Why water is one of the weirdest things in the universe | BBC Ideas

Why water is one of the weirdest things in the universe | BBC Ideas

Water. You might not see it,
but this is… Here’s why. Every molecule of water on the Earth and inside you
or any other living thing has existed for billions of years. After it came to Earth,
that water has been cycling through rocks, air, animals,
plants and back again. Each molecule has been
on an incredible voyage before coming to you. At some point, the water inside you
would have been inside dinosaurs, bacteria, the oceans, storm clouds,
the polar ice caps and much more. All of the water on Earth is alien. They might be a familiar
part of our world, but our oceans formed
hundreds of millions of years after our planet took shape. The water arrived on asteroids
and comets from space, objects from the edge
of our solar system. They were leftovers of the
vast clouds of dust and rocks that didn’t quite
make it into planets. This is the origin of all the water
you can see on the Earth. Water doesn’t follow the
normal rules of chemistry. For a start, it shouldn’t really
be a liquid on our planet. A water molecule is made
from two very light atoms, hydrogen and oxygen. And at the temperatures and pressures
on the surface of the Earth, rules of chemistry say that
water should be a gas. And, unlike any other chemical,
when water freezes it expands. And so ice floats on water. Now you see this every day, but take a moment to think
about how weird that is. Over time, this odd behaviour
has been very useful. By insulating the water underneath, floating ice has enabled complex life
to survive and evolve on our planet, despite the many ice ages that have
frozen the Earth’s surface solid. And the strangeness
just goes on and on. Did you know that hot water
freezes faster than cold? Yes, really. No-one knows why. Water molecules can float upwards,
against the force of gravity. That’s because they love
to stick to each other. They’re so good at it that they can actually pull each
other up through tiny channels, such as the tiny blood vessels
in your body. That’s how oxygen and nutrients
reach the edges of your brain. The same process,
called capillary action, allows plants to move water
from deep below the ground to nourish the leaves and branches
that grow in the sunshine. Our solar system
is drowning in water. Once upon a time, we thought that we were alone
on Earth with so much water, but in fact it’s the second most
common molecule in the universe. We now know there’s water
on the moon, on Mars, Pluto. In fact there’s H2O on almost
every object in our solar system. And where there’s water,
there could be life. So pour yourself
a glass of water now, and take a good look at this
colourless, featureless and tasteless material. It’s actually remarkable. It breaks so many rules of chemistry that scientists struggle
to understand it. But without its rebel behaviour, none of us, nor our world,
would exist. You’re only here watching this video
because water is so strange. Thanks for watching.
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34 thoughts on “Why water is one of the weirdest things in the universe | BBC Ideas

  1. All the water in universe being reused and around for billions of years is total speculation without a shred of evidence.

  2. WATER ARRIVED ON ASTEROIDS & COMETS from SPACE…????? [email protected]#$% As if u were RIGHT THERE to receive these delivery parcels from out of space…. HEIGHTENED EXAMPLE of ignorant false information being spread through social media. DO NOT SAY SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE NOT 100% sure about. Something that happened years ago, that too occuring out of space cannot be proved any way now and all that you mention here is your MERE ASSUMPTION or some sort of HALLUCINATION OR IMAGINATIVE FANTASY that crepped into your mind. Be factual or else atleast use a time-machine, go back to the unpredictable amount of time gazillion years ago, watch it occur and THEN come back to the present and prove it. Any person can sit in another corner of this planet in his cozy comfort zone and say anything that comes to his mind and describe how you came into existence. Just open your mind and speak sensibly. You have no ACTUAL PROOF, YOU WERE NOT THERE at that time….So simply just don't open your mouth and make assumptions and use creative videos to sound true. This is the 21st century. You are feeding info to EDUCATED THINKING MINDS not to unthinking ones.
    Just think. We know for a fact that asteroids & comets don't just dance their way into the earth's atmosphere, instead it literally fires through its layers causing excessive friction, burning up to high temperatures. If an asteroid or comet carries water, it would have evaporated and dried up by the time it strikes on earth's geography. Point NUMBER 2: to make up for all the water that we see on the earth's surface, just ponder upon HOW MANY so-called apparent water-carrying ASTEROIDS & COMETS should be striking the earth to have this much water around. The earth's topography would have been shattered with that many strikes of asteroids and comets. Another point, if this happened years ago when u were not around….how come it is not happening now? Hw come water carrying asteroids and comets delivery packets don't fly their way into earth these days to replenish the water shortage in places; we can make use of them! Hw come nowadays apes don't evolve into humans or we don't see new humans coming out of forests? Was the production or manufacture stopped all of a sudden…??? Except that weird part of your video everything else is fine and understandable. Try to give an explanation or an understandable reasoning to the points I mentioned above.

