Woman Confesses to Cheating With Boyfriend’s Friend (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Martinez v. Hernandez.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Martinez, you say
your family is torn apart since the defendant has
denied both of your children, four-year-old Richard II and three-year-old Reney.
Is that correct? LILLIE: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You have
petitioned the court
for a DNA test to prove the truth and hope that the results
will save your relationship. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Hernandez,
you say you were sucked into claiming
the plaintiff’s two children and can’t trust
anything she’s said. You’re currently
behind more than $6,000
in child support, and refuse to care
for either child until it’s proven that you are
their biological father. Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Hernandez,
what has he done
for the children? LILLIE: Absolutely nothing
until about three weeks ago. He did get them
at least $200
worth of clothing, but other than that
that’s all he’s done
their whole life. That’s a lie,
Your Honor. I’ve tried to do
as much as I possibly can since the beginning,
since day one. LILLIE:
No, he hasn’t,
Your Honor.
And so how is this
affecting the kids?
Um, my kids suffer. I mean, every night
when I put them to bed they cry,
asking where he’s at. He doesn’t call
to check on them, to even get them
on the phone and say,
“Can I talk to them? “Can I see how
they’re doing?” RICHARD: That’s a lie. He does nothing. RICHARD: I try
as much as I can, but it’s hard
to try to do that when I don’t know
if they’re mine
for sure. I… But what I don’t get is,
if he’s denying them, he stuck around. You know, he keeps
coming back for them. He keeps trying
to be in their life. If that was a problem,he should have tried
to figure out things
a long time ago.
JUDGE LAKE:So, obviously,the relationship
is in trouble.
How did this start? Uh, we first met,
she was trying to get all over me or whatever
from the beginning, trying to…
But I ignored her. Were you interested
in having a relationship
with him at that point? Relations,
but not a relationship. AUDIENCE: Ooh. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And what were your intentions,
Mr. Hernandez? It started getting serious.
Well, I felt like it was. And, I don’t know,
I wanted to be with her. All of the sudden,
I find out she’s doing other things
with my friends and stuff. JUDGE LAKE:
Doing other things like? RICHARD: Like… It’s one incident he’s
talking about, Your Honor. It was a one-time thing. Me and his friend
had messed around. (AUDIENCE GASPING) See? See? You see the stuff… JUDGE LAKE: Wow! All right, so you
stayed with her? Yes, I don’t know what
I was thinking at the time, but it’s been so long now… LILLIE: And he can’t
say that because even prior to that
I always told him that I didn’t want to be
in a relationship. He forced it,
he was always like, “Come on,
please be with me. “I don’t know
why you don’t want
to be with me.” That’s a lie. And I told him
I wanted to be single because I wasn’t ready to be
tied down with one person. So every time I would have, you know, a relationship
with other people… That’s a lie. …I would tell him. She sleeps with
many of my friends. I would tell him
and I would say, “Hey, I did have sex
with somebody the night
before or whatever.” And he would
just sit there
and he’d be like, “I still love you.
I still want to be with you.” That’s on him.
That’s not me. Uh, she says
the ball was in your court and you picked it up
and kept… And kept dribbling. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I just felt like
it was something else other than that.
I didn’t… JUDGE LAKE:
It sounds like she’s being
brutally honest with you throughout this,
but you’re not
wanting to hear it. LILLIE: Exactly. If she didn’t
want to be with me and she didn’t want to…
She didn’t like me, well, why would she
still come to my house? I did have feeling
for him, but I was not ready to be committed. A two-hour drive… I liked
hanging out with him. He was more
like my best friend
when we first… I was going through
a lot of things and he was kind of like
the sunshine to my storm. So it was kind of like
I liked his energy, I liked to be around him, but, you know, he wanted
more than what I wanted and what I was ready for. Whether it was
with his friends or it was someone else, I mean, you’re admitting you
didn’t want to be committed, we ultimately are here
inPaternity Court…Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: …so obviously,
uh, something happened. RICHARD: Okay, let me tell you
about that, Your Honor. We’re still
on and off, right? I called her and she’s like, “I’m with this person,”
which is my friend. And I was like, “Okay.” Next day, I talk to her
and she’s like, “Okay, yeah, I did “have intercourse
with this man.”I forgave her.
And a few weeks later
she finds out
she’s pregnant.
