Why Public Schools and the Mainstream Media Dumb Us Down

Why Public Schools and the Mainstream Media Dumb Us Down

“Resist much, obey little; Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved; Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.” This were the words of caution which the great poet Walt Whitman offered to his fellow americans for Whitman recognised that crucial to a free and flourishing society are men and women who are willing to question and even resist authority when necessary, but today very few of us live by the ideal spoused by Whitman rather blind obedience is the norm, we have become populations of sheeps easily to be herded into the chains of tyranny But what has led those of us in the West to largely shun the advice of Whitman, in this video we will examine two institutions that have played an integral role of the breeding of a passive citizenry The compulsory state-run education system Which in North America’s called The Public School System and the mainstream media, public schooling is viewed as one of the shining lights of the modern Western world, who could question the value of an institution that provides free and compulsory education for all. But as with many institutions of our day the textbook picture of who the institutions should work greatly diverges from the reality of how it does work. If public schools taught individuals how to think, if they promoted intellectual curiosity and produced citizens healthy body and mind then few would question their value, but beneath the Vannier resented by the bureacrats that run these institutions, a darker reality emerges Whereas John Taylor Gatto, a former teacher turned one of public schoolings greatest critics, writes Noam Chomsky echoed this sentiment, writing in his book understanding power To some this may sound like heresy, but a study of history reveals that this was the intention from the the very start, the state runs school systems in the West were modelled of factory style of education first introduced in Prussia in the early 1700 hundreds Albert Einstein, an individual who reached heights of genius rarely seen did not credit his compulsory schooling with his intellectual development, reflecting back on his school years, Einstein noted that after completing his final examination his interest in the field he would go on to revolutionise was all but dead Einstein believed that one of the major flaws of compulsory state run education systems is their forced style of teaching After well over a decade of indoctrination in the school system, few emerge with a great taste of knowledge and a curiosity toward the many mysteries of the world, instead, as Bruce Levine writes in his book, Resisting Illegitimate Authority, But if our schooling cannot be relyed upon to generate the critical minds needed to protect a society from the actions of corrupted authorities can the mainstream media play this role, while there has been an increased scepticism toward this institution in recent years distaste and distrust towards the mainstream media has a long history Nietzsche, one of the most intellectually free and curious minds of history, was also no fan of the mainstream media Richard Wiever, a professor at the University of the Chicago in the first half of the twentieth first century, found it ironic that while we have freed ourselves from the earth-centric view of the cosmos We have all the while head long into an illusory view of the world created by the mainstream media, and while Wiever focuses on newspapers on the following passage, as they were the dominant medium of his day, his words are even more implacable today, were modern technologies offers far better tools for the manipulation of the masses But why does the mainstream media so often choose deception over truth, Noam Chomsky in his book, Media Control, suggest that like many politicians, the mainstream media is dominated by individuals who adhere to an elitest ideology, the twenieth century journalist Walter Lipman epitomise this view calling the masses, The Bewildered Herd in suggesting that one of the main functions is to put this herd in its proper places, passive spectators not active participants in the organisation of a society For as Chomsky explains, this elitest ideology is built on the notion… For those of us who are not among the self-oriented elite the question arises as to whether the controlling of the bewildered herd is done in order to promote a phosphorus and flourishing society or merely to maintain certain institutional structures, which favour the elites to the detrimental society at large, this open question only reinforces the need for a more sceptical attitude toward the authority figures of our day, we need in other words, more anti-authoritarians. It must be stressed that an anti-authoritarian is not someone who in place of a passive acceptance of authority adopts a passive rejection of all authority. Many institutions and authority figures, serve a beneficial purpose, and therefore should be accepted, but anti-authoritarians recognise that consensus does not mean truth, that power corrupts, that people lie and that summon institutions in the words of Chomsky, recognising these undeniable facts, the anti-authoritarian is willing to look at all authority figures with a healthy dose of scepticisim and potentially even resist their commands, if such authority proves corrupt and harmful to the wellbeing of a society, whereas Henry David Thoreau wrote… But should we fear a world with more anti-authoritarians, the obedience bred into us in school and the blind deference to authority promoted by the talking heads of the mainstream media may lead some to view anti-authoritarians as a threat to the stability of a society, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Anti-authoritarians are the crucial protectors of a flourishing society, for as the author CP Snow noted… Malevolent authority combined with a passive citizenry is the recipe for tyranny and so anti-authoritarians should not be feared or ostracised, they should be welcomed they are the individuals who raise the alarm and awaken the slumbering masses to the existence of corrupt authority. A society without a healthy number of anti-authoritarians where a society in which anti-authoritarians are shunned and silenced is a society that has chosen the comfort of illusions over the desire for truth and is, therefore, a society paving the way for its own destruction whereas, the 18th century French Philosopher, Voltaire, cautioned…

