. We got to watch it on PBS in the 80's when it wasn't the Proletariat Broadcasting Sensorship/Censorship.


  10. This is how society learn to kill birds and animals for the taste of their tongues or only to have fun or being fulfilling their hates..

  11. бля, ребят, русские субтитры – это что-то. если ты русскоязычен – почитай. почти как на али перевод)

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