Now, is that true,
Ms. Martinez? LILLIE: Yes, it is. Were you intimate
with another man a few weeks before
you told him
you were pregnant? Yes, I did have intercourse
with him three times, and unprotected,
that night. And, um,
I told him about it, he still wanted to be with me. She lied about it. I did. She said it was protected. I did tell him that week, “We did it protected,”
I did at the time. I mean, why are you having
all this unprotected sex? Um, I would say… RICHARD:
Because she’s a slut. No, no, no! AUDIENCE: Oh! We’re going to be… No, we’re going to be
respectful in this courtroom. RICHARD:
I’m sorry, Your Honor. Please don’t get
on my nerves. RICHARD: I’m sorry. LILLIE: You were still
with me, right? Other than what
I just told you right now
about having intercourse, I wasn’t having
unprotected sex
with everybody. Yes, that time I did, it was in the heat
of the moment, everything was right.
He didn’t have protection, one thing
led to another
and it did happen. Five weeks
after that incident and then
she’s pregnant, so… LILLIE: The only reason why I know,
without a doubt, that he’s the father
is becauseI did have intercourse
with him unprotected
and it was on the day
that they said that
the conception was.
Okay, we went to
the doctor’s office and they gave us
that conception wheel. I looked… Staying up all night
obsessing over it. Looking at the wheel
all night… Does it match up
with the birth? Mmm-hmm. But I had
an, uh, um… They had to induce me. I wasn’t ready
to be into labor. They induced me
on my due date. Which gives me
doubts, too. LILLIE: And then I had to have an emergency
C-section right after. In your mind, you say
this is his child? LILLIE: Yes. In your mind,
Mr. Hernandez,
you’re saying, “I’m thinking back to
a few weeks before that “when she admitted to me
she was intimate
with somebody else…” Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
“…and I’m also thinking “about the fact
that this birth, “this date has been induced, “it’s not the
natural birth date…” Yes. And so you’ve got all these
factors going in your mind, like, “Maybe
this could be off”? Yes, Your Honor. And I stayed up
all night looking at it and it just added up to where
it was going to be exactly to around that time
with that other man. That really messed
with your mind? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE:
Did she ever tell you that Richard was not your son? RICHARD:
One day, Your Honor.
She just told me,
she said,
“Richard’s not yours,”
and I said, “What?” And then she was like,
“Yeah, he’s not yours.” LILLIE: And it was in the
heat of the moment because at the time I was actually
going into emergency surgery to have
my gall bladder removed. It took him two hours
to get back to the hospital. Well, I come to find out
he was with his friend, picked up two girls
at a bus stop… Two hours… And I had time
to go home and… And smoked with them while he’s in my car while
I’m about to have surgery. Is that true,
Mr. Hernandez? No, Your Honor,
that’s a lie. LILLIE: And so it’s not… You told me
it was the truth. RICHARD:
That’s a lie, Your Honor. Okay, Mr. Hernandez,
you’re lying. LILLIE: Thank you.
Thank you. Let’s just
get that straight.
You’re lying now. Um… That didn’t
happen that way. So, you didn’t show back
up to the hospital in time, you got angry… And I said, “That’s why
you’re not the father.” But once she said that,
Mr. Hernandez, then all your bells
start ringing? RICHARD: Yes. But, see, Your Honor, I don’t see
how he can say that… It pushed me to the point
where I didn’t even want to
be there for her no more. At the surgery
I didn’t want to… I didn’t want to
see my son anymore. I didn’t… I didn’t want to
be with her after… Your Honor,
he does this flip-flop
every other day. He’s begging for
his family one day and then he doesn’t
want to be here. When he wants to
go get messed up
with his friends and then when he’s done
having his fun that’s when he wants
to be a family again. If it bothered him so much, why would he
name the child “II”? JUDGE LAKE: Why would you name
the child after you? LILLIE: Why would you sign
the birth certificate? Because at the time… And you signed
the birth certificate? RICHARD: Yes, I did. LILLIE: For both of
my kids that he denies. JUDGE LAKE:Do you have
any evidence that reflects?
