100 thoughts on “X4 Announcement Trailer XCON 2017

  1. I hope the New ship you get fly are sleak cool looking and not some Garbage can flying in space as for looking at the walking around the station you need make the AI look more detailed in graphics look more real than what you have displayed in your alpha footage and please dont go down the X rebirth route of one ship fight, one ship to upgrade and one ship to rule the universe whole point playing a space sim is to buy that cool new fighter or corvett that you really like or savage an eneme unkown alien corvett. NO bland dull talking AI please. Please make the univerese more dynamic IE Unkown Alien/Pirate invaisions and attack on systems , station and big warships and cool new unexplored space secotors with hidden surpises like abandoned space ships or very good weapons or Unkown Alien weapons that you can use on your ships

  2. please get rid of station scanning! (or at least improve the mechanics. It sucks and is boring!) Other then that i cant wait!

  3. Okay egosoft, you can have some more money from me. I will say when rebirth came out I was disappointed, but the game has come a considerable ways since launch. There are still things missing that I feel should of been added, like better details on stations (required materials and such). I shouldn't have to construct a station just to find out I need X and Y stations as well to increase profits. The biggest thing I will be looking forward to is being able to fly all the ships instead of one. I am curious will this be VR friendly from the word go, or will egosoft have a standard version and a separate VR version of the game?

  4. Whaaat the faak is this!?!? Come on guys….lets do a X3 upgrade, polished, new features, more content and you will be golden. Do you guys even listen to your fans? What is your decision making process??? Stick with what put x3 on the map, don't try to be like these new games with all this first person stuff and being able to fly all the ships with flushed out interior….not to be mean but you guys are not on that level nor do you have the resources for this project to make it look good, the interiors look retro as hell.

  5. it feels like better and complete version of x rebirth, which is a right decision. i will only complain about space highways again. and im so hyped, that's gonna be awesome.

  6. Hi Owen ! Keep the excellent Open Modding ability Please !!! Ability to add in Upgraded Asto-Navigation instruments, and ever other aspect… X-REBIRTH had many difficulties at the start, but you guys kept at it, and now it's at least equal to Elite Dangerous, and honestly surpasses it in many way… I only down E.D., because they made so many false promises, and now they are truly forcing players out of paid content via… Attrition, and duress based removal of grind-earned content… EGOSOFT has never pulled this type of thing on the customer ! You guys have an honest Record ! So add enough open modable MMO content, that has single player options to protect from greifers etc…, and I can personally promise EGOSOFT a mass migration of players from Elite Dangerous…. We are so tired of their dishonesty, and outright refusal to address their mystery use of almost endless Amazon Server space, that they say is require for the MMO…. The Problem is, that anyone with Programming (101) Skills, can see they are using huge server space for a purpose other than the game…. They have indeed become oriented towards keeping players off of most of the defined domain of the supposedly explorable Galaxy…. What they are doing with that empty and unused server…. That's some 40K +++ users that are tired of Frontiers continual increase in structuring of their sim to use duress to force players off the server and mostly for actions created by their faulty/intentional AI actions ???? Looking forward to X4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This looks great. As long as I can steal and fly every ship in the game I am onboard with your guys. The gameplay could be as rough as it was in the beginning of X:R and as long as I can become a millionaire selling abandoned pirate ships you can have some of my money. Just please don't turn this into some crazy Derek Smart-esqe Battlecruiser train wreck.

  8. Looks cool so far but there should be more individuals on the stations to make it feel more alive. Or better leave out the whole first person part.

  9. I left the video almost wishing you guys could have worked with Chris Roberts to combine the Star Citizen engine with the X series' empire building and economic systems. I didn't play Rebirth, which I guess also included FP?, but watching this made me think so much of what SC is nailing in terms of being able to experience the universe as a person. Obviously X4 shouldn't get into first-person combat and all that, but there's so much else of the engine that could have been used, letting you guys focus on the building and trading systems you've perfected.

  10. Let's have hope, mates. They are calling it X4 . I hope they KNOW, they CAN'T screw this up. I add on to the coments before me… just make a better X3, and you nail it.

  11. My biggest gripe with X games is the UI, please please make the UI a lot better and intuitive. If you want i can provide a lot of feedback on how to make it amazing.

  12. X3 is good in game mechanic, but visual quality meh.
    XRebirth visuals is sooooo spectacular and mesmerizing, but game mechanic, AI, and usability is a bit meh.
    XRebirth base direction has so much potential but a lot can be improved with this upcoming X4.