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  1. Here is my issue: most of these quotes seem out of context, especially some of the Chomsky ones. The one about "taming the masses" was referring to the use of propaganda in the early 20th century, which is a drastic leap to make to say that the present and the 1910's have the same level of cultural awareness. Even the quote by Walt Whitman refers to states and not individuals, which his advice on cultural awareness means little coming from a poet and not historian. But what I disagree with your argument is that you speak through your quotes and let the said credibility of the speakers of your ideas do the talking for the logic of your argument and do not create it yourself. This would be more effective if the sources themselves addressed the logic in which you wish to make, but the only extent this happens is when a source says that education creates mediocrity but doesnt explain why. The majority of the argument has this feel of taking many quotes out of context to push the point of the argument and not the explanation. The use of language that seems like it is already on side of the argument (saying public schools indoctrinate, and masses "dare" to question authority) make it seem like you mostly have a bone to pick with the public school system before the argument even began.

    But now I want to pose for a question that I want to pose to the 'Academy of Ideas' creator[s] and any other viewers that happen to read this comment. In what way does the education system which taught you how to read and analyze readings and systems the villain for cultural oppression? Anyone can walk into a book store, anyone can go online, go to a library, and can find almost any text that has ever been written and read it or study the means to understanding as a result of what public school has taught you. If this was an active means of mitigating mass subordination, through what means does this make an effective system of oppression?
    The media is another matter, and for the sake of their differences (one survives from public subsidization and the other from private revenue, meaning education is funded as a public resource and media is funded as private entertainment), I choose to leave this out of my argument and question because I find the education rhetoric to be more problematic. But I encourage anyone to respond; you guys seem very into the idea of questioning authority and ideas. Question either argument, mine or the videos. Make your own reasoning, not someone else's.

  2. If you want to see schools dumb kids down, then visit a religious school where they teach the absolutely absurd nonsense of creationism.

  3. The paradox: I love authority! 💞 It's essential, with that said I will never bow down to any idea that represses my soul. I'll revolt! I can't bow down. Seriously I cannot. I just can't. I know where my freedom comes from. The forces that be are great but never Mighty. As evil and repressive as they may be whatever slave gets squeezed out of me, out of any of us, out of all of us, in whatever broken down way through whatever apparatus, however we're enslaved, and a good majority knows, there is more freedom to be had 🙄 This oppressive system is unsustainable, and that's the truth, and that makes me happy, where was I going??? Umm….

    I can't remember anyway Niice video 💞 🙏✌

  4. question the world you've been shown as a child vs the world you see, "DITRH sun fade" and you're good to start on the last thing you'd probably ever question, ever. Other than that great video.

  5. The interesting irony is that both the 99% and the 1% think the OTHER is the bewildered herd.

  6. The widespread use of Fluoride ( from the Rockefeller’s ) is know to reduce intelligence and make society more malleable and therefore easier to control. It definitely is not for your teeth. If you believe this obvious lie, then it may be too late for you.

  7. I'm a former high school teacher. I quit years ago when I was no longer teaching literature and how to think (not WHAT to think!), and I was more like a cop and social worker. And it's a 1000 times worse now.

  8. So they will be dumb Enough to believe what the Democrats say. Hollywood is owned by the People the Democrats Work for……The International Bankers(Rothchilds)……Mr Burns! Multi-MillionDollar Contracts come with a 10% Donation Rider for the Democrat Party in the Contract! Quit Watching TV. Google Patents # US6506118B2….The TV as a Nervous System Manipulation Device. This is WHY Everyone is an Overemotional Fruitcake that believes Everything thats on TV!