Yes, I do, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
I’d like to see it. Ron, will you
please hand me
this paperwork? JUDGE LAKE:
This is what? LILLIE: The birth certificate. This is the
birth certificate for Richard
Anthony Hernandez II? LILLIE: Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
Under father’s name,
“Richard Anthony
RICHARD:Well, at the time,
Your Honor, it was because
I felt like he was mine
at the time. And I loved him very much
and it didn’t matter because I loved her
that much that I… But, Your Honor,
they did offer him a free DNA test
at the hospital and he signed rights saying
he refused the DNA test. Did you sign
the birth certificate because you really thought
this child was yours? Or did you sign
the birth certificate because you didn’t want to
disappoint Ms. Martinez? Because it seems like you really wanted
a relationship with her. RICHARD:
I did it for both reasons. I did not want to… Regardless, if he
wanted to be a family, and he’s saying
all this stuff, my kids are suffering.
My… My kids…
He takes them a bath, and he sits there
and critiques every little thing
about them. My kids don’t
deserve that. Critiques how? LILLIE: The way… The way that
they drink a bottle is the way
that his homeboys… Uh, his friends
drink a bottle. Well, I know I… Or… Hold on, hold on. Hold on, wait,
let me go ahead and finish. Okay, talk. Um, the way their
eyebrows when they’re wet looks like
his friend’s eyebrows. JUDGE LAKE: What does that
have to do with anything? LILLIE: Exactly. You think she
slept with your friends? RICHARD:
Yes, Your Honor. With most of them. JUDGE LAKE: And now
the kids look like them?Every time I see them…LILLIE:
They look like everybody.
…there’s something different
about them every single day.
Kids change every day! RICHARD: I understand that. Your doubt is getting
the best of you at this point. You are truly doubting it. LILLIE: Exactly. Because the truth is
you doubted it before the baby
was even born… RICHARD: Okay. …but you tried
to stay around. And now, as you
look at these children
as they change, you start saying
these featuresattribute to someone else…RICHARD:Yes.JUDGE LAKE:
…instead of you? The respect… JUDGE LAKE:
Ms. Martinez, how does
this affect these kids? This is what
I’m worried about. They had… They… JUDGE LAKE: Does he
say this out loud? Yes, he tells them
to their face that, “Oh, you want to
go see your father?” Um, and he’ll say
his friend’s name. Or he’ll say, um… He’ll point at some
random person and say,
“There’s your dad.” Oh, no, no, no. LILLIE: And stuff like that. LILLIE:
My kids don’t deserve that. Is that true? I didn’t
say none of that.
I told her when we went
to the room… Your Honor,
in the hotel last night he even said,
“You want to go
with your father?” And he said
the alleged person
that I also had right in the time. To the child? LILLIE:To my child.RICHARD:If you wan
to get specific,
she asked him that.JUDGE LAKE:These children
are three and four years old.
LILLIE:Thank you.You all
better not be having these conversations
in front of a child. LILLIE: I don’t. I’m serious.
That is wrong. That is wrong
as the day is long. That’s not right! I don’t care
what your doubts are. And I’m going to be
honest with you, you have a right
to have some. LILLIE: And I told him
if he had… But you do not have a right to subject a child to that. That is unacceptable. RICHARD: Yes, ma’am. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: That’s shameful. RICHARD: But it’s not just me,
Your Honor. I’m talking to both of you. RICHARD: It goes both ways.
I understand. I’m talking to both of you. RICHARD: Okay. LILLIE: He has so many doubts but when it’s time
for me to say, “Hey,
you got paid on Friday. “I need some diapers
for the kids. “I need this
for the kids…” RICHARD: That’s a lie. He doesn’t do nothing. Every time she calls me… He sure has beer.
He sure has cigarettes. He sure has
what he needs. JUDGE LAKE:
See, what I’m seeing with the both of you is
a pattern is forming. Both of you all know how to
push the other one’s buttons and know how
to manipulate
the other one to get
what you want. I mean, this is
just painfully
clear to me. Because you’re
all playing games
up in here. Because you’re
so consumed with doubt that you are downgrading and talking about
children in their face.But you’re still layed up
with their mother.
Your Honor.
Well, with
our second son,
we were at the hospital,
the man that
she named after him
just all of a sudden
as soon as he was born
called me and says, “Hey, I’m outside.” And I was like,
“Whoa, how did this man “even call me
right now? “I haven’t spoken
to him in months. “Why would he
even call me? “Why would he
even be outside?” I get down there,
I’m talking to him, he wants to come upstairs.
“Hey, can I see your son?” “Well, you didn’t do this
with my first son. “Why would you want to…“Why would you want to come
over here and see my son?”
