Why Trenches? – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC

Why Trenches? – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC

So what do you think about the [first] [world] [war] you just think about trenches you think about Trench warfare Trench [boat] digging trenches? Why were the trenches such a big part [will] go on Michael Douglas mull mate from the one show Celebrity Hairdresser [an] obsessed by world war one it’s on the western front which stretches from the English channel Right away to the alps over 400 mile trenches the whole way John was on one side allies on the other Absolutely key and they had to dig those trenches because it was so dangerous to be above ground But it surely it’s dangerous to dig a trench in the middle of a field It’s dangerous dig a trench, but the most dangerous thing of all is to be standing in a field above the ground That’s why they had to spend 1 3 years in those trenches [evoke] very little movement It was stalemate, but I don’t still don’t understand when they storm the beaches on D-Day They did [down] a few couple of days or something near there what 3 years, [they’re] in trenches a lot of people think oh God they must been so stupid all those generals must be idiots in fact it is Extremely difficult [some] [of] the cleverest people in the world working on this problem, and it took them years to sort out They were stuck in the trenches [they] [were] keeping their heads down and they just couldn’t get across the field [and] today I brought you here to explain. Why that is great. I can’t wait, [so] [basically] this is a classic western front style lands get like this rolling field Not much cover a few little hedgerows This is exactly the kind of place that in 1914 the [British] and the Germans will have ended up facing each other across so here We are me the british We wanted the soldiers to go across that field and kill or capture Germans get rid of them force them [back] to Germany, right? Sounds pretty easy it took them more than three years to do [that] warfare is about going where you want When you want to do what you want, and I want you to go across that field and get to the other side, okay? And how do I go across and I’ll go across like that. Yes, you can’t [leave] in that you can try that do that yep You bet that You try though. I don’t want to have a good [dinner]. Yeah. Have a gun. It’s not gonna be that hard And just like 1914 there’ll be someone out to stop it Let’s get across the other side of the field should be easy [noor] is Brilliant horrible, huh, well But that accurately shows I’m afraid what would have happen to you in 1914 every single German Soldiers got a rifle You [can] kill a man at four or five [hundred] meters no problem You can shoot [ten] times a minute and above all there are lots and lots of Germans Millions of them in the German army so these hedgerows would have been crawling with German Soldiers There’s not as easy crossing that field as you might think yeah So basically go back out there run around crawl around try shoot and do whatever you can let’s see how close you can get oh I don’t know why you want me to do this. They’re Indians the [ants] [are] the worst bit That place [and] Michael [here’s] taking a lot of punishment of course if this [was] world [war] 1 he’d be cut to pieces by This area in front of him as Michael is experiencing would have been a killing zone [humming] this is utterly pointless doing this. I don’t even know what I’m shooting her. [I] [mean], I’m just making myself look more visible he’s standing out there in the open from a fires rifle the fact is he’s still a sitting duck ah ah As well as the rifle bullets bit of an accent hail of machine gun bullets and then on top of the lat they would have been artillery ah Right now you’re looking a bit dejected pointlessness Well, you’re right. That was hard, right? Give me that I told you a trifle in too much juice not this that is more useful a rifle on the western front That is an entrenching tool It’s basically a small spade because as you’ve seen you’re not much use in the open So you’ve got to get on the ground wait for nightfall And that is why Trench warfare begin so go so go to Kiki atelier got to get on the ground You’ve got to dig yourself a hole And you know the good thing is Michael area when you get killed I got a jCb m dig a trench so down about that come this way Most Obvious thing to do is this wait till it’s dark because I was they could see you out there in the light So deal another go now. Yeah, well it’s gonna be easier than the dark take the battle for the enemy my friend No, it’s the nuns in the church. That’s what I want to say yeah Okay Becky’s coming back [I] Me all Riley. There’s wild out there man [I] should have told him basically that both sides realized you could illuminate the battlefield quite Well using those flares so they can make it almost bright as day so tacky at night is also a big challenge [I] mean, I’m one man and will you take 10,000 men and send them across there surely? I mean, it’s a bit harsh, but surely they’d break through with it Uh yeah you know that they tried that Unfortunately the methods of killing by world war one was so effective that you could almost have people bumper-to-bumper [and] you’d pretty much guarantee of kill them all well How else then I mean presumably you could dig tunnels could you you could good points there were? Thousands of guys digging Tunnels from both sides unfortunately the Germans realize that you’d have these Tunnels meeting each other battles going on underground people trying to blow up each other tunnels. It’s complete nightmare, but yeah, they tried They absolutely did try that presumably had planes and they could drop bombs So why don’t you just fly in a lot of planes bomb all the German trenches? Boom planes have only been flying for a few years just over a decade They didn’t have the capability of dropping bombs accurately on people now I appreciate these trenches were quite wide but what why don’t you just go round them and then on the bat? Big prawn with the western front is it’s a continuous belt of trenches like this for over 400 miles Think the English channels at One end We can’t send them on swimming around the Edge and the [other] end neutral Switzerland very Mountainous country And it’s neutral so you can’t invade switzerland. So you’ve got no choice [you] pending on the western front You’ve got to go through the Germans So if we’re 1914 now the best place [for] us is just to sit tight for at least two years yeah you have a cup of tea then perfect this some you got ill [Graham] this devil Gray in 1940 so ah It’s a cup of hot mud. I got one cup enough to give me someone else very got two years to wait Still quiet on the western front