  3. Great video and brilliant animation – however, to make this a useful resource it would be really helpful with these videos if references/sources for the facts provided were cited by BBC Ideas. I’m particularly curious to know why it’s been stated that the ‘normal rules’ of chemistry don’t apply to water and the reason for that…the video states this but doesn’t explain why sadly

  4. which "rules of of chemistry" are you talking? earth's surface temperature is between 0-100°C and its athmospheric pressure is like 100.000 kPa, this is optimal for water to be liquid.

    Water lowers its density under 4°C, thats why ice have higher buoyancy force and starts floating. In liquid form the molecules are more "movable", because negativity of oxygen and positivity of hydrogen are attracting easier and can be "squished" closer, while in the solid form molecules are in lattice structures. Thats why ice have the lesser density. Please stop making things more mysterious than it is.

  5. You know, I read afresh the account of creation in Genesis where the Bible says that the earth was without form and void and water was everywhere and then, the Spirit of the Lord hover all over it.

    Specifically in verse 6 of Genesis 1, God said, let their be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
    Then, I wondered how true this was. I asked myself, has the scientist found out water at the other side of the universe? But here BBC idea is, telling us that water is all over there in the firmament above!

  6. "And have not the ones who disbelieved seen that the heavens and the earth were an integrated (mass), then We unseamed them, and of water We have made every living thing? Would they then not believe?"

  7. The animation is amazing and the video is full of information (the explains weirdness of water and benefits of the weirdness). What else is required to feed a curious mind like mine.(these were silly things but I never thought about them)

  8. Got to love the power of the hydrogen bond! This video does a really great job of introducing people to the quirky characteristics of water, as well as, sharing the history of the earth's hydrosphere which is pretty impressive for a clip that is just over three minutes. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. I could not add a translation to this video, so here is polish one.
    Polskie tłumaczenie, jako że nie mogę dołączyć go do filmu


    Możesz tego nie dostrzegać, ale to jest

    prawdopodobnie najdziwniejsza rzecz we wszechświecie.

    Oto dlaczego:

    Każda cząsteczka wody na Ziemi,

    wewnątrz Ciebie, czy każdej innej żywej istoty, istniała miliardy lat.

    Po tym jak znalazła się na Ziemi, podróżowała przez

    głazy, powietrze, zwierzęta, rośliny i z powotem.

    Każda cząstka przebyła niesamowitą podróż nim trafiła do Ciebie

    W pewnym momencie, ta woda będąca w Tobie, była w dinozaurach,

    bakteriach, oceanach, chmurach burzowych, czapach lodowych

    i wielu więcej.

    Cała woda na Ziemi, z niej nie pochodzi.

    Może i stanowi znajomą część naszego świata,

    ale oceany powstały setki milionów lat po tym, jak planeta przybrała swój kształt

    Woda przybyła na asteroidach i kometach z kosmosu,

    obiektów z granic Układu Słonecznego, pozostałościach po rozległych chmurach

    i skruszonych głazach, które nie sformowały żadnych planet.

    To jest geneza całej wody jaką można zobaczyć na Ziemi.

    Woda nie przestrzega podstwowych zasad chemii.

    Na początek – na naszej planecie nie powinna nawet być cieczą.

    Cząsteczka wody jest zbudowana z dwóch bardzo lekkich atomów – tlenu i wodoru.

    Dla panujących na powierzni Ziemi temperatur i ciśnienia,

    prawa chemii mówią, że woda powinna być gazem.