    Ok heres the score/impression so far:

    1. Trade activity (90)
    2. Modular station building (100)
    3. Flyable type ship (90)
    4. Shader and visual (100)
    5. Control cockpit and command or map (100)
    6. Docking station FPS perspective (100) – if its not repetitive docking station

    Some concern I got after playing X-Rebirth:

    1. Repetitive cockpit / ship interior variation.
    2. Repetitive dock station interior variation.
    3. Messy autopilot system (for capital or small ship) – please include beautiful auto dock and un-docking movement.
    4. Space traffic system / something better than space highway, since ship are crashing to each other all the time.
    5. Indirect UI – please make the players life more easier so we can see everything and reacts quicker.
    6. Sound (cockpit ambient, dock facilities ambient, natural voice over, space ambient)

  13. Egosoft says no loading screens, yea right. When you go through a jump gate or use a highway, that is the loading screen. You dont just pop into the next sector and have everything instantly loaded, it would crash so many players pc's that it wont be funny. I will agree it is not the same loading screen as you may find in other games, but it is still a loading screen.

  14. I really hope they do it right this time.

    I also hope there is a VR option. After the crazy immersion of playing Elite in VR i don't think i can go back to staring at a monitor for my space games. ^^

  15. just stop making new game X-btf x-T X3 where good
    now its just rubbish

    start making online

    Or just Go Play Starsitizen

  16. This is gonna be the X game that will make or break the franchise. I already like what I see. it "sounds" really good and im really hoping that it is. Please make this a worthy X game build on the features that made it a success before.

  17. Rebirth, with all the patches, is one of the most underrated games of all time. It's tragic it had such a horrible start and so many people got burned with it.

  18. Wuhu X Rebirth 2 …. echt mal….. wie verliere ich meine comunity in 2 games…. das "Map Managment" ist ähm unübersichtlich und freundlich ausgedrückt nutzerunfreundlich…..
    Die Stationen ….das rumlatschen braucht kein Mensch…video com tuts auch… ich sehe wieder den day 1 mod never enter stations again ….
    Bitte mehr an x 3tc ran und weniger xRebirth …

  19. You guys have an opportunity to do something special here

    Don't be another Star Citizen or another One Man's Lie or your own mess X Rebirth – don't just let this game be hype. Make it good – make it complete – and make it modder friendly.

    Make it something that will be as well remembered as the rest of the X Series.

  20. In few words they just understook how much of a dick they've been in x-rebirth so "hey! let's roll back to x3! the remake of x-tension sucked so hard!" -_-
    I hope there will be a demo or something because I don't want to waste my money again…

  21. Egosoft, please don't forget about the cool soundtrack you guys have mastered in the last X games, that soundtrack alone is enough at least for me to simply buy the game 3 times. I swear if I have to pay for the soundtrack separately I would. Big respect for all your artists.

  22. Everyone who bought that piece of shit Rebirth should get a minimum 25% discount on X4. I won't buy it for more than 30 bucks. I have no trust or money left for any of those Egosoft guys.

  23. X3:TC is one of the best games I ever played. Picked it up from a grab bin at GameStop for $10. Best money I've ever spent on a game. I am so excited especially after whatever Rebirth was supposed to be

  24. The Devs telling me the game is "Great" is no selling point . I don't need to be told how I'm feeling about something I can't even experience yet.

  25. The control over a map seems very promising. The user friendly control interface was really missing in the previous games.

  26. If this ends up being anything like X2 or X3 it's going to shit all over Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous.

  27. Just as important as other feedback comparing X4 to the failure of XR: Do lots of beta testing and bug squashing. Don't release a bug-filled mess like XR was.

  28. I feel like I'd be way more hyped over this if someone with a cool, dramatic voice was going over some of the details alongside the devs.

  29. Die Sache mit dem Universumsteleporter macht mir ein bisschen Sorgen (Wenn man sich jederzeit überall hinteleportieren kann, wofür braucht man dann noch Raumschiffe?) aber sonst sieht es wirklich gut aus, werde dem Spiel auf jeden Fall eine Chance geben. Und wenn der modulare Stationsbau die hässlichen Komplexe aus X3 ersetzt bin ich wirklich begeistert 🙂
    Was ich noch cool fände, wäre wenn jedes Schiff ein einzigartiges Cockpitdesign bekommt (nich wie in X2 die Boronen mit Argonencockpits :D) Apropo, ICH WILL BORONEN WIEDERSEHEN! Bitte, Bitte! Sind meine Lieblingsaußerirdischen!

  30. I'm currently playing through Terran Conflict and it's occupying every part of my waking thought processes. I've heard X-Rebirth was not as good at first but later updates made it SO much better, but as this is X4, does that mean that Rebirth is not connected? I mean, I'm still gonna be playing Terran conflict and Albion Prelude for the next thousand years or so, I'm just thinking of how I will get my X-fix after that…

  31. OK… so I am not upset, not angry. I understand this but I am completely done with X Rebirth +++. I am disappointed, don´t care. This looks like Rebirth, feels like Rebirth, this is Rebirth 2.0… the whole space looks like some macaw.