  9. Easy answer so they can control us. In the last 3 years it's been obvious that they are feeding us fake news. I never trusted them anyway. I always said the day l graduated my mind way free to learn. No longer in a liberal socialist learning prison. Free at last

  10. Public Schools are often criticized heavily, but at the same time what would you have them do? Even without school most people have average intelligence. Public schools are designed to teach those of average intelligence especially when you have large classes to teach.

  11. I recently awoke of the matrix, let me tell you something and I dont care what anyone says, I recommend reading the bible and researching the truth of Jesus Christ, a biblical worldview truly opens your eyes to the postmodern lie.

  12. And the best part is, most people willingly avoid politics, they find it boring and burdensome.
    It doesn't really matter what their favorite candidate is saying as much as the way they say it.

  13. I’m a teacher in the public school system for 14 years. Teachers work diligently everyday to create students that can think and reason for themselves. The school system and teachers are not the problem. I can preach all day long but kids go home to parents everyday that don’t really care about their kids education. All parents want their kids to study and do well but they don’t want to invest the time when their kids are struggling. I email parents daily and most of the time the response is nothing. There are problems within the public school system but this is not a problem. Increase the involvement of parents and kids might give a damn.

  14. Question EVERYTHING his-story lied…corporations and caste system using signs and symbols run the world.

  15. While my kids attended K-12, in public schools, I had no idea their books no longer taught the History I learned. Now I know, time to act.

  16. [Referring to the intro] Everybody keeps touting this notion that blind obedience and trust in the government is worse than ever today. Based on what? The information age has given us more access to information than ever, which invariably led to more questioning than ever. Unfortunately, more people than not simply don't have a personality type that doubts the cultural status quo.

    Before the counter-cultural revolution in the 1960s, citizens were so profoundly trusting in government propaganda that it's seems impossibly stupid by today's standards.
    – Good family men trying marijuana, going insane and ax-murdering their whole family.
    – Being gay got you imprisoned and chemically castrated, justified under claims that all gays were child molesters too.
    – Turning in your own children and sending them to prison, for doing (or even trying) drugs, was "for their own good." Parents actually believed and did this in the 60s.
    – Soldiers in WW1 were actually surprised when they captured their first German prisoners and they looked the same as us; they'd been told that Germans were all big & fat lard-ass stereotypes with mustaches and pipes in their mouths.

    It's unavoidable to be more aware of ignorance & popular misconceptions today, because it's happening now, right in front of us – you don't need to dig through historical records to find it. Yet you never hear it explained, how & why we're supposedly more deluded and ready to believe bullshit today – it's always just casually stated as a fact. Just because it's more aggravating in the present, doesn't mean it's more prominent.

  17. I'm really glad he pointed out that media distrust has long been the standard of history's greatest intellects. It bugs the hell out of me that today, just because Trump said "fake news", suddenly media distrust is a big laughable joke that only a fool would believe. He was simply playing off popular sentiment, he didn't invent it , nobody was ever ridiculed for distrusting media before he said it… but now all that matters is making a loud-mouthed asshole wrong about everything.

    I think one of the biggest problems in society by far, is that most people will support & even believe any lie if they think it serves a greater truth. When you try to bolster truth with anything other than truth, ignorance branches-out to the periphery to cause untold collateral damage, endlessly creating more evils we have to deal with down the road.

  18. Social control is their copout for real teaching standards. Notice the buzz words: inclusion, 21st century skills, differentiation, etc.

  19. If it wasn't for School idk what I would do. I learned a lots from Schools. The mainstream nedia not so much lol the mainstream media is garbage.

  20. look at the stupid spelling system they peddle. it is an embarrassment to human kind. that's the start. but no one understand the implications and if they do, they don't care about the lower classes. fucked systems after fucked systems run by fucked up morons.

  21. Teacher told my mother that i was a dreamer and would acheive nothing, he was wrong, i never became a teacher. We are not taught to think at school, we are taught to remember and repeat

  22. Live in Ontario Canada, I know a number of teachers here in the GTA, no student fails in school, you dont even have to show up to school and you still GRADUATE what a joke.