And so for you
that meant, “Here we go again.” RICHARD: Yes. Why he did that,
I don’t know. It was 8:00 in the morning
when my son was born. Once again… I’m talking. 8:30. He didn’t sign
the birth certificate
until after his friend left. So, once again,
if there’s all this doubt,
why did you sign at the end? JUDGE LAKE: So you signed
the birth certificate again… Yes. …for the second child? Yes. What are you thinking? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) You’re already
$6,000 behind
in child support… Your Honor, I have
paperwork from that. JUDGE LAKE: …and they
might not even be yours? Send me that paperwork, Ron. Yes, Your Honor. This is just
getting ridiculous. All this doubt, doubt,
doubt, doubt, doubt and signing
birth certificates. $6,336.96 in debt for child support.
Right now! Yes. And these arrears,
they just keep growing. LILLIE: I had
to work two jobs. Sometimes three jobs.
Never got to see my kids because he didn’t want
to step up as a father. So my kids
are losing out
not only a father, but a mother too. JUDGE LAKE: And you
don’t participate at all? Well, I… JUDGE LAKE:
But you signed birth… You signed
birth certificates? RICHARD: Yes. And then you voluntarily
don’t participate? I do participate… So you’re in arrears
in more ways than one. When she asks of it
I will do it, but most of the time
she doesn’t even call me and ask me and say,
“Hey, I need this
or that.” JUDGE LAKE: She shouldn’t
have to call you! LILLIE: Thank you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You signed
the birth certificate. See, Mr. Hernandez,
this is why I’m
being tough on you. Because once you got
into that hospital room and decided, you made
a conscious
decision… But it’s because
I had doubt… Stop talking when I’m talking. I see through this
entire situation. You love this girl. You want to be
with this girl. You always have. Yes, Your Honor. But she’s just in and out
and all about. Like I said,
she operates
from her own zone. You know, this is
the reverse, Ron,
of what I see often. You see women try to
come into a courtroom and have a man’s baby
to trap him. You got up
in this hospital and tried to sign
these birth certificates so you could
be in her life. Now you in it! But now
you want to doubt. You don’t want to
show up for the kids. You guys want to have
these bad-mouth
discussions and downgrade children
in their faces. And it’s not right. And that’s why
I’m being tough on you, because these kids are
suffering because of this. You have every
reason to doubt. But you defied
your own doubt! You did it! Make your bed, lie in it! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Do you understand
what I’m saying? Yes, Your Honor. And the way you two
are going at it right now, I can see neither one of you
is done with the other one, so I don’t want to
see you in here again going through this again. I’m ready for
the results. Ron? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Yes, Your Honor. Thank you. We have two results. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. The first result
relates to three-year-old Reney. In the case of
Martinez v. Hernandez,
as it pertains to
Reney Hernandez, Mr. Hernandez, you are his father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Moving on. In this particular case, your doubt was really
about the fact that she had this one-night stand
with a person you knew. Yes, Your Honor. In the case of
Martinez vs. Hernandez,
when it comes to
Richard Hernandez II, it has been determined
by this court… When it comes to
Richard Hernandez II, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Hernandez, you… …are his father. So you are
the legal father and the
biological father. LILLIE:
Like I said. Of both boys. So can you step up now? I can. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I will. What I’ve heard
in this courtroom
through this testimony as to what has been said
and what has transpired in front of these
children is shameful.
It’s deplorable. It’s not right. You’ve all
got to end this. Because now you’ve
brought two lives
into the world. Look at them. And you all on this
immature nonsense? And they trying
to grow up and be healthy,
happy children? And you all
their minds? You don’t give
grown folks’
nonsense to kids. We have counseling
for both of you. I want you to take
advantage of it. Be honest. I will give you this,
Ms. Martinez, you have come in here and
said a whole bunch of stuff that a lot of women
would not have admitted to. And Mr. Hernandez,
we’ve had to get down to the bottom of your need
to please this woman and your need to
have her in your life. As you can see, that can go in the
wrong direction. Somehow you wanted her
so desperately you ended up short-changing
two children that are yours! That don’t come out right. Straighten that out. Get a good path to a healthy future
for the children.
All right? We wish you the very,
very best of luck. LILLIE: Thank you. Court is adjourned. (BANGS GAVEL)

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