100 thoughts on “Why Trenches? – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC

  1. what kinda person is obsessed with ww1 but doesnt know anything about trench warfare, thats like saying you like metal music but not knowing who black sabbath is.

  2. I appreciate the lightheartedness and rather amusing tone of the video, but I find it hard to believe someone would need an actual demonstration to know why they needed trenches in ww1. Well, someone that has 2 neurons to rub together, if they're retarded, well that can't be helped. Actually it can, give them a Luger and two bullets.

  3. They are lying at the beginning.
    Germans and "Allies" weren't actually existing in WWI.
    The Germans had their Allies and the British had their Allies but there where no "Germs vs Allies" shit going on.

  4. Because they started to make use of tanks and planes. A very basic answer for the trench problem, but I think it works.

  5. The main reason for the trenches is because technological advances in firepower and preceded advances in mobility, which favoured defensive tactics. It took the invention of tanks and bombers to overcome the dug-in machine guns and mortars, so by the time WWII came around, trenches weren't much use.

  6. 5:30 How come wearing a WW1 German uniform is okay, but wearing a WW2 German uniform is not?

    Is it because the 6 million people they killed were only Europeans?

  7. I like how people are complaining that these videos explain ww1 while using shitty dubstep music and stupid sound effects, but completely forget about the BF1 trailers…

  8. I like the question asked but explanation was not that good. For the first part of the war, it was on fields and rather traditional. Soon after the battle near Paris, the Germans hunkered down to a defendable location and its very hard to break through. British and French troops begin to make defences in retaliation after multiple attacks. Attacks happen but stale mate continues as both begin to improve defences and plan attacks. After these few months, its clear no side can break through as trench warfare beings. It took advanced technology to finally break this years later.

  9. I really liked how you explored different ideas and summarized why it did not happen or suceed. The understanding-per-minute value of this video is trough the roof 🙂

  10. I'm wondering though as to why they didn't think of using old tactics like they've done in old sword and shield times, only this time a shield that'll block bullets, advance in a wall like the romans, sure you're fucked with artillery but you'll be a walking wall leading the advance which may make it a higher chance of success??


