Welcome dear viewers, to the show; It’s only the start of 2012, but already, coast to coast we hear reports that humanity has evolved, globally now that we know the cause of all our woes – Joseph Kony. The world’s now on a better path, and the panacea seems to have come from this hero white man here: whose internet video played a vital role in highlighting the plight of Uganda’s child soldiers It went viral and spread with unprecedented speed shared over twitter feeds and endorsed by celebrities. to tell us more, we’re happy to have him on: It’s General Baxter representing Africom General Baxter, good to see you – Right back atcha – Tell us, what does all this signify for Africa – Well, Robert, I can tell you for a start KONY2012 really made me appreciate Art when my son showed me this clip, my heart was stirred I was spurred to action to right the wrong that occurred – Tell us your feelings General, be honest – Since we killed Osama there’s been a hole in my stomach – I’m sorry to hear that…
– I miss him! – Why?
– Because we desperately need a new “dark-skinned Disney villain” [thanks, Sage!] So we can justify defense budgets of trillions in a never ending quest to kill him And this time it’s African soil where we need to get embroiled and quick, before China gets all the oil – So this Kony is a perfect gift then! – He looks like a bad guy AND he hurts children! – KONY2012 was an experiment, was it a success? – Yes! kids are begging the US to bomb Africa next Check this out — let me introduce you to Gavin, my son Gavin, what does Daddy do?
– Kill poor people, with guns – Now, look at what happens when I show Gavin a picture of an African Who’s this?
– That’s a bad guy – That’s right! And what do we do to bad guys? – We use drones and armed forces to kill them and take their resources – See Robert! even a four year old has got it! This makes me so proud…sorry! – The video’s done more than you ever envisaged and in twenty seven minutes, without cats or titties! – We used to have to wait for terrorist attacks to justify interventions and mineral grabs now, thanks to viral videos we can “send advisors” to lynch… I mean arrest … black…I mean Bad Guys – And what will you do once they’ve been caught? – Hand’em over to the International Criminal Court – You mean the same court which the US refuses to submit to for its own war crimes and abuses? is that hypocrisy?
– Robert, honestly! the ICC only prosecutes dark people’s atrocities – Ok, I hear there’s been criticism of the video’s accuracy fallacies, and neo-colonial fantasies – Don’t have such a ‘Heart of Darkness’, Robert join the ‘Missionary Industrial Complex’! save poor Africa from burning accept ‘the white man’s burden’ Plus, 90 million Americans now know that ‘Africa’ exists, that’s good, no? – I suppose so. Alright, General Baxter, thanks for appearing tonight to explain the facts in black and; well, mostly white. Some might disagree with this call to ‘make Kony famous’, but what we’ve witnessed this week is nevertheless momentous: a demonstration of this internet’s potential abilities to instantly inform and engage tens of millions; and a willingness of those millions of people to engage passionately with something more meaningful combined, these are promising signs of the potential energy that lies dormant and primed ready to rise, when the moment arrives what that moment will be, we shall see in time

100 thoughts on “Yes We KONY [RAP NEWS 12]

  1. D'oh!!! ah damnit!! why'd u have to go make a movie about something thats not from hollywood…fuck man, it was working so well!! now americans know were africa is!! i mean the only fucking reason they went to the moon is becoz they could see were the fuck it was!! fuck this im going to live with the marians.

  2. I love your Videos !

    ………. I am just wondering that you don't have more views ! You would deserve at leat 1.5 Million views PER VIDEO !

    anyway keep on working !

  3. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Makes me so happy to think that I'm not the only one awake in this day and age.

  4. You are great! Big up from Sweden!

    You should do more diffrent stuff with your style man!
    Havent you tried making a real hit song, featuring another singer maybe, and then film a cool musicvideo to it? maybe have another raper sing some of you lyrics in a roleplay of someone..
    That would be awesome!!

  5. You know- I am inclined to say the following. *clears throat* HOLY SHIT EVERYTHING YOU POST IS UTTERLY LEGIT AND MAGNIFICENT! One day sir. I shall shake your hand.