  23. You are in charge only as long as I say so when you try to get me hurt or killed then your no longer in charge got it?

  24. The dumb us down to create a power gap between us and them. Knowledge is power, and dumbing us down is them warring against us.

  25. Anti authoritarians are the responsible for all of modern ills on our civilization they are in fact the corrupt and evil government officials that are far worse than any absolute monarch, if monarchs were even bad to begin with.

    End the anti authoritarians hippie liberalism for once and let us build a civilization grounded on decency

  26. There is a lot of great food for thought in this video, however because it takes an objective stance it comes out to be cynical. The problem with so-called civilization today is we are too socially primitive, for lack of better term, to understand how to deal with these issues and prevent such circumstances from existing in the first place.

    Effective Consensus is not impossible. The problem is that we hold a monarchist perception of leadership, which amounts to rulership as opposed to actual leadership; in a truly proper Society leaders are Servants of the people who work as referees, not rulers or lawmakers.

    The Iroquois have existed for nearly a thousand years, having been founded in 1142 CE. in his 1784 essay remarks concerning the Savages of North America, Benjamin Franklin noted our society that did not need authority to enforce its laws and chose the wisest among them as their leaders: this of course was describing the Iroquois, whose Constitution is the foundation of the US Constitution. The problem is when we adopted the Iroquois system of government we took the car but left the motor needed to make it run.

    that motor is personal responsibility without the need for having rules, incorrigible integrity, where there are no followers only leaders. this is the heart of true savagery which proves civilized man is the true Barbarian.

    The solution to this does not rest in the objectification of these problems but in understanding interpersonal relationship on all levels, As can best be ascertained through what has come to be called natural law philosophy. it is time we stop believing our ancestors were ignorant brutes and come to understand what they knew before the rise of Empires. For standing stones remain, from China to the Americas and from Africa to Scandinavia, resounding the truth of our ancestors who once shared the world in peace, without need for large governments; standing stones whose wisdom makes a lie of History and The words of The Architects echo in every human word.A seemingly impossible Beauty that was achieved and can only be achieved again when we unlearn the lies, and stop believing that such problems can be repaired within a single generation.

  27. Come on "teachers"out there!What do you have to say for yourselves!?!I was a substitute teacher for 4 yrs and was sickened to find out that in the teachers lounge they were more concerned with talking about their choice of jewlery and outfits and vacation time meanwhile outside there was total chaos in the classrooms!Nothing even close was going on when I went school but thats what happens when the cycle of turning a blind eye to your charges goes berserk!

  28. Interesting that you include a photo of Nazis right after the intro….the Nazis were the ones who revolted against the cultural degeneracy and societal decay of the Weimar Republic. Seeing your nation split, mother and daughter prostitution gangs, Using your national currency as toilet paper and burning it for warmth. were the people of the Weimar Republic not slaves to Marxist ideas forced upon them, controlled by the victors of the First World War And slaves to debt? Forced to comply with their irrational demands? Can have no military or pride of their own? how naive to point to the solution of the problem as the problem itself.

  29. I used to be anti authoritarian, it lead me down a very dark nihilistic path,.

    I would suggest if your going down that path, make sure you have supportive people around you, because doing it alone is asking for trouble, I wonder if the author of this video really understands what he’s asking.

  30. I had a Highschool US Government teacher who encouraged independent thought. He taught us all the ways to manipulate the political and governmental systems and he told us to look into ideologies outside his liberal teaching. He taught one class after mine then was fired despite an excellent track record and ability to teach.

  31. A child’s educational foundations are established by their parents; they choose the child’s diet, sleeping habits, and a child’s attitude towards reading. Schools are getting worse, because the parents are getting worse.