  32. Big fan of the series and crossing fingers, hope it turns out great. Not optimistic though since they used Vulkan. System requirements are already requiring me to make multiple upgrades to my system, so I may have to pass on this one. Really cool though that they waste system resources simulating weather on a planet when the planet is just background noise. I'm sure it runs great on a $10K computer set to 1080p.

    Don't spend so much dev time and system resources on features that 99% of players will not use past the 2 hour GeeWowErmahgerd mark. Ship AI needs to be a lot better, especially for station holding. If I put a ship in a spot and set it to not move it shouldn't @#$%ing move from that spot or orientation.

    And forget a $60 price tag. After that rebirth turd, if its more than $19.95 i just don't trust you enough to pull that trigger.

  33. pls make a multiplayer server with ca 10-20 players, with or without KIs. and the server must open for joins, the players must every time joind and leave when want play

  34. Playing a SIM game is one thing, but all good games have a good single player storyline campaign done by a good cast of professional actors.

  35. all Xrebirth needed to be the best space game was to ability to pilot every ship, if this has the same fidelity as X-rebirth with the same spirit as X3 then it will be a great game and ill be giving you my money soon as it releases on steam.

  36. Egosoft, ребята, дай вам Бог здоровья и возможности развиваться!
    Вы произвели настоящую революцию проектом "X"!

  37. would have been nice to have FPS in boarding. I like the x series but the graphics seem a little flat to me. no battle damage. I dunno. maybe

  38. Oh man, shipbuilding and customizing would be ACE!
    Imagine, funding research stations to get technology first, or blueprints stealing missions, for better ship engines, shields, energy cores, scanners, involving various corporations that build different spec parts for ships. Also different, and hard to find mods for Gravidar and map projector that improve different needs (combat, trading, etc.).
    It is important not to make PC gamers' life difficult with menus to accommodate console controls.

  39. I bought every version of X within weeks of their initial release. Rebirth burned me bad, and I refuse to play it. And I haven't played ANY previous versions ever since. It pissed me off that much.

    HOWEVER X-4 turns out, I refuse to buy it until it's been out for at least a year, and I can peruse the reviews well in advance of plopping my money down again.

  40. Если будет локализация на русский, могу взять какого нибудь капитана

  41. We dont want to run around on stations, talking to ugly NPCs; We want a deep economy, a lot of different ships and tools to setup a space corporation/empire.

  42. Ook! [I trusted Egosoft when i bought Rebirth. If this game can come back to the X3 roots (the title seems to suggest so) with an added feature of dynamic universe (factions actually doing something instead of waiting to be attacked by a passing Xenon Carrier), then it can get my interest, and investment, as well.]

  43. The game looks great but the two main issues I have is no battle damage on ships and no shield effects(I haven't played any previous X game so I don't know if there even are shields)

  44. I hope these clowns dont make this shitty sh!t!!!!
    Orange Hull……. were not in Looney toons maaaan
    you making it look like its for kids!!!! with complicated Math!!!!

    On behalf ALL YOUR FANS this is All that want…..
    X3!!!!! Upgraded!!!!! That's it! im not gonna buy your game if this is what your doing!
    fucking around with your fans! -.- THATS WHY EGOSOFT IS FAILING!!!!! WE DONT NEED THIS!!!!! QUIT THIS JUNK!!!!!

  45. Wenn es nicht wie X3 ist, oder wenigstens nicht wie das X-rebirth. Kann es ein X Spiel werden. Ich hoffe das ich wenigstens für X-rebirth ein Umtausch Code bekomme für X4 bei steam von Egosoft.

  46. Epic and Atari and now Kusanagi Labs, bring VR in video games to a pulse-by-pulse cabal-style action, in strict pedal-to-the-metal advanced Powernode control, that makes it the most state-of-the-art prototype to date.



    – – – – ONS-TicTacToe-LE is a map just uploaded to UTzone last July [for ut2k4]. advanced PowerNode control in a very strict cabal style lay-out [PlayerModels only, w/Manual Gun Pawns at key defensive junctions]. i developed this map for 120 days, last January, from an earlier design, 2 years before that. 🙂 this map is such a blast that i play it every day 16 v 16 [godlike level], with 1 attached support bot on my side to half the PowerNode juicing-time. ^^ -msi ps. take my word for it guys. the action on this map is continuous. flight sims are mostly for pilots, and maybe some aces. Unreal Engine 2.5 has the Human fighter and the Skarj fighter [in its platform]. so an inside loop [in the cockpit], is moving the mouse backward [so the mousepad must be around 20 inches wide and 12 inches high. 🙂 ^^ pss. all your developers need to download this map, to get to the state-of-art. 🙂

  47. Sigh… those German accents… they helped me buy this game. Usually there is a saying "If it is German made… it is the best you can get". I hope this is a significant improvement from X3 rebirth.

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