World’s longest tongue: US man beats record

World’s longest tongue: US man beats record

Now it’s not often that we’re short of words
but this footage has certainly left us feeling a little tongue tied. This is Nick Stoeberl who can now officially
say that he has the longest tongue in the world. Nick, who’s from California, beat former
world record holder Stephen Taylor from the UK, with his tongue being measured at 10.13
CMs, or just under 4 inches. And he says it certainly has it’s advantages. My tongue’s useful for a lot of the conventional
things you would think. Licking lolly pops and eating ice cream and getting all the pudding
out of the bottom of a cup. Although strangers can find it a bit bizarre. Every time I’m introduced to someone new,
if it’s by my friend, they’re like ‘hey, this is Nick Stoeberl. He has the longest tongue
in the world. He’s in the Guinness Book of World Records.’ So, upon meeting somebody
immediataely I just have to stick my tongue out at them. So, it sort of leaves a strange
impression And it seems the long tongue is in his genes. I’m led to believe that long tongues really
do run in my family because my younger brother Chad also has a very long tongue. Nicks extraordinarily long tongue is one the
most unusual new records to have made it into the 60th anniversary edition of the Guinness
Book of World Records.

30 thoughts on “World’s longest tongue: US man beats record

  1. Just a freak, nothing to be proud of!! It's like having big ears or stupid feet, certainly doesn't make him a great lover. I'd be embarrassed if I was him, he looks retarded

  2. Now if he doesn't improve his oral sex technique..what a loss!!!He could send an woman to the 7th heaven!!!

  3. we all know what nick does with his tongue its pretty obvi

    he uses it for french kisses
    what were you thinking……ya nasty

  4. Omg, think of having the official record of longest tongue in the world. All girls would like to get licked out by you to say they got licked by the man with the biggest tongue. This guy has been blessed.

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