  32. The us government doesn't give af about any of it's citizens…. All it cares about is keeping it's riches and power and sees the population as dollar signs and slaves who are ignorant of their own enslavement and believe they're free…. The government sees the population as tools to use to stay in power…. Wake the fuck up people…. It's revolution time

  33. A video of quotes taken out of context, claiming that education is evil; a video posted in a social network claiming that MSM are evil, and everyone knows their heads and fall on their knees, not questioning it.
    Which are the interests of the Academy of Ideas? To whom it belongs? What is its agenda? Where it gets its financing from?
    So many channels here in YouTube saying: if you are so and so, you are a highly intelligent person/an old soul/a psychic/a sensitive person/a hidden genius/etc. And the geniuses believe it. Because you won't believe in education, but you do believe in a YouTube video.

  34. Its the parents fault not the public schools. Parents want the public schools to raise and babby sit their children. You can learn how to do basic academics at home. Stupid lazy parents.

  35. All these high ideals are fantastic. However I still haven't seen an actual example of how this system versus another enforces or brings about such results, or how another would do differently.

  36. This is crazy, what is the alternative, no mass education? Great idea, lets have a society of illiterate individuals run around doing their own thing and watch society burn to the ground. He gives Einstein as an example of how an individual can succeed independent of school. I wonder what percentage of the 350 million people in this country are as smart as Einstein and can achieve what he has achieved. Ans: no one.

  37. If you can find a classical education in your are for your kids…go check it out…Or start a charter in your area! Classical teaches your kids how to think, not what to think. The Socratic method is used in the classroom.

  38. I never really got in trouble in school, because I was afraid. I thought that it was easier to just go with it, even though it was shit. At home, I would constantly complain, because I at least had the freedom to do so there. Now that I am out, I realize that I can't sit back and do nothing because I'm afraid.

    Those who would trade in their freedom for their protection deserve neither.

    I won't make this mistake again.

    Edit: To be fair, I did upset some teachers with my questions, but never enough to get in trouble.

  39. Lol, its systematic, Compare schools and prisons. Basically identical in structure. What do prisons house? Starts with an s…..,
    Slaves correct, go read the 13 amendment guess what their getting kids ready for?

  40. Is it the public school system’s style of education, or the majority of humans not wanting more than what is provided by that system? If so many people come away with a public school education, then question the methods of that education, is it not lending to said people’s ability to question? I say as much as the education system is lacking, a large proportion of those students are lacking a desire for more.
    And better to have a public education system based in teaching conformity and just enough knowledge, then no free education at all.

  41. You know what I've noticed? Nobody panics when things go according to plan…even of the plan is horrifying. If tomorrow I tell the press that a white man will get shot, or a truck load of covington kids will be blown up…NOBODY panics, because it's all "part of the plan" but if I say Trump 2020, Pro 1st and 2nd amendment, anti socialist/communist/feminist, then everyone loses their minds! INTRODUCE A LITTLE ANARCHY

  42. considering the way of modern media, these points could be made in the 20th century- todays capitalistic post modernism works in such a way that not the state but the people themselves crave to be brainwashed and thus comforted in their unsatisfying lives

  43. USA students are being indoctrinated by demonic doctrines of rainbowgender psudorscism multiculturism equity SJ diversity etc and are enemies of God and Bible. Stop funding public schools and colleges

  44. Current passive citizenry media: Social Media? Has smartphones along with social media contributed to this passive citizenry?

  45. Leftists like Noam chomsky say that public school has the goal of making obedient citizens, but what about the public universities?

  46. Not this channel's finest moment. Regarding this subject in particular, it could really profit from economics and statistics as a complementary framework of analysis.

  47. We damn sure have a couple generations of mindless, socialist snowflakes. Im old but you younger folks are fucked.

  48. Is this the video where all the dumbasses who believe they’re the smartest gather? Wtf are half of these commenters smoking?

  49. Just look at the mess the ruling elite has made of our planet. That’s more than enough to subvert the foundations of the so called “civilisation” into a true reasonable and emotive humanity.

  50. The only way of Escape is through Jesus Christ the lord. I beg you to read the entire Bible especially the New Testament repeatedly till you find the Eternal truths and the spiritual condition of all mankind in opposition to the one true God. Jesus Christ said if you continue in my word you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Short of God's wisdom there is no hope for mankind .

  51. You are all Dunning-Kruger fools. The public education system did more to uplift humanity than anything else in history! You'd be illiterate peasants without it! It needs to be improved, not demonized by idiots who think they've transcended common humanity.

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