Women divided in the #MeToo era | Anywhere but Washington

Women divided in the #MeToo era | Anywhere but Washington

I’m here today not
because I want to be. I am terrified. Trump’s voice: How’d you get there?
I don’t remember. Where is the place?
I don’t remember. To tell you what happened to me
while Brett Kavanaugh and I were in high school. The #MeToo movement – a climactic change
that many hope will wash away the patriarchy. But Republican women
see things differently. What do you think
of the #MeToo movement? Oh, I don’t know.
I’m not a feminist. I think the #MeToo movement
may have had a noble beginning, but I think it’s really ridiculous. I just think it’s stupid, I just … I don’t even understand
what they’re doing. I don’t give a damn to put it bluntly. I think a lot of them are just hateful
women who have jumped on the bandwagon. They’re those women who were out
there in Washington in those horrible pink hats. Some people are saying
this is the year of the woman. I hope it’s the year of the
conservative woman. Yes! Watch out, we’re ready to fight. I can tell. Thank you. Albuquerque, New Mexico. The ideal place to come in a midterm year
with record numbers of women candidates. Both major party candidates for the House
[of Representatives] here, are women. Today is the day,
this is the most important election of our lifetime. Deb Haaland, the Democrat,
whose native American background has become something
of an issue for the Republican candidate, Janice Arnold-Jones. And your opponent, she would be the first
Native American, as a woman, in Congress. That’s what they say, yes. That’s what they say,
what do you mean by that? Well I’m saying there’s no doubt
that her lineage is Laguna, but she’s a military brat just like I am. And so, I think it evokes images of,
that she was raised on a reservation. I joined Halaand on the campaign trail. Your opponent questioned
your Native American heritage because you didn’t grow up on a
reservation. Right. It’s hard to deny though, isn’t it? I’m not denying it. I mean all you gotta do is look
at me, right? A debate between the candidates
and a chance to ask Arnold-Jones a question. I’d seen that you’d sort of questioned
your opponent’s Native American heritage because … No I did not, not even,
not even close. You said, ‘you have to live in that community
to claim that community.’ I did not say that. I’m quoting you from
the Albuquerque newspaper. I did not say that. So, they misquoted you. Well, that’s not unusual,
they also said that I’m not in favour of securing the border. So where did they get this from? I have no idea. I think it’s an interview with you. OK so, are you finished? I’d like to eat breakfast, because I know that
whatever I say to you guys … Excuse me, we’re finished sir, turn it off. Turn it off. Ma’am you don’t get to tell us
when we turn our cameras off. OK, I’m done. They’re from the Guardian,
so just let me tell you is that, I’m a solid representative
for the state of New Mexico, and I listen to all New Mexicans,
that is everybody. My name is Deb Haaland,
and Congress has never heard a voice like mine because we’ve never had a Native American
woman in congress, in over 240 years. During the debate, the question of identity
returned. This isn’t about American Indians, it’s not about women. What about the white male,
are we bad all of a sudden? You know, as a gay man,
am I bad all of a sudden? You know, my friend Deb says
that nobody’s heard a voice like hers in Congress. Well, in the real world,
we all know that there’s lots of voices in Congress, very much like this, that want to
control your life, undermine the constitution … After the debate,
I resumed my interview with Arnold-Jones. Do you think there’s too much
identity politics in America right now? I do, I think it’s terrible. You know, my opponents,
if you want to define them by their skin colour, their sexual choice, shame on you,
they are much more than that. What do you think
of the #MeToo movement? Do I think it’s time
that we stop feeling like we have to defend ourselves
as a woman every place we go? Yes. I’m old enough to tell you that yes,
I got chased around a desk, I didn’t get the contract
because I wasn’t going to do what he asked. So, that’s what that’s about. Across town, a private event for
Republican women. And a chance to learn more
about their views on gender politics. OK, how many women in this room,
went to the women’s march in Washington, after Trump was elected? OK. No hands. OK. But you know, the women’s march
people claim that they speak for you. The president said that he thought that it
was a very scary time for young men in America right now. And I wonder whether
there’s people in this room who agree. I have four boys. Every mother agrees. Every mother. My husband was a boss. Some woman that he worked with 30 years ago
could now come forward and file a complaint against him,
which is not true, and he can’t even defend himself because now, the woman is always right
according to the left. Can they not speak civilly
and naturally like your grandmother and like we have been taught to do,
and still get their point across? It was hard to reconcile how these Republicans
were talking about their female opponents and the warmth they showed toward me
when they found out it was my birthday. (Happy Birthday song) It seemed my identity as a man,
and as an outsider, free from the baggage
of American politics, was its own kind of privilege. Identity politics is usually associated with
the left. But Trump also feeds off identity politics, indulging the prejudices
of white America with racial slurs like this: Pocahontas, they always want me to
apologise for saying it. He’s referring to Democrat Elizabeth Warren,
who changed her ethnicity to native American when she
was a law professor. She recently released a genetic test
showing a small trace of native American DNA. Native American heritage is about
more than genetics. Haaland is a member
of the Laguna Pueblo. She invited me to a campaign
stop at another Native American community. I don’t speak for my tribe
or for anyone’s tribe … The front row, reserved for
the governing officials, occupied only by men. You should be the ones talking
to the lawmakers, it’s your voice that
they should be listening to. Thank you. Some Native American women
have said to me that their communities
can be quite patriarchal. And maybe even more so
than wider society. Do you feel that’s true? Absolutely, yes absolutely,
do you see any women up there? So many people went off the rails
about Senator Warren doing her DNA test and finding out that she has some
Native American blood in her. Given Elizabeth Warren is like
somewhere around 1%, or 1.5% Native American, I can understand why some
Native American people are saying that
they find that problematic. Right. Right well, perhaps.
But it’s not for me to decide. I think there is a backlash against identity politics,
and I wonder what your riposte to that is. It’s easy for people to cry identity politics
when they’ve always been represented. Right? I’ve never seen a Native American
woman in Congress. I’ve never seen myself in the US House of
Representatives, ever. And so, I mean, for a white male
who has always seen himself there, it’s easy for him to say, ‘no I don’t vote
on identity politics.’ I think that’s a cop out. If more women are going to be elected this
year, Democrats will need to turn out. Are we ready to win? The #MeToo movement,
and the rise of Trump, has united their party providing a newfound mission. It’s energised us,
because we’re not stopping. And you see …
look at this yard today. For many women,
this election is personal but it’s also partisan. We can show the Republicans
that we’re getting out early. They’re going to be scared. Don’t you want to scare some
Republicans this time around? Yes, I want to scare as many as I can.