  12. my thinking is there's probably 100s or 1000s of dead men in between the Germans and British so why not play dead and extremely extremely slowly move men to the German trenches. When I mean slow I mean inch or so every 30min

  13. I feel that these guys no very little about ww1 I mean I'm no historian but damn " why not just drop bombs " because of artillery and " they couldnt precisely hit targets in planes" yea they could I think that's the reason they mounted guns on the soppwitth camel or on Fokker dr1 not only so the could fight in the air but also provide air support and yes planes were relatively new that doesnt they were just flying tin cans manfred von richtoffen had 80 AREIL kills so they were decently accurate if he could become an ace eight times over so yea i believe my point stands

  14. also in WW1 in the middle parts of war There was Soldiers with bagpipes makin music and that also represented ireland scotland and Britian itwas still important represinting even if the soldier died they were very brave becuase they wouldnt have weapons and thats why there wasnt that many

  15. Also the most dreadfull order a soldier would get is leaving your trench and going into no mans land where all you see is death, your friends screaming in pain, poeple behind tanks, guys trying to get through barbed whire but being sluaghtered, and yourself bleeding and getting shot at everywhere so mostly the trenches and tanks where the smartest ideas but… then germans made theyre own bunkers stuck a bit under ground for machine gunners

  16. Why when Germans first dug trenches the British didn’t immediately fire at them or when anyone is digging a trench why don’t you open fire on them

  17. Trenches didn't just appear out of nowhere at the start of the war. It was an evolution that was started by the need to escape artillery fire. Slowly over time, they just kept digging deeper and deeper.

  18. Nonsense. They were in trenches because the battle field had an occasional machine gun nest which would mow them down. But in modern times every soldier essentially has a machine gun, yet no trenches necessary. Those with the bigger numbers do the advancing.

  19. Decent demonstration of why WW1 was such a goddamn bloodbath. Garbage documentary. Seriously, what's with the fucking dubstep house music? Still, that paintball Browning machine gun is ridiculously cool.

  20. The braving the breathing sounds like the breathing in Finn and for naff three and five nights at Freddys three

  21. The braving the breathing sounds like the briefing in fun and for naff three and five nights at Freddys three

  22. That little twerp is a hairdresser? Does he/she look in a mirror in the morning? Wow! Would you ever get your haircut from a little dweeb like him/her? Little British crooked toothed snot! I wanna stomp on that little bowl hairdresser fagget! I think I have anger issues?

  23. Yeah no… The Entente leadership were just stupid, particularly the French and British. They were arrogant, they refused to learn from failure, and they got millions of men killed that didn't need to die. The somme and Gallipoli are two perfect examples of how moronic WWI command was from the allies. The Germans and Austro Hungarians had trench warfare figured out long before the Entente, because they actually learned from their failures.

    Trench warfare only became a thing because the Entente never bothered learning how to properly use machine guns, because they didn't think they were a big deal. Hell, the French went into the war still attacking in ranks, and the British officers refused to admit that their noble cavalry had been rendered obsolete by machine guns until they saw 60000 men get cut down on the first day of the Somme.

  24. Could have explained how the trenches happened which is wear the saying getting into a scrape come from

  25. I doubt it's possible to dumb this down any more than they have already. I assume it's aimed at primary school children and not adults.

  26. bro this ruined the whole setting of the video of him running away from paint ball bullets the thumbnail sys why trenches so dumb

  27. For all the hostile criticism of these little documentaries by the keyboard malitia, this one does illustrate very simply how difficult it was to get across a field in WW1 whilst being shot at. Even by two or three people in dry, non-muddy, non-barbed wire, non-artillery conditions with what in comparison are low powered and innacurate paint ball guns. It's quite a stark and graphic reminder of how so many were cut down the moment they stood up.

  28. I wonder how modern infantry soldiers of today’s generation would deal with this situation without tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft.
    If I were to make an attempt maybe I could try staying prone and crawl until I can fire back.

  29. There were not only Germans and british there were French and at the end of the war there were Americans too

  30. English would have lost the war had we Americans not been suckered into it by a false flag. Churchill is burning in Hell for that.

  31. Can we find a historical video on youtube that isn't a meme where the comments aren't filled with 15-year-old historians who have never looked at a primary source a day in their life?

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