  6. Whatever happens in one country in Africa does not necessarily effect another.
    I'm South African and the Kony stuff wasn't even on the news, not did anyone actually know.

  7. Judging by your idiotic recent activity it would seem the only stupid person is here who buys into propaganda .

  8. Yeah because Kony,Arnold Schwarzenegger,and the predator were great friends…its just a man in a movie and he just looks like him doesn't mean he portrayed him!..

  9. It's sad you do not have more views Robert, I know you will never read this, and won't pretend you will, but for the others, he's a very smart young guy, a little left leaning towards Communism, perhaps doesn't have a full grasp of the mass murder the eugenics, concentration camps. But what he does, he's very talented at.

  10. I love your videos thejuicemedia. I think i've watched them all like a million times. I've always thought satire is an effective way to get at the root of problems, probably from listening to a lot of generic dumb punk when i was younger. It always is a good way of communicating a point and telling the cowards they are fools. Nothing gives you more understanding either of our current problems than to ask "What do people who don't want the problems fixed thinking?"

  11. I don't need proof that god doesn't exist, for I'm not making the claim that a god doesn't exist. I'm simply rejecting your claim that one does. You are making the claim, and it is you who carries the burden of proof.

    Theist: believes a god exists
    Atheist: doesn't believe a god exists

    That's it, that's all, mate. It's not a belief, or a system of beliefs, it is simply the lack of one belief in particular. Nothing else about an atheist is included in 'atheist'.
    And, it is not circular at all.

  12. Can you read? I didn't say that black is a color…
    Nor did I say religions 'must' have a deity. Supernatural concepts are required, though. Like Karma, and Reincarnation, and Transcendence (Nirvana). Buddhism does have a deity, however, since the principal concept of Buddhism is, HELLO, Buddha and his teachings. This involves the belief that he attained Nirvana, or 'divinity'. Divinity = godhood.

  13. No, it is not, since, by definition, atheism is nothing more than

    "I don't believe a god exists".

    Derp some more, mate…

  14. Gnostic Theist: Claims to know a god exists.
    Agnostic Theist: Believes a god exists, but doesn't claim any knowledge that a god exists.
    Agnostic Atheist: Doesn't believe gods exist, and doesn't claim to know a god doesn't exist.
    Gnostic Atheist: Claims to know gods don't exist.

    Atheism is 'not believing gods exist'.
    The claim 'god doesn't exist' is a claim of knowledge, hence 'gnostic'.

    Gnostic/Agnostic pertain to knowledge
    Theist/Atheist pertain to belief

  15. They only logical position, based on evidence (or lack thereof) is atheism, and the only honest position is that of agnostic atheism, for nobody has knowledge concerning the existence or non-existence of 'god', meaning a deity in general.
    If you define or describe a god, I can logically disprove it.
    The only god that cannot be proven wrong with logic is that of deism, for there are no descriptions other than 'it exists, and created everything, and doesn't influence its creation'.

  16. Of course it does, when you strawman it as you are.
    Calling a lack of something equal to that which is lacking is patently stupid.

  17. So they're saying american's are the real criminals?? hypocrites saying kony is the bad guys wen they do most of the killings for oil…coool!!!! haha I understood ^_^

  18. dont blame all americans for idiots like this shithead and please don’t judge us on our governments agenda over seas its ridiculous and most ppl i talk to disagree with our leaders

  19. idk man europeans are directly responsible for Africas decay why do we have the U.N. if it doesn't do anything I mean shit look at Rwanda 

  20. It's bullshit that the ICC only persecutes dark-skinned people. Look at Milosovic and Mladic from former Yugoslavia. 

  21. This is the one I actually feel sorry about, because I actually fell for it.
    Well I bought nothing, but I did dip my toes in it.

  22. you can't steal from people who have nothing…minerals in the ground aren't resources. they are resources when someone takes them form the ground to produce something more valuable than the mineral.

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