100 thoughts on “Women divided in the #MeToo era | Anywhere but Washington

  1. When women make up more than 50% of the population, it should be also be reflected in our representatives, to have a truly representative democracy. The principle applies to any group or sub-population that is not adequately represented in government. It's time is long past due.

  2. 3:20 hahaha she lost it! The easiest way out? "We're done, turn it off Sir, thank you." Looks like all the republicans behave like Trump itself! Haha so funny, disgusting people you have in America, terribly disgusting.

  3. Hi Guardian,
    thank you for that video. I really cherish you for presenting both parts and leaving the judgement to the viewer. This is the way journalist should discuss politics in newspapers and television more. Especially in those troubled and overheated times we need some one who is more calm and has a better intention than only getting attention and more viewers/readers by adding fuel to the fire. I love that you tried to sketch a portrait of the people you met and didn't twisted things around. I have a lot of respect for your work! I take you as a role model! Please go on that way.
    Greetings from Germany
    P.S.: I visited the US a few weeks before and I was not surprised that people voted for a populist when I turned on the TV. I could sadly not find a single channel who seemed really professional in my eyes. It was always about accidents, tsunami waves or plane crashes on the other side of the world. Everything what gets the attention of the people, what touches them emotionally or fears them in a way. All those and much more are strategies Mister Trump learned in his career in the TV business and uses them today to get the voters. We need more people who don't fight fire with fire. We need more people who set something better against! 🙂

  4. me to should be mad as hell at the now that several accusers have been found out to be liars and more are on the way. really puts them in a bad position.

  5. Democrats have become so dependant on identity politics, they've put real issues on the back burner. With the exception of lawlessness, that for them is a priority to push for

  6. Small trace of native American??? Her dna result showed she is 99.91 percent white and maybe 1/2041 th native American.. that's whiter than Scandinavians

  7. The Republican candidate acuses her opponent of trying to destroy the constitution, just after Trump said he wants to abolish the 14th amendment by an executive order. Conservatives cheery pick from the constitution, just as they do with the Bible, picking out the parts they like and ignoring the rest.

  8. The Guardian reporter set her up! What kind of paper is this? What kind of journalism is this? This Native American woman wants to sell her race but didn't grow up on a reservation. These women play the race card but don't let men play that card.

  9. You may look native but it doesn't change your opponents point. It doesn't mean you represent the interests of natives and minorities just because you look like one. If you didn't grow up in that life and know their struggles you are essentially no different than a Ben Carson when he talks about the inner city. Why don't democrats get this?

  10. How do you expect her to react when its a fact you morons chop up peoples quotes and misquote them, or you selectively edit out the context.

  11. These Republican woman supported by the patriarchy their whole lives think MeToo# movement is STUPID? Wow. I guess they have the same level of empathy for humanity as their husbands – none. Betraying creeps! If you are a woman and have no empathy with other women you have betrayed all women. Shame on you.

  12. Notice how all the women they interview at the beginning are crusty old ‘trophy’ wives. I can practically smell the glue from the plastic surgery.

  13. Republican women dream of trump grabbing them (and their daughters and moms) by the p**sy.
    Once you understand this you understand them.