    I w przeciwieństwie do wszystkich innych związków chemicznych,

    gdy woda zamarza – rozszerza się, więc lód pływa na wodzie.

    Widzisz to codziennie, ale zastanów się chwilę jak dziwne to jest.

    Z czasem, to dziwne zachowanie okazało się bardzo przydatne.

    Izolując wodę pod nim, pływający lód pozwolił złożonemu życiu

    przetrwać i ewoluować na naszej planecie,

    mimo mnogości epok lodowcowych, które zamrażały powierchnię Ziemi na kość.

    I ta dziwność ciągnie się dalej.

    Wiedziałeś, że gorąca woda zamarza szybciej niż zimna?

    Tak, naprawdę.

    Nikt nie wie dlaczego.

    Cząsteczki wody potrafią poruszać się w górę,

    przeciwko sile grawitacji.

    To dlatego, że uwielbiają przylegać do siebie nawzajem.

    Są w tym tak dobre,

    że potrafią wciągać się wzajemnie wzwyż przez cieniutkie kanaliki,

    takie jak naczynka krwionośne w twoim ciele.

    Tak właśnie tlen i składniki odżywcze docierają do krańców Twojego mózgu.

    Taki sam proces, nazywany ruchami kapilarnymi,

    pozwala roślinom przemieszczać wodę z głębi ziemi,

    by odżywić liście i łodygi, rosnące w słońcu.

    Nasz Układ Słoneczny tonie w wodzie.

    Dawno temu uważaliśmy, że żyjemy samotnie na Ziemi z taką ilością wody,

    ale tak naprawdę jest ona drugą najpopularniejszą cząsteczką we wszechświecie.

    Dziś wiemy, że woda jest na Księżycu, Marsie i Plutonie.

    Faktem jest, że H2O jest obecna na każdym ciele niebieskim w Układzie Słonecznym.

    A gdzie woda, tam może być i życie.

    Nalej więc sobie szklankę wody

    i dobrze się przypatrz tej bezbarwnej, nijakiej, bezsmakowej substancji.

    To nadzwyczajne.

    Łamie tyle zasad chemii, że naukowcy wychodzą z siebie, by ją zrozumieć.

    Ale bez jej buntowniczego zachowania,

    nikt z nas, ani nasz świat, by nie istniał.

    Oglądasz ten filmik tylko dlatego, że woda jest tak dziwna.

  10. They say Aliens
    But Allah the real and only god says
    In Quran
    ( أَوَلَمْ يَرَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا أَنَّ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ كَانَتَا رَتْقًا فَفَتَقْنَاهُمَا ۖ وَجَعَلْنَا مِنَ الْمَاءِ كُلَّ شَيْءٍ حَيٍّ ۖ أَفَلَا يُؤْمِنُونَ
    [الأنبياء 30]

    Do not these unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were an integrated mass, then We split them and made every living thing from water? Will they not believe even then?

  11. Yeah, water is really creepy. That crap reponds to every fricken thing it touches or hears with a coresponding crystaline shape representation . WATER REMEMBERS EVERYTHING…FOREVER…FROMEVER.. water is creepy. Who does it work for?.

  12. this video has so many wrong/misleading statements that it makes the whole video crappy click bait.
    first statement, water is probably the strangest thing in the universe. NO. We have understand water on most levels for around +100 years. Try dark energy or some particle.
    Second point, water have existed for a long time and had a crazy story before you. Well so have basiclly everything else. Water is not special here at all.
    Third, water is alien. Well yes in a sense but so are alot of other mass on earth.
    Forth, water should not be a liquid on earth and water expand when it freezes. Both have to do with the water molekyls structure and bonds. It follows the kemistry rules but not the norm. Most liquid contracts when freezed but water is far from the only liquid that expand.
    Now the fifth point and the most wrong. Hot water does not freeze faster then cold water. That would go against the laws of thermodynamics. What they are refering to is some experiments where it seems that hot water freezes faster BUT the experiments have not been done sufficient enough to draw that conclusion (which they will never do since it´s not true).
    Sad how "respected" sources make up/lie so frequently.

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