  14. I love how Natives are a minority but Europeans complain so much about becoming a minority in future. I guess it’s okay when the Europeans doit but not okay when ppl of skin doit

  15. How dare one group that has been using their identity for thousands of years to control people accuse anyone else of using identity politics…!

  16. I am glad that younger women are going in a better direction than that repressed male dominated generation of women. There were some Mavericks like Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda! Because of them, ALL women have moved forward.

  17. The MeToo movement was started by feminists??!! No! You ignoramus. It is women who are sharing the horrors of sexual assault and molestation. It is your ignorance that propagates the travesty of sexual abuse. Shame on you!

  18. The Left group at the end really showed what America looks like. A wonder diverse America. The conservative group will not be around decades from now unless they starting welcoming all Americans into their party. That's just a fact.

  19. Furst wamen, furst black, latino, native, oompa loompa….what matters is what a person stands for and will do for the people they represent. This creates division.

  20. Racial identity is an illusion.

    We are all connected by something much deeper than racial identity.

    And because of this experiential fact, I’m against the divisive nature of “identity politics.”

    It is fundamentally ignorant and pathological.

  21. I agree with bitties on one thing; the MeToo movement has made one error: I believe Weinstein raped Rose McGowan, alas she behaves like a crazy person thus diminishing the power of the organization. I think she needs to take a quieter role. Just my opinion.

  22. Deb Haaland is completely right that when people cry "identity politics!!!", they're usually people who've always been represented.

  23. And yet, if someone is 1.5% African heritage then they are black regardless of what other percentage of ethnicity they have. So damned if you are (and now subject to racism), damned if you aren't (not "enough" and therefore a pretender).

  24. The Republican Conservative women reminded me of the Stefford wives, vapid and dependent on their husband’s livelihood.

  25. Also, it's funny how "Native American heritage is more than being about genetics", but pretty much any drop of African DNA and you're consider Black. Race is such nonsense. Sure on some small degree it's a scientific fact, but most of how people view race is complete fantasy.

  26. Who cares that your great great great grand father ran around the country killing buffalo and not build anything !…………….Then came the Settlers and Made America Great !

  27. "I hope its the year of the conservative woman." Huge eye roll. What she is really saying is that she does NOT support ALL women, just the white ones that agree with her. Fml.
    The white female house candidate is so immature and fake. She even describes her own experience with sexual assault and mocks it, I am baffled.

  28. Deb Haaland looks Native American AF! that's the 1st thing I said when I saw her. White people have a habit of telling minorties of what they are and aren't…I don't get how white people feel like they have that authority

  29. Change is threatening, for reasons real and imagined. People would rather deal with the the trouble they know than risk the unknown. I remember talking to my stepmother about the Equal Rights Amendment back in the seventies. "But what will I do? How will I fit in? I never went to college." She had fears that really weren't based on reality, as we are all prone to to do. For her the ERA represented an instant shift to college educated professional women. Change is happening all the time and there's no stopping it as the 2018 midterms prove. Republicans lost what will probably be 38 or 39 House seats and were only able to gain a couple of Senate seats even though Democrats were defending 26. The writing was on the wall before the midterms; it's on well-lit billboards for 2020. I'd like to see a responsible, sensible republican party rise again based on true conservatism and not culture wars. That won't happen until they flush trump and trumpism out of their collective system.

  30. Okay as a liberal, those women were just being nice to you. It wasn't really about the fact that you are from somewhere different and that you're a male, I'm sure it helps but I honestly think these females would be like that to you either way. They just seem like a lot of the teachers that I had growing up in school, they have their heart in the right place and they might be blind towards a lot of things, but they were just raised like this and they don't understand the privilege that they have. They are genuinely being nice to you, without the fact of you being a man or you being from somewhere foreign.

  31. Don't forget that all of these men that have been that have been vilified over accusations are all someones son/brother/father/grandfather/husband/lover or long time friend. Do you expect these people to just believe that the men that they have known, loved and been loved by are all secret sexual predators who deserve to have their lives ruined on the basis of some, often from decades old and totally uncorroborated, vague, historical anecdote?

  32. it's actually good in a way that metoo turned into an extrajudicial witch hunt, this after 3 decades of discriminatory policies against white straight men.
    marxist/feminists wanted a civil war between men and women ,against free market competence based economy and marriage destroyed -this IS happening to white families ,
    just like how dixiecrat LBJ's programs destroyed black families in the 1960's.
    you think the last presidential election was polarized along identity lines?
    just watch the NEXT election!
    civil war is coming and when america falls it will take the rest of the globe down with it, possibly in a third world war like how the great depression led to WW2.
    feminist women will experience a new dark age like what women experienced after rome fell and then mongels ravaged the continent.

  33. this guy is a moron, one can't change their ethnicity, she committed fraud, she is a felon like all the other polygician elites

  34. This is not a follow up of the video (Why the poorest county in West Virginia has faith in Donald Trump). Misleading like the rest……huh.

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